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  1. You just generate the key on computer that will never connect to Internet afterwards.
  2. I think 1 Billion total is reasonable goal. People expect everything to happen instantly, but these things take time. xRapid is only live at USD, MXN and PHP corridors. Since xRapid launch late 2018, xRapid volume has been really low and only now after Moneygram announcement we are starting to see more significant volume going through. Also not too long ago xCurrent volume was around 1 billion / year https://www.reddit.com/r/Ripple/comments/8scil9/1_billion_over_xcurrent_in_past_year Its slow and incremental process, you can't just flip a switch and move all money though ripplenet, it does not work like that.
  3. Agreed, I think they want to take it safe as they don't want to go on full marketing mode immediately and then something goes wrong and everyone has a bad experience.
  4. Huge spike in volume right now actually. 600k XRP traded in last 2 hours. Compared to yesterday, where volume was less than 200k XRP whole day. Obviously these amounts are still low, but it seems to be increasing rapidly. Also compared to ETH/JPY and BTC/JPY, it seems XRP/JPY has had way more volume than those since launch.
  5. Because SBI owns stake of Ripple and their exchange is likely to support xRapid eventually if not from the beginning and this would open JPY/XRP corridor. Their exchange is probably going to have decent if not high volume and it's possible that SBI at some point will route all of their JPY <-> USD payments through XRP because there is good liquidity with both XRP/USD and XRP/JPY, so why not?
  6. I think Coil wants do same thing as Internet providers do, but for Web Monetization. I think they are just a bit early for this since there is no major platforms that support Web payments standard yet. Once all big players like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, etc... supports Web Payments standard, you can instead of subscribing to each of them, you just subscribe to Coil and you can see all the content. Other option is that you as consumer will setup your own wallet that will stream money to these platforms, which is fine (There is no money for Coil in this, because you can just send money yourself without 3rd party). Coil instead will provide you with an option to have static monthly fee, instead of streaming dynamically without knowing how much the total cost is going to be at the end of the month.
  7. I see your point, but I would suggest to just let people post them to get more activity here. If it ever becomes a problem that there is too many posts like these, deal with it then. For example just make a new category which is just for these type of posts.
  8. This ^ At certain price I will sell part of my stack and then hold rest until the next price target. (At least this is the plan, unless something unexpected happens) Maybe at some point XRP becomes so broadly adopted that it's safe to hold without much risk and volatility. That would be the dream.
  9. Either they are really clueless or they are stealing peoples money. My guess is latter.
  10. I don't think api.generateAddress(); will actually call any API over Internet. You might find this read interesting:
  11. Same thing on poloniex, there is this 600k xrp buy and sell wall on xrp/btc. It has been there like couple of months at least, likely longer.
  12. It seems last step of XRP decentralization is to have 3rd party recommended UNL lists: Once that is done, XRP is going to be fully decentralized. source: https://xrphodor.wordpress.com/2018/03/16/2018-xrp-ledgers-year-of-decentralization/
  13. I believe WietseWind did fetch the whole history. I believe he might have public api for that too. You should probably ask him, but my guess it that you can't speed it up. I guess the limiting factor is that only few nodes exists with full history.
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