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  1. I consume very little content so it'd be like throwing money away for me.
  2. If I paid my US$5 a month just for one service, and the content creators got a dollar of that, do I keep the $4 in my coil account?
  3. PM received. The fuse caught covid-19 and has been prescribed six months bed rest until symptoms improve. There was a doctor's note attached, so must be legit.
  4. What is the actual amount deducted from you coil account for getting Emerald access?
  5. XRP isn't Chloroquine. Maybe if we all banded together to bribe contribute to his election fund some XRP he would suddenly see the light and promote digital assets on the world stage to profit himself for the betterment of mankind.
  6. An accusation that can be made against 589% of all YouTube videos. I don't understand it, but it's the modern way to deliver content and it seems popular.
  7. ^ Given increasing life expectancy it's not a surprise though is it? The temptation to meddle is offset by the Grey Power vote. At least until the Boomers have passed.
  8. ^ Can't see that happening. The older generation makes up a large influential segment of the voting base of most countries. To do that would be political suicide. Much easier to increase the tax rate on the younger working classes. They're already disillusioned and disaffected, so no change for them.
  9. The Euro gets replaced by XRP. Britain is once again invited back into the fold but they have to buy their XRP for 589 pounds each. Trump doesn't get an XRP buy invite and blames it on little green pixies that influence the ECB as reported by Faux News. PlanK cashes out and goes on a spending spree far & wide across Europe, stimulating economies out of recession in what will soon become known as the "XRP Hodler Effect". Great plan, Christine. You're onto a winner.
  10. Marathons are long boring affairs. They go much faster when you have something to talk about and given Ripple by the nature of the business doesn't reveal its hand openly people will talk about whatever evidence or lack of that comes up. I don't know why people put down others who like to actually discuss and throw out ideas around rumours/theories/analysis as tin-foil hat hopium smokers. Granted there are plenty around but most posters here can recognise the difference and filter out the BG123 & 12yo's pretending to be Marvel characters that exist at both ends of the spectrum.
  11. PlanK


    I heard the cartoon bear was high on porridge when he made the $589 prediction. Source: Cartoon Goldilocks.
  12. ^ Why not? With less middle men, lower transaction costs, no more need for Nostro/Vostro accounts and special relationships between banks the cost comes closer and closer to zero. A small thing to waiver small fees to encourage me to keep my money in your bank instead of someone elses.
  13. Yeah, should have said 'cheap' cashless travel. Currently my credit card charges an overseas transaction fee, a conversion fee, and less than favourable exchange rates. Add on the local atm fees for using a foreign card and my dream is a bit closer to a nightmare.
  14. Hopefully they can connect successfully to Weipay, Android/Apple wallets, Xumm and the like. Then my dream of cashless travel will eventually come true, at least in Asia.
  15. Is there another fuse being made or is it just a really, really, really, really, really, really long fuse?
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