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  1. Btw read all the pages in that link not just a few to fully understand where no one could debunk that ripple is manipulating
  2. sure it means something they could have chimed in many times saying all the proof is bs but didn't because it's a fact they control volatility and it's by product is controlling price im sure governments and banks love that we are nothing to them and it sucks!
  3. It's in their interest to control volatility and a good by product for their customers(FIs) low STABLE price they still own billions and they can still RELEASE(sell) a billion a month so the volume they can pump on an upsell is dramatic
  4. Ripple controls volatility by controlling price it was said by Katz the thingbis he doesn't say outright they control PRICE but by controlling volatility theyvontrol price come on last night was so evident, lockup happened and started to climb and bam stopped at 24 cents, that is not whales, whales wouldn't stop at a few cents lol whales would want to pump the hell out of it then dump that didn't happen at all. Clear manipulation, look at the iota thread on this forum and it's very clear although it's over 24 pages it's all in there and not one person from Ripple came to say it's not true.
  5. Exactly and while I like their tech I don't like how they manipulate but people here don't want to beleive it come on last night after lock up it took off and boom stopped right at 24 cents thats not whales ! If it were whales they would pump the hell out of it to 2$ before dumping!
  6. For now cardano iota and vertcoin maybe this coin is way too manipulated by ripple
  7. We all know it's ripple that manipulates it it was clear last night after the lockup
  8. Give me a break when xrp gets to 5$ a coin in a week then we will talk it's like no one can say what they feel about xrp here, why??
  9. Make xrp get to 5$ in days and lose a dollar and no one would complain problem is that xrp is pennies and loses pennies lol
  10. Stellar only 8 cents away from being at ripple level...
  11. Xrpchat : where if you don't agree that ripple is the holy grail and would never manipulate then you are fud lol sll new money came into crypto like dog said but none comes into xrp hmmmm ok lol
  12. Financial institutions and governments love to control money and wouldn't it be cool for ripple to show them that they can make the price whatever they want. It's clear, every time there seems to be a wave boom it shuts down I highly doubt that it's all speculators dumping so much for it to always end up at the same number 24-26 cents lol come on put down the kool aid man why isn't it more expensive well we don't know what ripple and these FIs and governments have spoke. About and agreed to
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