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  1. It would sure get XRP some good publicity. Someone should tip him
  2. He is my favorite poker player. He always has such a positive energy.
  3. What are you talking about. If anything you should thank Dari for doing some digging.
  4. Why Litecoin, Eric? Are there any specific future events / developments which you expect to drive its price up?
  5. I contacted people from The Ocean Cleanup project who accept donations in cryptocurrencies (currently LTC, BTC, ETH, BCH) regarding a possibility to add XRP to the list. They replied they will look into it. I tried to reach to them again on Twitter, but without any response. As a surfer and a person who loves the ocean, I wanted to contribute to this project. Pity they did not respond.
  6. If I make a payment via SWIFT today, will it be settled by the end of November, sir?
  7. I am 32 like everyone else here apparently.
  8. This looks nice. I will try it. Will probably involve my girlfriend as well since she enjoys growing.
  9. Boatcone is gonna make all kinds of sails.
  10. I see. For me, this whole thing is immaterial. I find it a little surprising that it generated such a strong reaction from so many people. EDIT - answered in the previous post.
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