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  1. First I do not know if BG's predictions will come true or not but I think that looking for rare meanings at 589 is a bit of a waste of time. The image is clear. PREDICTION OF 2018. 589EOY. Another issue will be if that is true.
  2. Forgive my English. I remember that Mr. Jk had an interesting conversation with another user of the forum and the phrase that caught my attention was "the price of xrp had to rise massively" in order to create liquidity. Please feel free to correct.
  3. Read well please " It should be noted that most of these innovative patents focus on verifying users and transactions through blockchain technology, which could dramatically reduce transaction costs and drastically reduce customer transaction times." Can I be wrong? Please clarify it.
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  5. But they talk about issuing their own currency-token. What is the positive part Xrp ???? Uffffffff
  6. In which part does it say that ripple-fintch
  7. Hopefully and be very conservative. We all have to be aware that we are here for the long term, but it is also true that the price of now is ridiculous.
  8. But at the moment I do not think we can buy XRP at .13c because it only makes it ...
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