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  1. ^ Bitrue so far. I guess, like last time, more will jump onboard.
  2. I don't think this is going to have bearing on the case currently being debated. It looks to me like SEC is arguing that it was a security at the time of sale (early days) but not now. That they had to sneak in an extension of an extra five years to the statute of limitations to run this case is suspicious. It makes it look maliciously targeted and will feed the conspiracy theorists. On the bright side I can't see them arguing that XRP is a security today, if they are, their legal team sucks. If the SEC do win I wonder if they will tell us at what point in time they thought XRP
  3. In the movie I expect my role; the long-suffering early investor, will be played by Brad Pitt. Apart from the smouldering good looks, successful career, hot wife, mountains of money and abundance of talent, we're actually quite similar.
  4. I've been watching Mickey's videos. He repeats a lot of stuff, which is perfect, because I'm a bit slow on the uptake of this de-fi stuff. It's good to have someone so passionate about it and I hope he will baby step us through the best actions to follow once a usable wallet goes live. I'm not sure how Joe (mostly) Normal like myself can use flare in a meaningful way.
  5. If Ripple did get the regulation D and limited to only selling to accredited investors, does this change anything? They would still sell to exchanges, and exchanges would sell to the general public?
  6. How do they get past the US "every transaction is a taxable offence" thinking? Will they send everyone detailed transaction accounts every tax years?
  7. Buy something online with BTC for $50. The other $400 will cover the transaction fee.
  8. Now we can all watch that pay per view XRP Gang Bang video: Sexy Jay Clayton & SEC friends **** multiple horny hodlers with no lube, just sand.
  9. On one hand it's good to see usage of XRP. On the other hand is some lotion.
  10. I agree with this. And in return as a gesture of goodwill the SEC states that XRP are not securities as they have already done with BTC & ETH. Following that CL & BG can play crypto-martyrs. Claim they gave up personal wealth for legal clarity. Regain the adoration of the fickle crypto-public and the SEC, founders, Ripple, hodlers come away happy and everyone wins. I wouldn't like to see XRP become a plaything for accredited investors only. Crypto is one of those rare historical events where the working classes have been able to get onboard in their spare time without
  11. Could Coinbiased be appointed a trusted US entity to hold tokens until lawsuit is settled?
  12. Were the sales not programmatic? If they have a bit of code showing they have bots selling into volume it's an easy win for Ripple + founders. If not they're gonna have to get some good accountants.
  13. So they'll still get classed as commodities, meaning buying/selling is still a taxable offence? Better than securities, not as good as currency.
  14. I get XLM from Jed and sell it for XRP and send the XRP back to Jed's unlisted wallet.
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