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  1. You're personally wrong. Maybe, just maybe, XRP was overpriced all along.
  2. You're not really asking this are you...
  3. Ive been looking at the same thing, but tbh I'm just hoping now....
  4. Dude, shut up and nut up. Grow a pair.
  5. Healthy? That was healthy? Where do these people come from? WAKE UP
  6. Seems like every problem affects XRP badly.... BTC goes up? XRP doesn't.... BTC panic sell? XRP goes down. All this DURING the Money Conf in which Ripples Head of Strategic Accounts is speaking? PATHETIC.
  7. Im sorry that that had to be explained to you, Eric.
  8. enough to cry if it goes up or down a lot
  9. I am in an argument with a moron on twitter who says Ripple could care less about how high or low the XRP price is, but I distinctly remember JoelKatz saying things are easier to move when they are higher priced or of more value. can someone link me to that or other comments on the contrary?
  10. If XRP gets to $10, Ill pay for the party and everyone is invited -- I am not joking :).
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