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  1. Final Settlement with Jed

    As @JoelKatz said on Quora, Jed might be the first person to be a billionaire inspite of himself.
  2. XRParmy - Twitter Handles Please

    Fudfatigue - @ekpethedragon
  3. It is not a mistake if you learn from it. Now you know to just hodl next time 😉
  4. Good point. That man is an utter prick.
  5. Is XRP code open source?

    While i appreciate your civility with that person, i think anyone speaking with authority on a subject they haven’t researched is definitely idiot material.
  6. Jed has no control over how much he sells. He is under legally binding cOntract, at least i think he still is.
  7. Completely Unreasonable

    Have to follow you out mate. This place is officially infested, apparently telling XLM shills to gtfo is somehow tribaism, like XRP isn’t in the name of the forum. I mean what kind of weirdo sell his stash and then continues posting on a forum about that coin?? People don’t actually do thise weird things in real life, at least not in the kind of numbers we grt flooded with. It is coordinated. They saw the power of our community in the last FUD war and think that by ruining here, they can ruin our community. But we aren’t a community because of XRPchat.com. We are a community because we love XRP. See my fellow HODLers when all this dies down. Follow me on twitter if you are about that life
  8. This place is quickly turning into the XRP telegram group. it’s funny because when i first got here i lurked till i was sure of my knowledge and spewing nonsense. The new set of posters just come and ask easily answerable questions or tell us to sell and buy XLM. then have the cheek to complain when we say pissoff. I really hope the discord stays positive because i rarely come here now either.
  9. Seriously Time Magazine, WTF?

    Another day another set of noob accounts here to try amd shake coins out of people.
  10. Biggest wallets get the most votea. Not democratic in any way and with a little collusion a payday for a select few. Seeing as how it is currently distributed, 86b in the foundations hands, i don’t see this working out for anyone other than Jed lol
  11. Don’t know what to say. Around 6hrs ago he was arguing with people on twitter on how important XRP is 🤷🏾‍♂️
  12. Are you accusing @JoelKatz of dumping his XRP?
  13. You guysare so transparent 😂
  14. Tired of the HODL sentiment...

    It’s usual noob trolls. xlm seems to have no real community lol wgen xrp drops a bunch of new ac on here, twitter and others sayig XLM is a hedge 🤣🤣🤣