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  1. After reading this article...the dealer won. Trust me
  2. now im confused lol? Do they actually know what they bought? @MemberBerry @princesultan @hallwaymonitor
  3. Facebook is going to build an stablecoin and there are a lot of reasons using XRP ledger in which they can introduce an IOU. This can result in an increased XRP and FB coin requirement why they may biulding an office in one of the importest financial countries within a month. so yes and this:
  4. Proof: https://www.shab.ch/shabforms/servlet/Search?EID=7&DOCID=HR01-1004643522 this can have a connection to https://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-libra-networks-fintech-company-switzerland-2019-5?r=US&IR=T
  5. looks like a foot in the door for me. We also don't know if EP owns some XRP and Visa holds now indirectly
  6. In my openium this news are the next step after ''increaseing XRP liquidity and strengthen the overall health of XRP markets'' If we look at the XRP supply we're going closer to the 51% of supply by Ripple escrow. How many XRPs they want to distribute and where is the point of going into ''balance phase''. For me this looks like the next step in this direction. Great news
  7. @EcneitapLatnem need a hug? Let me hodl you
  8. @musclehog Depence on the price The socialmedia part of crypto increased so (too) much. There is almost no room for higher content, idealism and spirit. That worries me a lot more as the XRP price.
  9. @BarryPotter Exactly and if the history repeats from 2017 XRP gonna perform as the very last coin but best. This 0.30 reminds me at the 0.006. I've already survived that once.
  10. @BarryPotter Because cryptomarket isn't rational your feelings shut be also not. If you exclude the price what do you see?
  11. hmmm i'm fine with the hardware wallets. I mean we all know that everything can get hacket but it still looks like if the robber don't have or had phisical access to the device you're safe.
  12. ok so maybe we make the right people aware of it. Would love to see this tool working again. thx @mDuo13@nikb
  13. Just took notice of an dysfunctionaity of the Accounts section on the XRPcharts site All the Informations and the graph is missing in my browser. https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/accounts someone else has the problem too?
  14. btw i love how the forum contend is changing by pumps. Let the positive energy floating
  15. I check the actual TPS time to time. This is the XRapid indicator in my openium: https://ripple.com/xrp/market-performance/ In the near past it it's mostly 4-6tps. During december/january we saw to 17tps sometimes above 20tps. If some companys would use the XRPL i think we shut see a lot more tps and a lot more unbalanced during the day. If we have an tps above 20tps outside an big price movement or high tradingvolume i think it can be an indicator of an commercial usage of XRapid. But i would love to see tps 100 or more. this what XRPL is made for.
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