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  1. Vitalik is very rational and 100% respects Ripple, though ETH was used wrongly in beginning and had bugs, it still stays disruptive. And I 100% sure that Vitalik sees world whete XRP and ETH coexists, and Codius is a very legit rival. @BobWay correct me if I wrong.
  2. Worth of separate post "Likebait in nutshell. Zerpenning inforgasm". Lol
  3. Ripple Employees is like second coming, especially when they start shed light on internals (due to low communication with community). They have to be very carefull as they represent a company therefore their responses are weighted and high quality. Also they have different colour on name and we all know them. So as you see observation is winning, when I see blue JoelKatz ot nikb or any blue coloured name I ignore count, I just read. Also there is a Platinum badge, but its distribution strugles and colour very easy confuse with silver. It would be interesting if you could exclude reputation gathered in zerpenning posts/club. Would love to see real picture. For instance, there Technical section in this forum, most participants there have low reputation but their knoweledge and quality post is much higher. Probably its all relative.
  4. I knew that Likebaiting will become a science one day! I do not look at Reputation at all, as most reputation was gathered on trolling and fooling in Zerpenning. So, RPP is devalued completely. No need complicated diagrams and data mining, simple old observation is enough. There are a lot of old members with low RRP and there are a top10 zerpenning goldie club, that got their most RPPs in first 1-2 months. Comclusion: RPP is useless.
  5. Bob, there will be 0 panic. There are planty examples of when founders/developers/media people were selling their holdings, it happens in crypto, it happens in stock market. When first spike happened back in March/April 2017 I sold as well at 0.29 I think I have posted that on bitcointalk as well. But I appreciate that you take care to land people softly on your targets and on your past sellings.
  6. @Tinyaccount tried to played sheriff again and this time it went wrong, which usually happens when somebody proclaims himself sheriff. Blog is about Bob, not about "who, why and under what circumstances" requested prove of identity. To ask to standout or describe "someone" differently, just because it rephrased to provide proof of identity in a way saying "I trust, but you know, they will ask" is awkward. So yes, I agree with @Hodor once you asked to provide proof of identity you de facto become sceptic, like it or not, no matter what strings atrached or t&c you had. And moreover, its absolutely normal. Moreover whatever you have: transaction, ama, photos etc. The one who has itention to say story about "Bob is not real" will find its way.
  7. Thank you @BobWay for telling story of how it started. You like to keep people thrilled with "To Be Continue...". Thing is that I personally prefer numbers, I need something that I can estimate, that I can measure. We are here not at the beginning of the journey, we all saw and felt pretty much enough to say to ourselves "I sell X at Y". Moreover, saying that "I am here long" looks more indecisive than "My target is X". Thank you @Flintstone for numbers, will hope you get there. Me personally will start selling at 1.20 USD, this is my bet, of around 10%. @BobWay if you have not yet set price, than I am your Arthur asking "Will you feel bad missing bull market because you had no goal for price?" Or you can just say "I will not tell you that".
  8. Hello @BobWay I know that you getting just euphoretic amount of attention, and my question gets lost in myriad of notifications, but our salty tribe is still believe that you will shed a light on our question that yoi can find here: Very much appreciated.
  9. vsyc

    Proposed Badge: Salty

    No. Talk is not about impressions, irs about badges!
  10. vsyc

    Proposed Badge: Salty

    Can we get one?
  11. Lets pray tribe to Bull god!!! I feel it near.... smells like sh*t....
  12. Hello @BobWay, I am one of salty members of ZerpBox, we always try to stick to the facts and details, and assume worse or different rather than shiny and positive. You wrote a lot of about your goals on XRP and shares, where you say you long and etc. But this is very blured and not concrete, would you be able tell your price (using numbers) when you think that this is a good to you to start selling from. Thank you.
  13. If XRP symbol has to be elected/chosen by consensus, than there should be place where the assets (images) will be located e.g. rippled github. I could not see any purely XRP based group that would host a website and would represent XRP and etc. All that done only by Ripple.
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