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  1. It was a joke because Weiss means white in German and other Germanic languages are similar too
  2. Polo is ****** up right now. Dunno what is going on there. has he tried @ them on twitter
  3. Smart guy. I have been holding KIN for months and will continue. KIK is anvery active app and KIN isbalready being integrated....i wish it wasn’t running on Stellar but i’m happy with my coins. Working on a bag close to a million
  4. Not only that but it’s gone from around £10 to under a pound in weeks.
  5. ??‍♂️ My ignore list has gotten so long on here. This site is actually done.
  6. True if i respond elsewhere it is usually to dispel FUD rather than bash other projects. This place is a magnet for trolls it seems.
  7. I should have said the facade of a non profit. Why are we not blasting that info all over twitter and reddit?
  8. You are either Jed or someone close to him. Your problem with Chris Larson is the dead give away. such a sad and pathetic loser. I can’t wait for Stellars non profit designation tonget torn away. It will happen. The Jed dump on XLM holders will be epic. 80b undistributed and you have the cheek to talk about anyone elses business model.
  9. Serious question, do you have a learning difficulty?
  10. Pilots are different to tests. why are you here?
  11. I don’t know about your circumstances so don’t presume to know about mine. I own property in two countries, land in one and have family all over the place. In my heritage culture it is normal to pay for someones school fees, give thousands as a gift, fly relatives over etc i get ****** on the fees all year round and i hate it. Have you ever had a family member die and have only 3days to pay for a funeral? Because a swift wires screws that in the ***.
  12. You know why it’s fud? Go to his twitter page and pay attention to his tweets about eth. Why do noob posters like you, who literally only post to say XRP aint worth anything, use the exact same talking points ? When o when are we going to see an objective piece? Because i true objective piece would definitely look East too. And how can the only pro XRP “source” they have be some random twitter user who apparently bought it based on the coinbase rumour, not the tech, not due diligence......It’s very obvious what they were trying to do. It’s very obvious what you came here to do too.
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