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  1. Buy it if you think it's worth it. But don't listen to any buying recommendations in a forum. Anyone who already owns something will recommend a purchase to make themselves richer. Decisions are simple: Yes/No regards
  2. If i want to change the FTSO, when shut i make it? I'm earning reward now. Do i lose the rewards if i change by friday?
  3. Thx. Feels like i did something wrong. My rewards are 0.002% I did the wrapping on last sunday.
  4. How much are the rewards in % of the total wrapped SGBs?
  5. @Mercury can you please join the discussion? There're some shady things happened to your nice project and we're interesstet how the thief got the secred keys. Maybe we learn from this how we can protect ourselves better.
  6. This seems to be the original one. Website is still active (https://mercurymint.store/). If think the tustline and gatehub is the weak spot.
  7. Thanks for the input. Just did that. All the hacks worry me.
  8. Coin laundering through https://simpleswap.io/
  9. There is some miss understanding: We allways dumped with good news
  10. Hi Fred Looks like you're new in this space. I would recommend that you acquire some basic knowledge about crypto because if you move your funds away from exchanges and don't know what you actually doing is very very ver risky! Over the years there have been quite a few here who have lost their funds in different ways. 1. Your XRP's are now at wallet on coinbase if you want to move them somewhere you need another wallet (If i understand right you don't want to store the XRP on your own and you want to trade it somewhere awailable) 1.1 in this case ou first needto find another exchange where's traing possible for US (because of the sec lawsuite there are not much at this time) 2. If you found a new exchange search for ''deposit funds'' and then there shut be an ''deposit XRP adress and sometimes a destination tag''. 3. send the XRP from coinbase to the new exchange Usually there is an instruction on every exhange on how to proceed. Be warned to take every step carefully. As I said, many have already lost their money. If you have concerns, keep your hands off it and always read the subject first. And be warned of scamers
  11. Lykke? never heard about that and i'm native. Also why shut a swiss exchange delist XRP? Law is very clear in this country. Marketing Trap
  12. Short Version: SEC..........SEC..........SEC......
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