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  1. This has all been explained many times "By Ripple the Company", How they use the 55 Billion of XRP that is Escrowed and monthly released of 1 Billion to Strenghten the XRP ECO System. What's not have been sold goes back into Escrow! Both Links Escrow and Quarterly Reports explains how everything is done. I Still don't understand that people are still spreading FUD, only to buy cheaper no doubt !!! https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-to-place-55-billion-xrp-in-escrow-to-ensure-certainty-into-total-xrp-supply/ & https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-to-place-55-billion-xrp-in-escrow-to-ensure-certainty-into-total-xrp-supply/ /R-2-D-2
  2. R-2-D-2

    XRP, Ripple & The Color of Money

    Thanks for this great wrap-up! ""xRapid Ready for Prodution"" .... small typo /R-2-D-2 Great read again @Hodor
  3. R-2-D-2

    This from Western Union CEO

    This is definitly fake !
  4. Do not expect much growth during the consensus 2018 ..... give it some time /R-2-D-2
  5. All keep in mind : First they ignore you , Then they laugh at you , Then they fight you, Then you win ...................... That's what currently is happening ? Relax /R-2-D-2
  6. ? don't shoot the messenger @fiik
  7. @Superman Useless only important info comes from @Ripple Itself and that counts Official statements only! /R-2-D-2
  8. Market sentiment move forward with you daily lives and Enjoy
  9. R-2-D-2

    Coinbase and Ripple

    People Should stop wondering why XRP is still not listed on Coinbase and move forward with their Daily Lives and enjoy come back in 2022 - 2025 and see what has happend
  10. R-2-D-2

    The End of Crypto’s Wild West?

    Thanks @Hodor great reading as allways ! /R-2-D-2