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  1. As stated above, but more specifically: https://ripple.com/build/data-api-tool/#get-account-balances On this page in the top grey box you can change [1] the ripple address, [2] the currency, and [3] the date/time you're interested in before pushing the 'GET request' button.
  2. @suanniunai is right, it's Coincheck. Following the recent Coincheck NEM hack a large amount of XRP moved. At first it was speculated to be part of the hack , but it later appeared to be for security reasons (https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions/FC32DBF1C0CE6780A669349FEDF7BD9EC18033EB79B3DC8F1ADBAE9B5EAD3EF8) and the destination account was later confirmed to be Coincheck's cold wallet (https://twitter.com/warpaul/status/956930671443812352). The XRP from the cold wallet (rPccPbZH4YBVmjvL4dMMkrX8J3MKGLNApQ) was then moved to rBAyQitUnr2TqrPjmQ2invYwH29fVTyrVd, which is the account you guys are talking about. I don't see why as Coincheck has had a big stake in Ripple for quite some time now. They acquired the majority of their XRP for about half a cent. There are reasons to assume that Coincheck was the FI acquiring XRP as mentioned in the first report by Miguel Vias (via the ~reliefcurrency account). Imho their early investments and acquiring allowed them to payback the >400M USD to all their customers so quickly after the NEM hack (which btw probably resulted in crypto wide selling pressure the last weeks/months in addition to the hackers selling via a site they set up on the darknet).
  3. zero-2-9

    Working on a new hardware wallet for XRP

    @TiffanyHayden @nikb ILP pathfinding. This will make it more than a storage device of course, but an app with proper implementation of ILP pathfinding in combination with some solid hardware authorization has great potential imho. Like the pathfinding in the original RL wallet (its unfortunate this feature gets so little attention nowadays). Trustworthiness of the dev(s) involved here would also be a big pro compared to other wallets (if formalized ofc).
  4. As long as digital coins are not in everyone's wallet, then the chance of it becoming broadly accepted in stores and online are low (chicken vs egg). It seems way too early for that, but this can change very quickly. Bitcoin seemed promising a few years ago for POS payments, but it failed. This could be different for XRP for three reasons: it's instant, it's scalable, and costs are low. More info here: https://ripple.com/files/xrp_overview.pdf It indeed is not marketed by RL that way currently. And rightfully so, it probably would be too early (for many reasons). As also stated by RL before, first provide the rails (tech, regulatory affairs, etc), and only then move on. In recent years payments first were not excluded by RL (in the very beginning), but when progressing they seem to have adapted to the conditions where they were operating (fincen, demand/need/feedback of banks, etc) and focussed on other use cases. And succesfully so, it seems. But if the opportunity arrises, don't you think they will promote XRP to facilitate POS payments? If you look at their public statements I think this is already changing compared to previous years. And it makes sense: their incentive (sitting on their pile of XRP) is huge. With all things changing currently in Japan, I dont see why XRP cant play a role here for example. The focus now is on Bitcoin being roled out massively (e.g. https://news.bitcoin.com/rollout-of-260000-bitcoin-accepting-stores-in-japan-begins/), but why wouldnt this be XRP as well? Especially considering SBI's (and their consortium) incentive (they have a huge stake in both XRP and in RL). Also XRP is better suited for this use case than any other coin: instant, scalable, low cost (https://ripple.com/files/xrp_overview.pdf), infrastructure, KYC and AML compliant (https://ripple.com/files/ripple_solutions_guide.pdf), and even more decentralized than other coins soon (https://ripple.com/insights/xrp-ledger-decentralizes-expansion-55-validator-nodes/). This volatility issue was the same with Bitcoin, but was taken care of with instant exchange to the currency of choice. And hey, it's Ripple, RCL/interledger seems perfect for this (provided there will be enough liquidity, which is being worked on). TLDR: imho it's too soon for that, as the right conditions are not there yet. But XRP (together with Interledger) seems perfect for it, so I dont see any reason why RL wouldnt jump on that bandwagon as soon as the opportunity is there. Untill that time, as @Professor Hantzen also said, it seems that XRP will be used 'behind the scenes' first (also for POS payments). Give it some years...
  5. zero-2-9

    GateHub Fifth Quantum

    Maybe they should start with the liquidity of their own token... I know.. I know.. just starting... But on a more serious note: Nice to hear you trust the team, but how should we as outsiders assess this? I see the potential re liquidity on GateHub, which is great. But why should the token itself, that you have now listed, be interesting if we are not even able to see who or what is behind it? This is the info that is available on the team on their own website: Nothing but an address on the Virgin Islands...
  6. Interesting excerpt from the Zerpbox (so many messages nowadays that one easily misses the interesting ones): The XRP ecosystem desperately needs high quality trusted wallets. JK involved in such a wallet would add a seal of trust that imho is very important. We´re spoiled with great news recently, but I think this is fantastic news.
  7. zero-2-9

    Ripple and National Payments Corporation of India

    If you haven't already, I recommend to read the post by @tommytrain here on current developments in India. Very interesting read. Great to see what technology can do for society/economy. Wonderful opportunity for Ripple. Btw, Ripple Mumbai office confirmed: "You will develop, scale and operationalize our Mumbai office..."
  8. zero-2-9

    NEW WALLET ACTIVATIONS: Please post here

    You´re set to go..
  9. zero-2-9

    Pathshuffle good or not so?

    Very interesting. Here´s a direct link to the original paper. TL;DR In this paper the authors present PathJoin, a novel protocol to perform atomic transactions in the Ripple network. They use use PathJoin and DiceMix, "the most efficient P2P mixing protocol existing in the literature", to build PathShuffle, a practical decentralized path mixing protocol for credit networks. Then they implemented PathShuffle and carried out a path mixing among five users in the currently deployed Ripple network, thereby actually demonstrating the practicality of PathShuffle to provide anonymous transactions Is any of the authors by any chance active on this forum?
  10. They will surely use it for domestic payments, thus not only international payments, as for domestic payments there is a also a clear incentive: ""Domestic payments are actually very expensive, it's 5x to 10x more expensive than in the US". Their new toy will solve this. POS payments are then only a logical next step if the user base is large enough. And the consortium seems to achieve this when all banks involved make their apps 'Ripple-powered'.
  11. I think this also is an important part of the story (shows their involvement (11.3%), a clear incentive)):
  12. zero-2-9

    Ripple the Song. Enjoy!

    Ripple (the company) bought the URL ripple.com from a Grateful Dead fan
  13. They don't go live in March and April. Your information seems incorrect. The Japanese Bank Consortium / SBI Ripple Asia activities are interesting, but "the group has set a March 2017 deadline for delivery of a proof-of-concept ahead of a full commercial build". Thus proof of concept, nothing more. I've seen spring 2017 mentioned as a make or break moment on this forum before, based on the Japanese Bank Consortium / SBI Ripple Asia announcements, but I think the announcement was lost in translation in some cases (it is a proof of concept i.s.o. real use), and that its implications are overestimated. At least for the short term.