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  1. There is some miss understanding: We allways dumped with good news
  2. Hi Fred Looks like you're new in this space. I would recommend that you acquire some basic knowledge about crypto because if you move your funds away from exchanges and don't know what you actually doing is very very ver risky! Over the years there have been quite a few here who have lost their funds in different ways. 1. Your XRP's are now at wallet on coinbase if you want to move them somewhere you need another wallet (If i understand right you don't want to store the XRP on your own and you want to trade it somewhere awailable) 1.1 in this case ou first needto find another ex
  3. Lykke? never heard about that and i'm native. Also why shut a swiss exchange delist XRP? Law is very clear in this country. Marketing Trap
  4. Short Version: SEC..........SEC..........SEC......
  5. AnchorUSD? never heard of it sorry
  6. This was useful in the past but it's dead? https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/accounts
  7. Hello Sanjay and welcome to XRP Chat The company has got a lot of options to solfe this problem if they lose the legal action. Burning XRP is just one of them. There is also the option to distribute the remeining XRP in escrow to the existing accounts. It is also not clear what gonna happend to XRPL if Ripple would lose the lions share of XRP. The fact is that these are difficult times for XRP, but they are interesting and will teach us a lot about economics, money and power. The frustration is very high, especially while BTC is flying to the moon. I'm in XRP since 2014 or something
  8. Ripple and Coinbase getting friends? Wild West still isn't over yet
  9. At least there is finally an answer to the big question. The only hope is that there will be clarity as soon as possible. Otherwise it will delay progres for years. But 600 Millions ... WTF After 6 years of XRP and Ripple this is a hard blow for me. After this crisis I will sell my last positions. Not because it's a bad investment for me but 600 million ...... sorry no. All the discusions and people fighting ''fud'' Brad and Larsen how could you be responsible for that?
  10. They've got SSL/TLS certificate issues. Pretty embarrassing or scam.
  11. Kraken and Bitstamp always worked well for me. Since 2018 Kraken has no issues with ddos anymore. But Sometimes i miss the attacks while XRP was performing wild wild west
  12. After reading this article...the dealer won. Trust me
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