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  1. ^ But you didn't even ask if I was subject to EU law, or US law, or International law, or maybe even FakeBook Law (ignore all laws)
  2. You have the permissions given to you by law to invade my privacy rights. I expect from here you're gonna be doing a metric shedload of paperwork.
  3. We seemed to have picked up a few 'barometers' in 2017. They cheer and boast on the upswings, then wail and gnash their teeth when the pressure is on. It was that way even way back when Jed came on the (previous) forum to announce he was dumping. It's just that there weren't so many of us back in those days so it was easier to ignore. The more things (Ripple/XRP) change, the more they (Sentiment slaves) stay the same.
  4. ^ KInda holding out hope they're like the Marvel Hydra organisation and one day they're just gonna be like: Hydra/Ripple: "SURPRISE MOFO!!!" Cap USA/ Swift: "OMFG!!! Hydra/Ripple: "All your base pair are belong to us! Mwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!11"
  5. I tend to open my browser and leave it open all day on certain tabs. Content authors are gonna make a fortune outta me if I subscribe.
  6. Body-Ready is a common term used to be ready for the beach. Beaches are next to water. Water is what makes up the Amazon. If you throw an Apple in the Amazon it floats. Astronauts also float in Space. Space X is going to the Moon. The riddle is solved: XRP is going to the Moon.
  7. I own more than one. Maybe even two. How much is the wallet reserve again?
  8. ^ I keep blocking 'em and they keep coming back under different names.
  9. I think a long, tangly mess is the perfect haircut for a cryptographer. It screams: "I'm too busy sorting, arranging and straightening out more important things for the good of humanity to have time to think about my hair."
  10. I'd much rather the energy was used on the other useless things. PoW doesn't need to exist when there are better alternatives. Yes 10,000 inch TVs and 909090Ti gpx cards don't need to exist when there are alternatives like playing Bridge or Scrabble, but are they better alternatives?
  11. BoE, in their recent press statements about crypto & DLT have made it clear that climate change and sustainability are their top priorities for emerging fintech. They don't go as far as naming names but if you read between the lines you can see they are referring to BT4C (bitCentralizedChineseCoalCoin). I think IMF may have been dropping similar hints.
  12. Why would you want to pre-fund a fakebook coin when the node-owners get all the interest on the funds deposited. You may as well leave it in your account and get the meager interest your bank will give.
  13. Ripple will buy Google. Yes, that's right. You heard it here first. Ripple will BUY Google. This news was so important I decided to bypass the twittercesspool and bring it to you directly on the forum.
  14. Yes. Someone correct me if I'm wrong... Fakebook is still banned in China? Crypto is still illegal in India?
  15. Ripple was using the "Build it and they will come" theory. Regulatory authorities said: "We can sit on our arses, and still get paid". Ripple said: "Fork it, let's do ourselves"
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