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  1. Santander, AMEX, Ripple

    This Amex news should have settled the crypto community right down. Massive fi on Ripple with more than a hint that xrp will come into play "down the line". i agree with you now, Ripple needs to start making moves to disable the whaleish manipulators, the action was obvious yday, the bots kicked in and drummed the price down hard. This is the stage where we need to see some decent price action, so the crytpo community drops the false principles and backs Xrp properly. I personally have no idea how to do this, but something needs to be done. The manipulators are are holding xrp back.
  2. Hmmm the links suggest that last year Volante integrates Ripple and that this year they rolled out a product suite to the US usinga similar system, but one could assume it uses ILP Just wish i knew for sure, feels like Pompous is trying to cause a sell of again like he did during swell, he has a lot of followers thats follow his advice
  3. Sell your xrp, if you ever had any, and move on then. i literally can't agree with a single point in your post. For starters why the hell would Ripple a registered, respected and mainstream company not protect their trademark? Go make a website called Ethfoundationfaucet, same thing happens. Any trademark is going to be protected by it's owners. forget the fact that you are complaining about not getting something for free, something that costs only 15p btw. Thats stupid enough. But your reasoning throughout smacks of the same old tired FUD. btc costs 7k each but it is free right? Or you meant free as in anyone can use it? So who stopped you using xrp? You do realise brc price depends entirely on big rich whales and large mining cartels? Have you even read anything about what Ripple is trying to do? I actually can't believe you are here complaining that some spammy, pop up ridden affiliate ponzi has been shut down for using Ripples name. i don't believ you hold a single xrp and if you are okd enough to drive ill eat my shoe. A police officer will deffo stop you going at 67 in a 60
  4. XRP movement

    Since you have joined this is all you have said.
  5. HODL your XRP

    Make sure you spell it right when searching exchanges to buy.
  6. Yesterday was crazy

    And those people are very short sighted. Rather than crash the old system and burn everyone, Ripple are creating what could be seen as a smooth transition, cushioning the banks fall and decentralizing finance to point that anybody can connect and trade on the same ledgers as monolithic fi. with their recent gates foundation venture, they are even helping the poorest of the poor access money. Those that subscribe to the "ideals of satoshi nakamoto" should be singing Ripples praises. the fact that they aren't proves their hypocrisy imo
  7. Yesterday was crazy

    I've said it before and i'll say it again. the crypto space is filled with childish minds. There is a clear campaign of hate towards Ripple , one based on false principles and tribalism. Banks and FIs don't troll crypto twitter looking for trading tips and investment ideas, their attention is swuarely on Ripple right now. i can't wait for the dat when xrp explodes, i believe it will, it is going to burn the hell out of a lot of daytraders and leave maximslists salty as hell. It will be glorious
  8. Likelihood of XRP on Coinbase

    I think it is just a matter of time before Coinbase adds XRP. Previously I didn't think it was a good idea as the Ripple hate was strong in the crypto sphere. But now i think it would add much needed liquidity to xrp and accelerate Ripples plans in general. Just my opinion of course.
  9. IBM - Ripple Technology

    Lol wouldn't surprise me the least bit. Always anti ripple lol
  10. Stellar and IBM

    I don't care about Stellar, i care about how it is being pumped. The one example of "news" on xlm and the people involved in "crypto ", i.e daytraders and speculatera have flocked to it and pumped it to over 100% of previous value. If Stellar had created some new feature, some revolutionary addition then awesome. But i don't see any, do you? meanwhile Ripple has produced results, has brought that exact kind of news literally a hundred times in the year i have been holding, and we have to put up with a near constant stream of FUD some of it libellous lies. i really don't care about the success of Stellar. I care about the state of an industry that is seemingly powered by prejudice, psuedo anarchy and false principals. mainstream adoption cannot come fast enough imo
  11. Stellar and IBM

    Thsi ibm/xlm news should show you just how retarded the crypto space is and why we need fi use and real investors not speculative pseudo anarchist, pseudo intellectuals controlling prices. 80% rise. 80! %! From one piece of news of which Ripple has produced a hundred examples now. Literally 100. I can wait for xrp to blow, but i cannot deal with a substandard clone rising like that.... it is undeserved.
  12. The dollar won't crash it will evolve, the moment it looks like the petro dollar is truly dying America will dump Billions into renewables. Personally i think battery technology and the kinetic economy, and try and stranglehold the energy market once again. Will be hard with China owning all the rare earths but USA and the West in general will fare far better than Russia thats for sure. Africa is going to be a major tech and workforce provider in the future. The "developed" nations will focus on power generation while automation handles production.
  13. Apprently having been born in '88 i am technically a millennial too. please don't lump me in with these short sighted morons cashing in allowances and bat mitzvah bonds. I own a company lol I am hoping the price stays where it is till the end of the year so i can collect at least 100k xrp. 5 years time i won't be stressing about a damn thing other gow many trips to mars i can afford a year!
  14. Can't believe you all have given this thread five pages worth of legs. When will we learn to just put FUDdsters on ignore?