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  1. Crypto holders in the 1930s were no different than today...
  2. Level 1 - Learn language. We learn from our parents, friends, family, schools, churches, TV. Every source of information comes from what we see as an authority because we don't know any better. We adopt the vocabulary of our environment and it shapes our thinking. Level 2 - Learn Science Later on, even in a poor education system, we will learn the scientific method. We will learn to look for evidence to support or deny an idea. We start to question what we learnt in Level 1. Level 3 - Learn Maths Just when we though it was easy... Evidence == Facts (simple right?), we find that presentation of evidence is just as important. We find out companies/politicians/religions are blatantly using misleading graphs, ignoring facts that don't fit their agendas, or massaging data to fit their own motives. Level 4 (optional) - We try to learn Psychology/Philosophy/Brain Biology Dismayed by what learnt in Level 3 we try to gain an understanding of why people are greedy/blind/selfish. Will we ever get a definitive answer? Maybe it is all ego? I would argue it is... We all know people who have failed to level up in the game of life. I have an old Aunt who thinks that computers are the work of the Devil and only communicates via letters and landlines. She never got past Level 1. We can see these people today, science was too hard to understand so their egos kept them in their comfortable place. Traditions/religion/what the nice man at the political rally said becomes the only learning they need to have. This is where the shouty burn-the-banks minority BTC maxis live. I have a friend at Level 2. He rejected the religious upbringing and influence of MSM, is swayed by evidence based logic, and believes every conspiracy theory that is produced. 5G, anti-vax, Illuminati, whatever you're selling he's buying it. He never learnt maths at school, it was too hard, I think his ego limits him to stay in his safe place where things make sense. This is where the majority BTC maxis and ETHheads live. Level 3 is where most Zerpers live. Many of us would have entered the cryptosphere because our interest was piqued by the shouty BTC minorities. We saw them pointing fingers at their perceived enemies and instead of jumping on the bandwagon we took a look at what it was that was actually scaring them and found out... Hey, they have good reason to be scared. We weren't limited by our egos or tribe mentalities. Level 4? Do we need to get to Level 4? My above examples are people who found science/maths difficult and got trapped by their egos. I personally find Level 4 difficult. Also I find the complexities of international finance and banking difficult. I'm amazed by the people on this forum who are SMEs in these areas and can argue economic theory/central bank policy/regulatory concerns. And here's the point (you knew I had a point, right?) I'm not smart enough to mix it up with those posters in their field of knowledge, but I am smart enough to not let my ego hold me back. I don't have to be the smartest person in the room, I just have to be smart enough to know where the room with the smart people is and listen to what they're saying. And... there's a lot of smart people on this forum from different fields. The software devs get annoyed at the chartists that complain about the Flare test-net decision. The technology futurists get annoyed at the business folk who criticize every Ripple pivot (or vice versa). The common sense, justice minded posters can't understand the position of the lawyers who know the judicial system follows rules not logic. We have a lot to learn from each other but we will always need to be able to distinguish between intelligent, informed discussion by genuine people, and uneducated, Level 2 FUDers that believe what they read on Fakebook.
  3. Step 1: Make a coin with a similar name to a known big brand. Step 2: Wait for exponential pump of big brand coin. Step 3: Newbies FOMOing into the market buy the cheaper knock-off believing it to be somehow linked to the big brand coin. Step 4: Profit. On an unrelated note I will soon be releasing ToddlerXRP. Keep an eye out for it, it's gonna be big. Bigger than BabyXRP.
  4. ^ Well, I guess you at least have a logical argument there. Much better than the Fakebook-educated that hide behind conspiracy theories about gubmint and companies, while ignoring the provable science.
  5. You are not disagreeing with someone who has different ideas, this is not a political debate. You are disagreeing with scientific facts. You are disagreeing with measurable results. This is why I have no issue with calling you a stupid, ignorant prick who is willing to put others lives in dangers. If you had plausible evidence that you are right you would have used it, but you don't, so you haven't. You post in other threads to educate us about the (subjective) ideas behind crypto movements, yet you ignore proven reality about a worldwide pandemic. You hide behind the idea that it is okay to have a difference of opinion but you still deny the obvious fact that you are putting Innocent lives at risk. Not once have you defended your 'right' to put others at risk. You are the character in the zombie movie that hides his bite because "It won't effect me!" "What do I care if I turn into a zombie and kill other people?"
  6. And it's an issue of ignorance and illogical bias for you. I have nothing against you or your stupid beliefs, you have a right to have them, as long as you don't hurt others. I just can't condone you propagating your harmful, unscientific, political beliefs on others.
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