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  1. Thanks for this great wrap-up! ""xRapid Ready for Prodution"" .... small typo /R-2-D-2 Great read again @Hodor
  2. Do not expect much growth during the consensus 2018 ..... give it some time /R-2-D-2
  3. All keep in mind : First they ignore you , Then they laugh at you , Then they fight you, Then you win ...................... That's what currently is happening ? Relax /R-2-D-2
  4. @Superman Useless only important info comes from @Ripple Itself and that counts Official statements only! /R-2-D-2
  5. Market sentiment move forward with you daily lives and Enjoy
  6. People Should stop wondering why XRP is still not listed on Coinbase and move forward with their Daily Lives and enjoy come back in 2022 - 2025 and see what has happend
  7. Thanks @Hodor great reading as allways ! /R-2-D-2
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