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  1. She's the same journalist who tweeted this: Personally I'd wait for a confirmation.
  2. @Hodor I finally got my Coil invite and noticed that it streamed some doubloons your way... Have you noticed a gradual increase in revenue (thus reflecting a larger pool of Coil users)?
  3. While normally I'd agree with you, she prefaced her video by saying "I really know my stuff... Again, a shitload". And I'm perfectly aware she's ****** off at some of the comments left by people... Still, in my very respectful opinion, I think anybody who purchased some XRP should be very familiar with the names SBI, Santander, Codius, Xpring, etc. Even more so if you present yourself as an expert and you publish videos to educate other people. As I'm not very familiar with the financial world, I don't have the necessary knowledge to watch her content with a critical eye. On the other hand, with the knowledge I currently do have on everything Ripple/XRP related, I see someone with a partial understanding of the topic she's discussing. I can't say whether anything else she says is correct or not, hence my decision to stop watching.
  4. Eh, I'm sure she's well-versed in her field and whatnot... but personally I stopped watching after she mentioned the Spanish salamander called SBI.
  5. Hey, You need to unplug the usb cable, press the button (the one closest to the usb) and plug the usb back in WHILE you're pressing the button.
  6. Although appealing, the idea of a universal measure of "intelligence" is flawed. If you take the time to read through the WAIS-IV manual (which is the most widely used IQ test in the world), you'll see that the theory behind it is really outdated... I mean, most of the concepts they use to describe some of their tests aren't even remotely close to what has been described in cognitive neuroscience. In any case, intelligence is an ethnocentric construct (there's no such thing as a culture-free test)... our western society values some skills over other ones, which will then determine what we actually test to find out whether somebody is "intelligent". But, for example, why isn't Theory of Mind tested when trying to assess somebody's IQ? I feel that somebody with a high-level of social cognition would probably be perceived as smarter than somebody who can just plow through Raven's matrices in 3 minutes. To be clear, it's not only the definition of intelligence that is ethnocentric, but it's also how the tests are conceived (one researcher I know that studies this is Tarek Bellaj). In any case, problem solving is heavily influenced by learning (i.e., memory)... knowledge of similar problems allows you to formulate new hypotheses and solve the problem quicker (see heuristics). Basically, your level of education has a enormous impact on how you solve problems (which is then reflected on an IQ test). And as you know, education depends on your socioeconomic status and even your country of origin. I think that every cognitive neuroscientist out there agrees that intelligence is determined by both nature and nurture. But yes, somebody with an IQ of 80 (measured when he was a child) won't ever score 130... unless he had some learning disability that compromised the first result. Also, a legit IQ test isn't limited to visuospatial reasoning... the WAIS-IV also measures things like working memory, processing speed, verbal reasoning, etc. To conclude, regardless of what an IQ test actually measures, in our society it's true that scoring high on an IQ test correlates with "useful and less useful behavioral traits" (to simplify, I don't want to elaborate too much...), which makes it a useful, albeit opaque, tool. Using it to compare ourselves to other cultures is a misguided endeavor.
  7. [deleted because it was wrong] I might be wrong, but I'm going through some of the documentation (https://ripple.com/build/money-xrp-ledger/) and they say that the API "require(s) all XRP amounts to be specified in drops of XRP". Unless I'm mistaken this means that "1 XRP" is not even a thing... it's always seen as one million drops and it has been defined as 1 XRP for ease of use (again, human readability).
  8. Personally I don't think it's a valid argument. What if Ripple had decided to Issue 1'000'000'000'000'000 XRP with only 10^2 drops? You still have the same amount of total drops, but you get an insane market cap just because you changed where you start putting a "." (mostly for human readability). Of course this is only valid if a drop/satoshi is truly indivisible. In my opinion, to compare BTC to XRP you need to convert them to the same "format" (or else it would be like comparing Fahrenheit to Celsius)...
  9. Personally I think it's "important" because of people insisting on using market cap as an argument (i.e., multiplying the supply by the current market value) and dismissing the possibility of XRP getting above 100$ or 1000$ just by the mere fact that the supply is supposedly GIGANTIC compared to the one of bitcoin. This video disproves that and shows that there are only ~47x more drops than satoshi... not ~4700x
  10. I don't remember if the amount of XRP drops can be changed, but I'm pretty sure BTC can. Regarding your market cap comment: currently we aren't comparing an equal amount of "units" (or significant "decimal places"... I can't think of a generic term). The market cap is equal to supply * current price... but if you think in "units", the actual supply for XRP is: 100'000'000'000'000'000 drops and for BTC it's: 2'100'000'000'000'000 satoshis (I think, I hope I haven't messed up the zeroes). I think that cryptocurrencies can be compared only when following the same rules (i.e., significant "decimal places") Sure, if you were to increase the amount of drops from 10^6 to 10^7, that would be equivalent to multiplying your supply by 10.
  11. I found this very interesting post on Reddit: As of today, by comparing the amount of drops (XRP -> 10^6) to the amount of satoshi (BTC -> 10^8) available, you can see that there's only 48x the supply! This shows how arbitrary the marketcap is... Had Ripple decided that one XRP would have 10^8 drops (without affecting the overall number of existing drops), one XRP would be now "worth" 100 times less... I always thought that the market cap argument was absolute trash, but this redditor might have found another solid argument against FUDsters.
  12. Personally I don't care if they're late... Stuff happens all the time. But some seem to say that we don't matter in the grand scheme of things... And I think that's false. We are the ones driving the price up and XRP is mentioned in the media because of it. And Ripple acknowledges it. Without us, small fry to mid-size paella investors, the price would probably still be at 0.06 or below. I might be wrong, but that's how I feel. Now, are we entitled to 24/7 progress reports? Hell no.
  13. Hey @teddybear There are a few resources about banking that really helped me... You might some answers in my third link. A blog post somebody mentioned here on XRPChat that explains how inter-banking settlement works: https://gendal.me/2013/11/24/a-simple-explanation-of-how-money-moves-around-the-banking-system/. Its the simplest explanation I found (that starts from a very basic intra-banking settlement scenario to more complex scenarios). And here's an exceedingly detailed (and technical) description of how the payment system works: https://www.ecb.europa.eu/pub/pdf/other/paymentsystem201009en.pdf. Personally I mostly looked at the diagrams... but, if I remember correctly, they do explain in detail how nostro/vostro(loro) accounts work. There's also a report about global payments by McKinsey with some statistical data: https://www.mckinsey.com/~/media/McKinsey/Industries/Financial Services/Our Insights/A mixed 2015 for the global payments industry/Global-Payments-2016.ashx. They do mention that the liquidity for nostro/vostro accounts is responsible for 34% of the cost of payments (pp. 21-22). Sadly I couldn't find precise data about how much money is actually tied up in nostro/vostro accounts.
  14. When I first started I also wasted some money by using BitPanda and the likes. Nowadays I use Kraken, which allows me to use SEPA for a whopping 0 EUR fee (and there you can directly purchase XRP with EUR). The only problem is that their server is unable to handle the heavy load... the other day I had to try about 50 times before my order actually went through.
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