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  1. I don't believe there's a conscious effort to dumb things down. Simple fact is more clicks == more money. If the headline "Kardasian Farts" gets more clicks than "Chinese Oppression of Minorities" then you can guess which one is gonna headline and which story will be buried under a subheading.
  2. Why mining? Are they adding this outdated wasteful element just to pander to the BTC dinosaurs that think it's not a real coin if it's not mined?
  3. Full Article Linkie The article goes on to explain they have applied for a banking licence and will eventually offer finance products to businesses, community groups and fintechs.
  4. Yes, I believe that's why he put you on ignore.
  5. Many years ago Brad did mention a few times in interviews that he had being approached about using XRP as a domestic DA locally in Japan. I don't what came of that, maybe it happened, maybe it didn't. I haven't seen any more said about it. It is something that was looked at and probably dismissed.
  6. I have a friend who goes and meets with known paedos on a regular basis. I don't think that makes him guilty by association, though. It's just part of his daily routine of being a prison guard.
  7. ^ No one is calling this FUD, just pointing out it's from a butthurt fudster is all. It's a valid thing to look at the sources of information as well the evidence.
  8. Yup, looks like it doesn't eliminate N/V accounts, just makes them more visible. The need for correspondent banks still remains. Looks like an overhaul to the existing architecture, not a complete reworking of the system for more inclusive banking worldwide. RIP SWIFT. You had a good run.
  9. ^ I invested in the technology and the potential application of the technology (I think I may be group zero). I didn't anticipate the timeline would be so long, but then I didn't know how slow the regulation machine moved though there were a lot of hints along the way that make it obvious now. I don't blame Brad for things out of his control. If things go completely **** up at Ripple I won't blame him for that either, that's just business. It's my money, my choice, I don't need no scapegoats.
  10. Yes, I remember that day when Brad burst into my house, held a gun against my family's heads and demanded I buy XRP. He told me my only other option was fill a suitcase full of money and buy an airline ticket. I wonder if he treats institutional clients the same way?
  11. It wasn't a mistake. The owners let their claim lapse and Ripple gave it a cheeky nudge. Now they have clarity they can move forward. Ripple just have to rebrand it with an Aussie accent: PeeID.
  12. Who in this thread said that? It's another rail that will need a X-border solution. That's promising.
  13. He had two. It's just with low TPS and long confirmation times that's how long it takes to actually do anything with BTC.
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