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  1. ^ Are you writing you posts in Word, Notepad or some other text editor before C&P into the browser?
  2. A cryptographer being cryptic. I guess we find out soon™
  3. ^ Is it not also about righting an injustice and getting clarity for all crypto? Ripple might the name listed but this is a petition for all crypto.
  4. You've confused me. Now I'm wondering if maybe I'm actually Elon Musk.
  5. It's confusing me. Because there was also that guy that lit the fuse. Are we on a fuse or a timer?
  6. Gensler will always have the option to throw them under the bus. It's not an option he would take unless he knew for certain that there were documents, and that those documents were going to become public. His best strategy will be to wait to see which way the wind is blowing. I don't envy him. He's been thrown a hospital pass.
  7. He's not serious. The OP made that clear in the first post. Still, fun to dream... I see those guys that have a yacht that goes into their bigger yacht. I want a Lambo that goes into a bigger Lambo. Russian doll type Lambos, or Lamboception. Call it what you want, doesn't matter. Elon! Make it reality!!!
  8. Undermining Ripple sounds like a viable business. If they're willing to pay SEC employees millions, I could do it for less. How many GPUs do I need? How much hash do I need to mine one Jail Clayton?
  9. CMC owned by Binance, Binance want to keep their coin in the top five? Crypto was born from an idea that we could fight the system. Ironically the more successful crypto gets, the more it gets corrupted by big money.
  10. ^ Well even the billionaires don't seem to be happy. They're still working, still earning, still looking for that perfect partner. To know when you've achieved satisfaction, I guess you'd have to be able to measure satisfaction. There's no universal one-size fits all people way to do that. Some think satisfaction comes from having more stuff, then there's a whole religion based around finding happiness from owning nothing. Brainwave: Maybe we need to try both poverty and excess? Hey, I've already got poverty ticked off, so I'm halfway there.
  11. ^ Yes, he's a link spammer looking for clicks. That's why I have him on ignore.
  12. Two of the Ripple defence attorneys are ex-SEC employees. I think they have an idea of what docs exist. The SEC might want to settle before their communications come out and make them look corrupt AF. Ripple will be the gatekeeper demanding compensation before they are allowed to pass Go without going directly to jail. I think the toll will be quite heavy.
  13. Yes, but link spammers aren't breaking forum rules so they're free to post click bait thread titles. You can put the poster on ignore but it still shows up in the new posts feed.
  14. ^^ Yes. Maybe you're wondering if a cone with it's own inbuilt DEX and stupidly low transaction fees could be a threat to an exchange?
  15. If Flare announce that BTC is being added to Flare Networks and successfully get the message out that BTC now has better than ETH smart contracts functionality, I can see Sparks being worth a lot more.
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