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  1. Interesting, and it seems they are working on being everywhere Ripple already has support...
  2. Jo Lang from IBM on why XLM over XRP

    They were probably hired because few people have "Blockchain Experience" on their resumes, and they were the only ones available, because nobody would hire them.
  3. XRP is really cheap vs BTC right now, good time to buy.
  4. I go back and forth over this myself, but if anything I think we'd probably be at the beginning of one. I don't think any crypto has really left the early adopter phase yet.
  5. I would say that's how this year started off, but now I notice a lot of people I know talking about it, and buying some. If they are buying, it's generally just Bitcoin, because they want exposure to the asset class in general. In my experience, most of them have come to it through CNBC, Forbes, etc, but I doubt a lot of them could explain Bitcoin in any detail. I agree that it is a long way from being mainstream, but it has come a long way this year, in my opinion.
  6. Have you ever wondered why he says that? In my opinion, he says it because what's good for BTC is good for XRP, at least in the short term. The spectacle of BTC attracts people to the crypto space in general, which in turn puts pressure on banks to adopt a new mindset, and maybe a new payment system to go along with it. When desperate times call for desperate measures they will find Ripple & XRP waiting. Not to mention, once people are holding BTC it becomes very easy to trade into XRP, and if that doesn't happen, eventually XRP can potentially be a bridge for BTC, just like everything else. So, in my view, I hope he keeps promoting BTC because once there is a substantial amount of people in this space then the two can compete out in the open, and I don't know anyone that likes to pay $4 transaction fees and wait 2 hours for settlement.
  7. I agree, it's interesting to think about what will happen to currency when you could possibly transact with any type of value. I don't know what will happen, but I'm guessing the government probably won't like it, unless they have a say in it.
  8. Is this Ripple and RAK bank??

    I really think those exchanges will be the key. They should give XRP more volume, and allow XRP to bridge more low liquidity Asian currency pairs, which is what will give XRP substantial utility.
  9. I'm as bullish as I have ever been. Lots of positive interest lately, will it translate into price movement? Only time will tell.
  10. New SBI Holdings Report is Very Positive for Ripple and XRP

    Sometimes that's good motivation to try and understand things more deeply.
  11. Ripple and XRP not what I (we?) thought

    I think a big part of it might just be that a lot of people are new to this tech, even though it has been around for some time already, and because it is relatively foreign to most people it can be intimidating, especially at first. I'm pretty new to all of this, and I hadn't started to consider a lot of the things you mentioned until the last few months. Most that have become aware of Ripple this year have only known it as a company that works with banks, owns billions of dollars worth of XRP (an asset that appreciated by 3000+% ytd), and was invested in by Google Ventures. When something is already that big it seems like there is little that you or I could do that would have any bearing on its future. Really, what got me thinking about other possibilities at all was when you posted a while back, and asked the question "what else could be done with XRP", or something along those lines. The problem I have is even after thinking about different things, I still have no idea where I'd even start, because it takes pretty specialized knowledge to do anything in this space, it seems . I guess what I'm saying is that most newcomers don't have the institutional kind of knowledge or sense of history that the veteran members have, and it's important that you share your point of view and wisdom, because we appreciate the perspective.
  12. Is Ripple working with MasterCard?

    Honestly, this video leaves me with more questions than it answers, like why does this guy have such an intense unibrow? If it is just their own private blockchain, than I guess we'll see who succeeds in the long run, a walled garden (from the video it sounds like a POC), or an open network. Luckily, it doesn't sound like they have the XRP secret sauce.
  13. Is Ripple working with MasterCard?

    Looks like somebody else is teaming up with Mastercard... Interesting... https://www.finextra.com/pressarticle/71356/western-union-teams-up-with-mastercard-for-debit-card-transfers Still speculation, but could be interesting...
  14. I think that is the question that is keeping some big money on the sidelines, at least for now.
  15. Stellar and IBM

    Yeah, and they are missing one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle too, the GPSG. Also, I think Ripple has some pretty good friends too...