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  1. Looking at the trend charts for XRP it seems that XRP has failed to set new baseline for pricing and it is just a continuous slide down from it's ath. Other cryptos have leveling off periods where the coin stabilizes and a new baseline is set, therefore allowing further growth from that point. Since xrp price is completely dictated by speculators at this point (because FIs are not yet using it, etc etc), why is it that new baselines were not set for XRP? Side note: I'm a long hodlr of xrp, yesterday I dreamt it hit $0.82, so I have the patience to keep hodling, but the trend for xrp is unsettling a bit, even without the insanity that is taking place with bch nowadays.
  2. What would happen if XRP had an ICO today? I see ICOs happening all over the place and they skyrocket in value - if XRP had an ICO today would it skyrocket to $10+? What do you think?
  3. why is speculative money in XRP the only speculative money that doesn't move with news or market? I'd accept speculative money/greed being a factor but speculators are chasing money and perhaps XRP doesn't have the momentum to hold their attention but i also think XRP is smarter money compared to other cryptos.
  4. i mean, could it be because the community is cashing out incrementally? It almost feels that way, though it is highly unlikely since it is so consistent. Besides, zerpers have a resilient hodler mentality so i don't think that's the cause. My money is on banks and institutions - perhaps they are managing their stockpiles of XRPs and cashing out even at the smallest gains since they deal in massive volumes and then they rebuy in at lower price... i don't know
  5. Yep, totally agree. What i am curious about is whether this pattern will stop; can it stop and is it dependent on this manipulated behavior (i know i sound paranoid but at this moment i am 100% convinced of manipulation). Because if so, XRP truly can skyrocket very quickly. But not under this pattern of staying within the resistance lines. It doesn't add up, it contradicts the market and the news around XRP. But why? Who would stand to gain from a flat XRP value?
  6. i really am starting to believe that games are being played but i don't know if it is by Ripple or if its by whales who hold XRP. I don't know what the end goal is but this micro-correction makes no sense in a crypto market that grows every day. All currencies are growing but XRP corrects daily; it really doesn't make any sense. The question is who and why... and whether this game is going to stop anytime soon, because when it does stop XRP will take off immediately. Someone keeps hitting the brakes on XRP - could banks/financial institutions have a role in this constant correction?
  7. So the crypto currency market stands at around $100B - i know there is much speculation about XRP and what the possible valuation would be, but it occurred to me today that if everyone were to convert their crypto investment into XRP, the value, as it stands would not exceed $100B / 38B XRP = ~$2.60 / XRP I realize of course that the market itself is growing, but it is unrealistic for people to think that XRP is all of a sudden skyrocket to $50; that's just not possible in the short (and possibly even the long term). I know there are banks interested in using it for transactions but i'm curious as to how that would enable reaching values as high as what some people claim (such as $50+).
  8. i think XRP is about to surge as people shift from BTC to XRP to avoid the fork. Watch what happens tomorrow
  9. Simple question - given the fairly steady trend of XRP, wouldn't you think XRP would make a great safe haven for BTC/ETH whales to hodl their crypto earnings with the current uncertainty? I mean, exchanging for fiat is messy since it would require taxes and fees, but exchanging for XRP might actually make sense for someone who has a lot of BTC or ETH and they are trying to lock in some of their earnings. Just a thought that occurred to me - i'm probably off base but would love to hear your thoughts
  10. Google is going to buy Ripple and integrate it into Google Wallet. As soon as that happens it will shoot up - Google won't spend any money marketing it (they don't need to), but it is more about them entering the crypto market with a solution that is already established. They will rebrand it Google Swipe and XRP will be the backbone of their system.
  11. Can someone explain to me why XRP's 24h volume is $63.5M and Tezos, that just started an ICO traded over $100M in 24hrs? I mean, honestly, what the hell is wrong with XRP? I am seriously starting to think XRP is done. No this is not FUD, it's just reality. When an ICO can almost do double the volume of an established crypto like XRP you really have to wonder what the hell is going on. It seems that dumb money is going to Tezos, and smart money is going to XRP - but when you are investing, i think you want to be where dumb money is, not smart money, and Tezos has a ton of dumb money being thrown at it.
  12. their service is a joke - they are trying desperately to prevent people from selling off their ETH and cashing out since ETH is tanking but they are seriously ******* over their customers. Once they open back up i expect ETH to drop even more as fed up customers basically say screw it and move on to more reliable services.
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