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  1. hmmm i'm fine with the hardware wallets. I mean we all know that everything can get hacket but it still looks like if the robber don't have or had phisical access to the device you're safe.
  2. ok so maybe we make the right people aware of it. Would love to see this tool working again. thx @mDuo13@nikb
  3. Just took notice of an dysfunctionaity of the Accounts section on the XRPcharts site All the Informations and the graph is missing in my browser. https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/accounts someone else has the problem too?
  4. btw i love how the forum contend is changing by pumps. Let the positive energy floating
  5. I check the actual TPS time to time. This is the XRapid indicator in my openium: https://ripple.com/xrp/market-performance/ In the near past it it's mostly 4-6tps. During december/january we saw to 17tps sometimes above 20tps. If some companys would use the XRPL i think we shut see a lot more tps and a lot more unbalanced during the day. If we have an tps above 20tps outside an big price movement or high tradingvolume i think it can be an indicator of an commercial usage of XRapid. But i would love to see tps 100 or more. this what XRPL is made for.
  6. I think this blockchain-powered payment app gonna use ILP for sure. But: There is our use case for XRP
  7. I don't have any problems this time. Set up worked well fo me. Just hope they gonna add erc20 tokens in the future.
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