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  1. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripple/#markets ** marked i don't think it's benefic for the average user since XRP will not be viewed by him as a "safe" investment due to the "simulated" high volatility CMC is reallly a troller in the crypto sphere
  2. Hi, This is not the first time for a korean exchange to be removed from CMC what shocked me everytime is the timing, i mean it's been a while now that korean exchanges have bigger prices for unknown reasons so why now ? i presume within 1 week or less like always they will put them back and voila Seems like they do it for their own agenda
  3. TA really doesn't work on XRP except for some few "stable" moment...everybody knows that ...
  4. I think all of your analyses are wrong because basically you are looking at the wrong data, the wrong exchanges, take a look at korean exchanges, the action is there
  5. Yep never happened but i' still have quite some XRPs and bought others at 1.5, 2 and 3.5
  6. I'm a XRP holder since day 1, i think all the guys from my generation were a little disgusted at the beginning because it took so much time to take off but now clearly banks are using it So if you dump right now you are basically jumping from a high speed train
  7. I was the biggest XRP fudster here but truth be told XRP is now incontrollable, there are banks using it secretly? i don't know but when you check the volume, there is clearly some automated systems that just buy XRPs at whatever price on the asian market. So with or without you XRP is going to moon like i don't have any word for that 1000$? 10k$? yess marketcap blabla no ones cares it will blow everyones' mind This is not hype this **** is real
  8. XRP total supply like bitcoin is fixed hence it's not a currency, it's a token that can represent anything, hence you can't compare it to any currency. So if XRP was a currency i would be the number one guy to buy 10.000k$ XRP right now and bet on the 10$ or 100$ target but it's an asset and every asset : *Has a market cap *An upper limit that can't be exceeded, for XRP it's 2-3$ that's just the laws of physics ^^
  9. at 5$ it would means that ripple is sitting on 1 trillion, at 20$ 4 trillion lol, guess what a GDP of a country like germany is 3 trillion that's no sense, XRP above 1.5$ is no sense but guess what ? with that huge amount of newbies that didn't even look at the marketcap before doing an investment you have a chance lol
  10. What did i have told you guys ? XRP is headed toward the 30-40ish cents believe it or not
  11. hahaha i like the way XRP believes in fairy tales look at the book orders that is the truth
  12. Ripple is already sitting on 0.5 trillion, if XRP were to go that far that makes Ripple sitting on 12 trillion
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