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  1. It's up now. They knew about this so no need to panic.
  2. There was a post recently about a scam ripple wallet called xripplewallet.com Now it seems a new ripple site called ripplenet.io has turned up. I’m 99% sure it’s a scam and linked with xripplewallet as the privacy statement has a 98.1% likeness according to copyleaks: https://copyleaks.com/compare/two-documents/fc76ea5f-d7ba-451a-9ffa-32f1ab7c2be6 On top of that, a member of The Real Zerpbox Discord made an account. On the dashboard, it shows a BTC/USD chart: If anyone wants to look into this closer please feel free. If it’s concluded that they are scams, hopefully someo
  3. You’re already able to see the performace of validators on xrpcharts based on their agreement rate. But agreement rate just checks how often they agreed with Ripple UNL nodes. I agree with @Sukrim, if Ripple could come out and say that they’d like communities to setup validators and they’d consider adding them to the the UNL, I’d be jumping on it. It seems they only want companies to man this task, although I could be completely wrong. If Joel or someone who is working on decentralization outright say they’d consider community-run validators for the UNL, that would be amazing.
  4. Have you contacted Gatehub support about it?
  5. In Ripple’s case, Market cap does matter a little for liquidity. Mainly that’s volume but high price also means the ability to move higher amounts.
  6. You can't find BTC transaction IDs on the Ripple ledger. What is this lmao??
  7. I am curious on the powers of a regular validator. By regular validator I mean non recommend UNL validators. If I started up a validator node right now, could I: Participate in consensus? Like actually, not just check if my vote is the same as UNL vote. Vote to change fees Vote on amendments I just want to know how much we actually help as validators. Thanks for your time
  8. But you said: So if we take that statement and apply to all coins, that's what happens. Can't just exclude coins based on your opinion of "relevancy" when we are comparing market cap. I'm just trying to point out how circulating supply IS the real indication of market cap because of supply and demand as well. If 100b tokens were circulating on the market, the price most likely not be where it is at right now.
  9. If we go by total market supply though, we also get random coins like Valorbit, Solarcoin, and ATMCoin as well. So not sure how viable that is. https://gyazo.com/846be49d8ae568ba4ebffdbe835dfc5d
  10. @JackTheRipples definitely would take more than your average purchase but it seems people buy millions of XRP at a time just looking at their wallets.
  11. I think your getting it wrong at the actual process. From what information we can get right now, xRapid works like so: 1. Initiate transaction 2. Bank A (or Market Maker) purchases 100$ worth of XRP on exchange 3. XRP sent to Bank B 4. Bank B (or Market Maker) sells sells XRP for whatever it is in their native currency, let’s say EUR 5. Bank B then takes EUR and credits the customers account I think you’re getting discount from Ripple’s institutional sells. Those are for large companies or banks to purchase a large amount of XRP at a discount dire
  12. Brad confirmed that escrow will be done before 2017 is over at SWELL. This statement was recently reaffirmed by JoelKatz on his twitter page.
  13. Liquidity is definitely an issue and one that @miguel is working on. I wish their was some way to help, maybe if Ripple was more open about how they plan to solve liquidity issue then the community could pitch in a bit.
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