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  1. It does not look like it wants to break
  2. trading between exchanges

    One thing when you can not prove origin of coins, than your account can be closed to prevent ML, other when you do a trade. Do not believe anything that is written on the wall, see terms and conditions, contact customer support.
  3. Go and stay this is what important
  4. 0.69 EUR cents touched! Chuh CHuh
  5. Shall see, either bear trap or other yet pre-ATH, acceleration
  6. I've got! But was just me very sleep, Kraken with it unreliable order placement, than again me checking things and just by acceident all good. I try to sell only because of Arbitrage, not because I wanted...
  7. going 0.686 and above will make a new ATH!
  8. 1 minute later it broken!
  9. If we break 0.655 EUR c, than we go awesome!
  10. trading between exchanges

    Do not listen this FUDster, there is no rule on that, more money you move more fees you pay, more happy they are
  11. trading between exchanges

    Where it said on Bitstamp that arbitrage is forbidden? Where is and edge of volatility and arbitrage?
  12. Or it just another leg down down
  13. Trust me or not these people are not making market, so relax
  14. Somehow managed to sell a bit XRP @0.7 EUR, as usually Kraken told be nothing happened. If I just would knew, I would buy back @ 0.5, but anyway buy back @0.62 is better than @0.75 Next hours are critical