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  1. For people that don't have a pot of money sitting on an exchange, it could take some time for new money to move in, especially now that credit cards aren't really an option. Though, it wouldn't really surprise me if XRP didn't really react a lot to the news, because we are still too heavily linked to Bitcoin's movements. Once SBI's exchanges, Coinsquare, Robinhood, etc. are up and running, and there are more direct links to XRP via fiat then we should start to see better, less correlated movement, I think.
  2. Looks like they are trying to ramp up slowly too, which is probably the right way to do it, long term.
  3. Exactly, if you're losing, just move the goal line.
  4. Just remember that XRP wasn't ever supposed to hit $1, according to some trolls, and it did over 3x that before retracing. XRP will surprise everyone in the next few years. Institutional investors haven't even hardly shown up yet, and it is still difficult to even buy XRP with fiat. This is still just the beginning, and we haven't even left the early adopter phase yet. When the early majority gets here, buckle up because that's when things are going to start to get interesting. If Ripple succeeds, XRP will be a multi-generational asset.
  5. Hopefully no one buys a new one. Personally, I would hate to trade a deflationary, and generally appreciating asset, like XRP for one that depreciates by just driving it off the lot.
  6. To me, it seems like this article is more about banks shutting off people who are moving money off of exchanges that deal in crypto, then anything to do with Bitcoin specifically. It seems like this article is trying to direct people's frustration towards banks and XRP/ Ripple, even though this has little to do with Ripple or XRP. Kind of like saying, "See! This is why you need to get rid of banks! Oh, and you should hate XRP, too, while you're at it!"
  7. Santander Totta

    I'm guessing they are mistaken.
  8. interesting reddit post on whales and XRP

    I think it will, and I think this is why Ripple has the distribution strategy that they do. By slow walking XRP out into the market they can make sure that no one entity has control of a majority of XRP, for the most part. In my opinion, a lot of the hate for Ripple comes, not just from being a non-mineable crypto, but also from their distribution strategy, because in the future it will be a lot harder for early adopters or whales to game the price.
  9. XRP transfer transaction speed

    Bithomp.com -> Ripple Explorer -> copy your public address and search
  10. The "HODL to $100 Club"

    I don't know it it is reasonable or not, but everything is supply and demand. If no one wants to sell, then people will have to pay the going rate, whatever that may be.
  11. The "HODL to $100 Club"

    Well, 5000% does seem doable when you compare it to last year's increase of 35000%.
  12. XRP will at $5

    I see it the same way. I hate to say something has no risk or is a sure thing, but as far as crypto goes, XRP has the least amount of downside risk, in my opinion.
  13. Alipay.Ripple.com

    http://www.thedrum.com/news/2018/01/09/ant-financial-and-moneygram-form-strategic-partnership-after-proposed-12m-merger There is already an inroad to Alibaba via Ant Financial's relationship with MoneyGram.
  14. XRP will at $5

    Without speculation, how would a market give value to something that is currently not used or not used as much as it could be, but could be incredibly useful in the future? Speculation is needed to an extent in any market, but I agree too much is not good either, so there has to be a balance. Not all stocks are worth what they should be either, so there is always a small amount of speculative value in most assets. Also, In a way, isn't all investing a little like gambling? People are betting that one company will out perform another, not a lot different than a horse race, just less risk, generally. Honestly, I know a lot of entrepreneurs, and they are some of the biggest gamblers I know. In the end everything is a balance between risk and reward.
  15. Ripple and MoneyGram (MERGED THREAD)

    http://ir.moneygram.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=1054088 MoneyGram's press release.