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  1. For the record there was a big run up in the lead up to Swell 2017 as well and then there was a massive dump commencing on day one of the conference. Tread wearily and don't be afraid to hold off on buying until after Swell is over.
  2. Oh man I'm glad to see a sentiment change in that people are planning for how to cash out ? To answer your question it depends on your country of residence and appropriate tax requirements, google should be able to provide several options for consideration.
  3. Uh March 2014 until October 2015 was a bear market. Not sure where you're pulling your figures from.
  4. A quick update on this, I believe we are now into the middle stages of the 'despair' phase so it's a good time to buy if you're bullish long term. Don't believe me? Look at all the negativity about at the moment and the fact that most posters (myself included) have been quiet recently. The zerp box is back to 48 hours of chat without having to click 'load more'
  5. I made two withdrawals on Sunday which were presumably processed on Monday. One arrived yesterday and the other arrived today!
  6. When people ask me why I purchased more XRP yesterday.
  7. Jumped in at 1.36, may have been a fraction early in hindsight.
  8. Looks like my chicken bone astrology was correct and correction happened as ripple slumps to $1.27. I’ve just bought a stack more and will now HODL until it bounces up again, whenever that may be.
  9. Agreed, there's no way to know where it's going to go. Best case scenario we get Amazon news tomorrow, it moons and everyone calls me an idiot. For the interim next couple weeks I don't see any major price upticks though, essentially saying now is a great buy time for those who are unsure of the correct entry point.
  10. Dec 28 South Korea promised to crackdown and Jan 11 they did. The latter had more effect than the former but both appear as blips on the relevant timescale chart. Agreed on both accounts but the average crypto 'enthusiast' currently has about 6 weeks of experience it seems at the moment judging by the big influx of new users on the board. The smart money realises the way things work and reacts accordingly, as most veteran users on here have.
  11. It's market sentiment as a whole, now that of one individual investor. If you have a long term outlook the day to day and week to week price differences make no difference and as such I don't panic dump during my 'fear' phase, instead I recognise it's a good buying opportunity. The market as a whole goes through panic dumping though, that's why it's called panic dumping.
  12. That's why it's a cyclical graph. ETH did exactly that, it hit $20, pulled back to $7, stagnated for a while and then went up again. All I'm saying is we're moving into the stagnation phase IMO. It will repeat again and XRP will go up beyond $3.20 this year, of that I have no doubt. Edit: Here's an ETH example where my prediction would have been wrong. It's only a one week dip before it rebounded again rather than a prolonged period like I'm forecasting.
  13. Exactly my mentality. I'll buy more on the dip at a discount and if I'm wrong my existing zerps will flourish.
  14. That's exactly what happed to Kodak, they went from $3.15 to $12.40 in less than 24 hours and now they're back to $9.15. It's entirely reasonable to think they'll drop back below $8 before they would increase to $12.40 again as it's cyclical. I do agree the announcement for Moneygram stopped the bleeding though and it would be lower currently if not for that announcement.
  15. Definitely not professing to be an expert, simply posting my opinion along with everyone else. Please assume that everything I post has been carefully crafted with crayon for all the weight my opinion holds. Still, it's good to have these things documented for my sake to be able to refer back to. I'll bump this thread again in 3 months (or you can) to see if my prediction was right or wrong that at least until the end of Feb ripple will not go above $2.30.
  16. I respectfully disagree, here's the impact that news had relative to the price. If the news played a bigger role (it may in the future) then it would look something like this:
  17. Probably an unpopular opinion but please keep in mind while I'm bearish short term I'm firmly bullish on XRP long term. Here's a well known graph on a bubble cycle: Ripple has done this several times before almost to a tee: At the moment XRP appears to be hitting the 'fear' phase: We can see the same thing has happened before many times with the crypto market cap as a whole: And appears to be entering the 'fear' phase again now: Again I'm firmly bullish on XRP in the long term, but for those chasing short or several month gains now would be a good time to consider rewinding that strategy a bit. I strongly suspect the very well established bubble cycle is going to work against you for a while. #xrpthestandard
  18. Boom, that's how you post multiple articles without spamming. Clear, succinct and easy to read. Good work!
  19. Colour me sceptical but looking at the very first group there's a user in there called 'Ash' who appears to be you. Especially given you've just signed up on here to promote your crappy group. To anyone interested DO NOT use P&D groups, the only people who make money off P&D groups are the people who start them. Everyone else acts as a buyer of the group leaders accumulated coin when they 'select' a new coin to P&D.
  20. Polo can take some time as they require a high number of confirmations for XRP before it shows up in your account. Allow another couple of hours before getting concerned.
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