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  1. Indeed. I heard from some folks it could take as long as 2 months before my deposit makes it to the bank... I highly recommend using another exchange. Bitstamp is like the next mt gox. Read the sub Reddit form on bitstamp, nothing but mad people
  2. Further update. Just received this from their support. Aparantley I need further kyc process to even get my own money! MIHA VAHČIČ3 HOURS, 40 MINUTES Dear Kevin, Thank you for using Bitstamp. Please note that your latest transaction will be processed as soon as possible and you will be notified via email once processing is concluded. In order to help us better understand the nature of your relationship with Bitstamp we require that an additional KYC (know your customer) procedure is completed so we can proceed with processing your future transactions. We kindly ask you to answer
  3. Hi, no odd questions from anyone. I just realized on the "withdrawl request" section it still says that my withdrawl is still "in process", however my last withdrawl request stated "finished" within 1 business day. Now it's almost the 6th business day and I do not believe they have even sent the money yet...
  4. Hi, still waiting on the wire. I've resent it through my my bank this time instead of the intermediary bank. This would be the 4th business day.
  5. So a bit of an update today. Got an email from bitstamp saying the money was re-deposited into my bitstamp account. Costed over 200 USD for that mess up. I have a reason to believe I should just wire to my bank instead of the intermediary bank. Anyone from Canada have any experience with bitstamp?
  6. So due to an emergency I had to dilute some of my XRP. I live in Canada and I use the bitstamp exchange. This is the first time I've withdrew from bitstamp. About a week ago, or 6 business days ago, I withdrew to my bank account via international wire transfer and I had go go through an intermediary bank in the states. They said it should only take 5 business days to have the wire transfered, but I'm already on day 6 and no response back from bitstamp support. Anyone else went through the same issue before?
  7. Asians are known for their higher risk taking. Plus, with the exchange being in a foreign country, I don't think we'd see the same type of hype around here as we would there. I'm sure they've advertised it well beforehand. I think it'll be a bigger deal then it is after it launches for a few days
  8. I've noticed in the past few days there's always a sell off before I head to bed at around 2am MDT time, buys during my sleep around 5am MDT time and big buys during 5pm MDT time. Except for today which a big sell off happened at around 6am MDT time
  9. Don't forget anything can happen in crypto land
  10. Don't make any accusations quite yet... what if he was right
  11. If Amazon partners with ripple I will tattoo the fidget spinner logo of theirs on me
  12. Just mad cause he didn't buy xrp in time for the rise ???. Go next time slow poke
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