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  1. At the moment I’m a big fan of Wanchain, WaltonChain and Salt. Obviously hold BTC and ETH too. Ill buy back XRP at some point once I know that the spreads have decreased.
  2. Huh? Have you seen the volume of ETH and BTC it’s much more liquid, BTC is about x20 the volume of XRP if not more.
  3. I think you work for ripple behind the scenes, or are incentised to post articles and comments some way. You never say one thing bad about ripple or XRP.
  4. Western union, transfer wise, hi-fx worldfirst all buy there currency from banks. The banks offer them interbank pricing with a small spread 0.05/0.1%. The banks are the “suppliers” and then the currency brokers on sell that currency to make money on the spread. Like I said: I know from first hand knowledge using ripple that a simple transfer from AUDUSD (2 majors) costs “the currency broker” 0.7% spread rather than 0.05%/0.1% from there normal suppliers (there bank) therefore the customers of the currency brokers end up getting a worse deal than before using XRP. I disagree and think they should burn their majority of XRP, create more nodes/masternodes/ incentives for community to become a node and just get the banks and people who want to run nodes to buy of the market. P.S. China will never use XRP or an American product, most likely be neo or Wanchain or there own version.
  5. If they burn their holding there will still be 38bill circulating. What’s your point?
  6. Your right! But western union and transferwise pricing with there bank is razor sharp so they can then resell to their customer at 0.5 / 1% if you are western union and you source liquidity through XRP it will be costing you 0.7% spreads with limited options.
  7. All of you don’t understand how money and spreads work in the payments industry. Also why don’t you want ripple to burn their XRP holdings? Don’t you want the price to rise as an investor.
  8. @Streamliner You don’t understand, the use case of XRP is instant settlement for cross border payments. But the spreads are much wider that traditional methods, therefore XRP is not cheap to wire funds from AUD USD for example. average cost is about 0.7% via XRP and has limited gateway compared to 0.05/0.1% spreads via other liquidity providers/traditional methods.
  9. He’s my professional opinion and first hand knowledge. 1. Although XRP is very cheap to make a crypto to crypto transfer, to transfer from AUDUSD it costs over 1% margin regardless of the volume. The market makers spreads are huge. This makes the interbank pricing not competitive compared to traditional swift methods. 2. XRP will never be like ETH, BTC and others because ripple control and own so much of it. It’s not decentralised yet, IMO they should just burn it. 3. I’ve noticed Ripple meeting up their “community” members recently because they have started to realise that this is very important. I sold all of my XRP a few months back and invested in power ledger, Walton chain, Salt & Wanchain. I have made MUCH more money than holding XRP. Unless ripple burn what they hold it will slowly move down coinmarketcap. They need to work with the crypto community and stop slagging of bitcoin and others. The current value of XRP is based of speculation, they have hardly any gateways, they don’t offer masternodes or incentives to community members/investors and to top it off they are going to sell 1billion XRP a month. No one wants to make Ripple rich . Why am I writing this? I want XRP to be the best but their business model sucks! please change it and look after investors not just banks/corporates.
  10. I have also departed from Ripple, with projects coming up like Wanchain I am pro decentralization and incentivising the community. The opportunity cost is way to high holding something that doesn't move, you never know whats going on, no community incentives nodes etc. Even the CEO says it. Until something happens i'm out. The herd is coming and there not coming for XRP to make ripple rich thats for sure.
  11. Price spike Lmao, more like why is the price going south.
  12. @prkzingis Well according to my research there are a lot, I'm talking about making money here.
  13. I sold 60% of my XRP due to it being utter speculation on whether is going live etc. Ripple don't tell there "community" nothing. I am in many other groups and the communities know what is going on and get updated. I now am investing in our distributive technologies at ICO stage and will accumulate my XRP back again with currencies that actually appreciate.
  14. They are they just don't disclose anything, I know of one they have signed up with. Remittance companies have huge problems setting up bank account around the world because there industry is deemed "high risk" with ripple you don't need to have multiple bank accounts, the remittance company can source prices from Ripplenet by multiple banks and those banks can process the payment for them. Assuming its liquid enough.
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