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  1. Easily led people need to learn lessons too.
  2. ^ I expect the best competition will come from mobile apps and online banks with no brick & mortar holdings. Pay using your mobile or paywave with some biometric security. The old RippleTrade gave us a taste of what was possible. Hopefully I'll see in my lifetime.
  3. This is what attracted me to XRP many years ago. Going abroad and being able to cash out any currency at the best exchange rates (using the path-finding algorithm) for fractions of a cent. No ATM fees, no conversion fees, no foreign currency fees, not locked into whatever exchange rate the bank would charge you because it could.
  4. If true it means Brad's "At least one bank" would be true. But "Only one bank" would be truer.
  5. He's picking new battles when he hasn't won his current one. He's got some confidence. Or maybe he's trying to rally the divided BiTChcoin masses against the hated pre-mined bankster scamcoin. Every ranting dictator needs a scapegoat.
  6. 32:25 BG: "I probably spend 20% of my time flying around the world meeting with central banks" And every time he takes a bag of cash with him because it's a faster and cheaper way of doing X-border settlement. The CBs must love him.
  7. Brad's glorious five year plan will (unsurprisingly) take at least five years. There isn't gonna be a bank announcement or a bull run every day, yet the troops still need to be entertained. Let them have their fun.
  8. There's a thread... Man the boats!  Bearwhale ahoy!
  9. Craft beer. And Deja vu. We've seen this before. Don't forget it can go down as fast as it goes up.
  10. Correction: We are going to retake the #2 spot. We've been there a couple of times already. Watch the ETH heads go into major motherFUDing mode when it happens.
  11. ^ On the previous incarnation of this forum the running joke was DS & co were reptilians. David Icke style. They're just visiting from another dimension to steal our emotional energy. Invest in BTC and you'll be okay.
  12. Fork the Lambos. I'm on a boat mofo, I'm on a boat! And my boat shall be called: Joel Katamaran.
  13. Tinfoil hat mode engaged: It's Chris Larsen. The IMF have instructed him to sell all his holdings to avoid conflict of interest prior to instating XRP as the one world currency. Once the selling is completed expect announcements from the IMF (Impossible Mission Force) leader Tom Cruise. Tinfoil hat mode disengaged.
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