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  1. All this and not a single mention of "liquidity"? "nostro/vostro?" Not even once? Time for you to do some research buddy! Here's a little hint from Pablo
  2. Despite how many times they appear on TV and try to look important, I don't think coinbase is relevant anymore. Just watch them slowly and painlessly fade away and disappear from people's memories.
  3. When someone starts or ends their argument with "I own a lot of XRP" or "This is not FUD", you know they are admitting they have no clue what they are talking about. I suggest everyone to simply disagree and move on. Don't waste your time trying to correct or provide accurate information.
  4. Pumps and dumps happen with or without hype videos and especially in a nascent market with high volatility. Marketing is everything; people hearing about Ripple and XRP regardless of the quality of content (as long as not malicious) is more important than having infrequent "quality" videos based on research that get no more than a few thousand views on youtube.
  5. Speculation videos are fine as long as they are not malicious and spread false information as if they are true. Hype videos often help more people hear and learn about the investment and anyone putting serious amount of money into any investment will do their own research anyway.
  6. wait, what happened to your hair?
  7. They are exceptionally good at buying high and selling low. They then try to justify their actions and find someone else to blame for their loss. They are never patient, they never learn to trade. It's all about creating a level playing field where XRP will dominate and be used as the global bridging asset. Using a traditional stock purely as an investment comparison, there are people who sold Amazon shares (and also short) when the stock price hit double digits decades ago. It's trading at $1,800 today. That's like XRP going from low $0.50's to nearly $100 in two decades. Most of you will bail out long before Internet of Value becomes reality so none of this will matter anyway. His statement is correct. Also, there's no point discussing the distribution of wealth. Money will always end right back at the top. https://brainlid.org/general/2017/11/28/price-law.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareto_principle Poor will always remain poor. If they have money, they will find ways to lose it all and go back to being poor. Need examples? Look no further than your local lottery winners.
  8. Even if demand increases, they are not required to sell all one billion every month. Actual available and circulating XRP will be a lot less than what most people use to calculate (whatever that is).
  9. Ouch, this will be the biggest mistake of your life. You can invest and own something without being consumed by it. There’s nothing wrong with selling for personal reasons (such as selling for profit or because you fear price might drop) but selling for the wrong reasons (some of the reasons you listed above) and then be proven wrong later will haunt you and make you regret. But most importantly, people should stop buying/selling and speculating on XRP solely based on what Ripple announces. They ARE separate. Eventually, there will be many big players using XRP in ways we can’t imagine today. XRP ledger is capable of doing so much more than what you seem to understand. What he said is 100% true and accurate. It’s not Simply put, haters are getting repetitive and becoming less creative day by day. As one of many participants in the XRP ecosystem, Ripple’s responses seem confident rather than arrogant. p.s. market orders are for noobs. please use limit orders next time!
  10. So the same person wrote about a settlement provider investing in R3 in May. Pretty sure R3 paid her off. https://uk.reuters.com/article/us-blockchain-banks/fx-settlement-provider-cls-invests-in-blockchain-consortium-r3-idUKKCN1IV2LO Even says "yes, I cover things like bitcoin" on her twitter https://twitter.com/annairrera/status/1006956499560747011
  11. Here's the link to the sub rules. Everything is outlined clearly. https://www.reddit.com/r/XRP/wiki/rules And this thread is pinned at the very top "XRP Subreddit Rules, Helpful Links & Answers to Common Questions - READ BEFORE POSTING" https://www.reddit.com/r/XRP/comments/7ofoak/xrp_subreddit_rules_helpful_links_answers_to/ Unfortunately for you, creating multiple accounts to evade temporary ban and insulting other users earned you a permanent ban from r/Ripple and r/XRP
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