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  1. Metamask is one of Lubins spokes, how do y'all feel about using that for flair? anyone see any danger there?
  2. It was compliance officer, Antoinette O’Gorman revealed for the first time in the lawsuit, in her deposition of 4th August, as in my post above yours.
  3. I think someone said that the filing states it was a female compliance officers deposition, not jed
  4. the aliens have been & gone, saw a waste of space populated with a load of dinosaurs, so they annihilated them all and left: almost all, as a small number of dinosaurs remained that still roam Earth masquerading as regulators, governors & bankers desperately clinging on to their existence. This means that if they were that intelligent, they were thus more advanced & have already been here done that made the films and left us the tshirts.
  5. I was referring to this para, Unhosted Wallets: Commonly used private wallets are called: “unhosted wallets.” As mentioned, the FATF suggests denying licensing VASPs “if they allow transactions to/from non-obliged entities (i.e., private / unhosted wallets).”
  6. and if they deal with cold offline paper wallets they will be de-registered? so, where do you cash out?
  7. @KarmaCoverage, thanks. That's what I thought. For those that were unfortunate and missed the airdrop, the only way in now & to qualify for the FlareFinance DFLR Airdrop, is to trade/buy FLR on the exchanges, (before the FlareFinance snapshot) iou's pre-launch, on bitrue & poloniex (risky/expensive?) Real FLR after launch on one of the 50 odd listed exchanges. Is this correct now? Hope this helps if you missed out.
  8. @Seoulite Does this mean anyone who missed the airdrop will not be able to get FXRP to claim the flair finance airdrop?
  9. @Shmoe You have missed the airdrop unfortunately, BUT If I have it right, You will be able to convert XRP to FXRP via an agent (flare foundation to start with) and then be able to take part in all the flare benefits and revenues, and also all the flare finance products. You will be able to convert fxrp back to xrp 1for1 if you wish to take your xrp back. IIRC I may be wrong, BUT you may not be able to wrap into FXRP in the first 4weeks, SO you would also miss out on the flare finance airdrop also. Unless you purchase or exchange XRP for spark on the exchange within the first 4 weeks after launch. someone please correct me if I have this wrong.
  10. are these tokens registered as securities? a twitter campaign & your domain is toast, musk wont be a customer
  11. In the early days Ripple were giving them away to forum members to prime the liquidity, those forum members "paid it forward" do you remember that phrase, that's how I came by my first XRP, then computing for good, then given the xrpl and exchanges, the XRP started to get a value on the market. I subsequently paid it forward just like I should, after I had gained through trading on the XRPL. Thus My investment was ZERO non existent, along with many other early participants, and I was late to the party so I was too late to get the initial free giveaway from ripple direct. Once that value became significant, giving it away became a problem, unfair practices ruined that. i
  12. @at3n @brianwalden from codius.org does this throw any light on the subject?
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