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  1. self deception is sweet as getting pu$$y
  2. Performance of top-10 cryptos in first half of 2019 in % Bitcoin 189 Ethereum 118 XRP 12 Litecoin 301 Bitcoin Cash 165 EOS 125 Binance Coin 424 Bitcoin SV 129 Tron 69 Cardano 100
  3. BTC go up, XRP flat. BTC go down, XRP go down even more. Me cry
  4. if XRP perform like BCH it would cost today 1.66 USD. like LTC 1.82, if like ETH the 1.07, if like BTC then 0.96. but since XRP perform like XRP, the price is 0.445
  5. LOL,even the greatest news of all time. The real use of xrp by one of the biggest remittance companies brought xrp up for 2 cents. Not really a success
  6. then write those reasons. and dont forget to write why ****** coins like bitcoin sv are going up at the same time . added: what haters ,ppl in internet forums ?contrary to this there are bunch of good news about ripple every day . All around the world. in The news. and nada.
  7. i mean its number 3 in the list. Literally one line away from Bitcoin. Forget all the good stuff ripple is making. Just that number 3 in the list should push this coin up , but its not moving. So either ppl dont want to buy it ( why would they when its in top 3) , or somebody is selling huge ammounts. And who that can be ???
  8. its always like that. I asked pretty serious question but since there is no comfortable answer somebody has to post some joke . Of all coins xrp imho has most potencial and yet such poor price increase.
  9. very poor performance of xrp. Being top 3 coin it should fly high with everything else, but for some mysterious reason it cant even break 0.47 from 0.28 low, when other coins moving high without any major resistance. Any ideas why is this happening ?
  10. bitcoin 250% from the botton. lite 600% . bitcoin cash 600% ... xrp... ~25% ....saaaad
  11. Jokes aside . Tether holds 4th position at this moment. If things wont change it could be number 1 . LOOOOOL !
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