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  1. That is also one of the discussion points / questions I have tried to raise here. Why would you store your xrp on a ledger nano S if gatehub can be used as a wallet and even is GH is down (see Hodlekerper comment before), you still can access them through other wallets? Kr,
  2. True that and now I really see the added-value of Gatehub. Not sure though why there are not more people trading on this platform then? (way more safe than in other exchanges I would think...)
  3. Hello Hodle, That is actually true... so what you are saying is that even when the GateHub website is totally gone. We can login in another xrp wallet with our private key and still have all of our xrp? (never thought about this ..) kind regards, Maarten
  4. Ok thanks a lot everybody for the feedback! I am quite in the same line. Still believe it was a good organisation in the past, but seeing that their support is not really following recently. Do you guys see any risk of GateHub disappearing one day? (we have seen this with other exchanges over the past 4 years, that stopped communicating and they suddently disappeared with certain amounts of crypto)
  5. Hello everybody, This is my first post, but it might be an interesting one for the community if we exchange our ideas (if this is not done before). Historically GateHub was always recommended to store your XRP and it even was the next generation of the official ripple wallet when Ripple Labs stopped this. Now I have been reading all around and it is review very negatively and not trustworthy. what are your opinions? Looking forward to the feedback
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