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  1. PlanK changed the title to A XRPLedger system problem(bug)! (Bad-arse Systemic Enginear in the house. You need to put your head up your own rectum understand what I'm talking about).
  2. The topic was: "Is Bill Hinman a Cockwomble?" A simple 'yes' or 'no' answer will suffice.
  3. It's quite simple really... Bill's personal opinion was, in the SEC's opinion, official guidance to personnel, so that they could personally, in their opinion, guide market participants officially, to personally inform their personnel, that in their opinion, the guidance is the official opinion of the SEC's official opinion guidance person. What's so hard about that? I don't know why you guys are making it so complicated.
  4. Not yet, but I have been promised a promotion to work the drive-through window. That's gonna be some extra cash.
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