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  1. I'm still cautious, but the Daily XRPBTC Moving averages could cross soon. A move above the 200D MA would be positive here.
  2. lol weekly signals are better, indicator is actually quite good on normal charts that dont look like shit.
  3. First ever monthly chart sell signal for XRPUSD
  4. Showing a rising wedge here in a downtrend on XRPUSD. https://www.investopedia.com/articles/trading/07/rising_wedge.asp
  5. Last time we had a signal here it went to 0.12c
  6. 3D stands for 3 day chart. Each bar is 3 days.
  7. This worries me, ETHBTC is up and LTCBTC. I cant ignore a 3D sell signal on XRPBTC. Staying out of XRP for now until I see some sort on confirmation.
  8. Bounced of 0.20c, I bought some more at 0.2085. Watching to see BTC reaction, hopefully its going to bottom around here. Using tight Stops to protect risk.
  9. Agree, but if you showed someone this chart that didn't know about XRP it just looks like a penny stock pump and dump. Just saying
  10. Don't want to be negative here, but something needs to save the day - otherwise likely to have a large drop. Its hard to know where until we get signs of a reversal.
  11. Yeah whole market looks shit, if it breaks 22 expect 18-20. Weekly Sell signal right near support doesnt look good. We cant rule out that it wont go a lot lower, so protect your risk.
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