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  1. It feels very chaotic and dubious. My expectations of FF are suffering right now.
  2. Contract String: 0x72D932019AE098A6368E6676E16169D112E7720A
  3. Palau has a population of 18,000. They look like they want tourists again.
  4. Agree it's a super nice community, but investement decisions shut be decided by an factual level and not relationship level in my openium. Trust me bro...
  5. Buy it if you think it's worth it. But don't listen to any buying recommendations in a forum. Anyone who already owns something will recommend a purchase to make themselves richer. Decisions are simple: Yes/No regards
  6. If i want to change the FTSO, when shut i make it? I'm earning reward now. Do i lose the rewards if i change by friday?
  7. Thx. Feels like i did something wrong. My rewards are 0.002% I did the wrapping on last sunday.
  8. How much are the rewards in % of the total wrapped SGBs?
  9. @Mercury can you please join the discussion? There're some shady things happened to your nice project and we're interesstet how the thief got the secred keys. Maybe we learn from this how we can protect ourselves better.
  10. This seems to be the original one. Website is still active (https://mercurymint.store/). If think the tustline and gatehub is the weak spot.
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