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  1. Whatever security or not, it does not matter, with DEX and other countries and considering the share of XRP trades in US is small, the price impact will be speculative. I think @RDS covered pretty much. @Sebastian provided some very bad path, though not sure how it impact XRP? It is drcentralised and in hands of community. But well, it will take years to come to drcision andnput people in prisons and etc. So again @RDS post covered it much. Question will be, what Ripple will do with their 55B XRP? I guess they will pass keys to SBI Asia. So, no matter what SEC will rule, XRP is decentralised and if Ripple will stop exist because of US, it will find its recarnation in South Korea/Japan and will continue.
  2. Wake up, it just beginning we going to 2k satoshi
  3. vsyc

    SEC Responded to me

    Or default to security, as it easier!
  4. vsyc

    SEC Responded to me

    Ripple since ever works with regulators/lawyers/etc so that point is covered, if they still did not fill anything to SEC it means they strategy and people that will be representimg them and their interest. Now everyone can speculate further...
  5. Lets bet that this one will not get 10 pages? @SuperTronk will you join me in my thread? As @Jugular is more like a rabit, scared a hell.
  6. I still waiting your invaluable input in my bespoke SBI age restriction thread. Hope to read you soon!
  7. vsyc

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Its happening, again, BTC grows and drags all thongs up, but than everything goes down, not BTC. XRP will soon cost 3k satoshi and downwards, any thoughts where it will stop?
  8. I have a bad news for you, you will never get to the point of seeking solice. All these articles oriented on short term investors, or those people that @2.00 will ask why XRP grows, @5.00 will start transfer funds to ❤Coinbase❤ will buy at @12, because it takes time to settle and they do not use xRapid, and we know that short living happiness of profit will take @15, but noone sell, expecting x10 folds, unfortunatelly correction will put it back to 10 and down to 3-2.
  9. vsyc

    DCG 0% Allocation of XRP

    DCG not working for Ripple anymore?
  10. Well, teenagers have access to their parents funds, Marketing 101, I was writing before.
  11. But, but there are 1.2 million wallets 😕 500 is even not 0.1% of that. And also, it proves what age is ignored to become prosperous...
  12. @SuperTronk I need a huge level of you expertise here!