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  1. DarthTrader

    New validator added to the recommended UNL list

    We need 3 more to get 50/50
  2. I think this blockchain-powered payment app gonna use ILP for sure. But: There is our use case for XRP
  3. DarthTrader

    Michael Arrington Interview In Korea

    omg his dead black eyes
  4. DarthTrader

    Ledger Live

    I don't have any problems this time. Set up worked well fo me. Just hope they gonna add erc20 tokens in the future.
  5. DarthTrader

    Ledger Live

    Loooks very nice! 😎
  6. DarthTrader


    In my opnium it isn't about the exchange who's going live. More about the infrastructure Japan needs for their big crypto projects. The Investors may follow. If we want XRP to sucess we need to focus on the ecosystem and not just new exchanges. We just need them for liquidity.
  7. DarthTrader

    XRP to Bitstamp deposit method

    You need to connect your Adress to an Wallet (you need the secred key) Wallets: https://www.xrpchat.com/links/category/6-wallets-and-storage/ If you found a wallet and connected it to your secred key, you can send the XRPs from the wallet to bitstamp. edit: I think the easiest way is the online Wallet here: https://www.theworldexchange.net/ But i never tried it by mysef 😎
  8. DarthTrader

    What is blockchain in ripplenet?

    Hi @whitecat97 Xcurrent is using the Interledger protocol https://interledger.org/ XRapid is using the XRPledger (Blockchain) (so it needs XRP) Xvia can use XRP it depense on the user (Tool) To anwser your question i think this link can help you: https://www.enterprisetimes.co.uk/2017/11/23/choosing-between-blockchain-or-ilp/
  9. DarthTrader

    XYO Network

    too many tokens out there 🙄
  10. DarthTrader

    I have a good feeling...

    thx @woodaldoto point out the real importement stuff 😎 I don't expect an big run by lunch but it will prepare it. Some of us zerpers need to think much further as the price today or next week. It's about the Internet of value! ...and we all are part of it. What we need is time (lol maybe this is the 1000ds time i post this sentence since 2014)
  11. Would be nice if it finally happend.... 👨‍🚀
  12. DarthTrader

    2018. The turn of the tide.

    I don't care on price anymore The way Ripple is going is very impressive and It's great to experience with it since 2014. XRP was my first investement in my life and I really could not imagine what an adventure it started. 2018 is allready huge for us. If it's copared by price or not i don't care anymore. Time will do it this is one thing i learned
  13. This are very good news! ✔️
  14. Nice that they quote @XRPTrump 😎 He's doing a great job
  15. DarthTrader

    This is Normal?

    The users have got an trustline to the exchange not the exchange to the users. All the adresses you can see settle up the trustline BRL of an amount they trust ✔️