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  1. completely ignores the digital space
  2. yes, that,s how that works, you have the wallet keys to your organisations wallet that holds all the members funds, thats the wallet (address plus the destination tag) that users pay/or get paid into. and you then organise the users accounts on your own database, on your end, for the various users balances. A unique destination tag identifies each individuals account and balance on your database.. you then also need to have your own user interface for users to see their funds and make transactions & withdrawals from your wallet, and comply with regulations
  3. It is not you that pays or loses the reserve, the reserve is payed by whoever activates the wallet, that could be you if you activate the wallet by sending 20xrp to it, or more likely the user will create the wallet keypairs. and then ask someone (maybe you) or maybe an exchange to send a minimum of 20 preferably 25 or more xrp to the wallet address they created. Or you may offer one wallet for your community with many members, with a destination tag for each member, This is complicated, comes with responsibilities, and liabilities, and means you should be doing more i
  4. at present a wallet can be closed once all trustlines have been removed/settled, zero balance both ways, thus, leaving the wallet reserve of 20xrp, upon wallet closure 15xrp can be transfered to another wallet but not to an exchange, so the final amount lost will be just 5 xrp. if you dont have another wallet to transfer your xrp to then you cannot receive the last 15 xrp.
  5. yes, 20xrp wallet reserve plus for anyone using the token, 5xrp reserve for the trustline to the issuer of that token, so minimum reserve would be 25xrp reserve, locked, while / if only using that one iou/token. 5xrp reserve for each additional token accepted in the wallet. does this help
  6. xrp not even mentioned on coinbase employees punting list
  7. About the Office ยป The Office of Inspector General (OIG) is an independent office within the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC or Commission) that conducts, supervises, and coordinates audits and investigations of the programs and operations of the SEC. The mission of the Office of Inspector General is to promote the integrity, efficiency, and effectiveness of the critical programs and operations of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Learn more about the Office of Inspector General https://www.sec.gov/oig/Article/inspector_general_about.html
  8. in flare it could maybe made useful as far as its userbase gets involved, just as it brings utility to xrp, litecoin, yes?
  9. i'm not posting 47 pages of what I see in here the link title tells you what's in it and its relevance if you have any interest in looking . i've posted the link, & that is all I am prepared to say about the document and any implications in here, just being prudent no offence
  10. https://online.wsj.com/public/resources/documents/ClaytonDisclosure03-08-2017.pdf now you see it
  11. flare will give doge some prospect of innovative defi between its userbase that it dosn't have currently, may be he ywill overtake xrp
  12. the very last 15xrp, I'm afraid you have to suffer that, as that's the price or cost of opening & activating an account on the XRPl edger, mission accomplished, helps stops the bloat of frivolously creating wallets. Especially now its worth something. I did see a tweet where DS said if the upper price continues he may propose the reduction of wallet reserve from 20 to 10 and asset/trustlines etc from 5 to 2. I don't have the link sorry
  13. https://www.pymnts.com/news/regulation/2021/german-prosecutors-to-investigate-bafin-over-wirecard-scandal/ relative to above, I know its not Ripple & it's in Germany, but this may catch on in US, that they/(gov't regulatory agencies) can face criminal investigations and charges, including the individuals involved, ie- for instance employees trading the said assets, & whatever else they uncover.
  14. Ripple executives will not be required to hand over financial statements https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/ripple-bags-another-victory-in-legal-battle-over-cryptocurrency-xrp
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