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  1. I was going to start calling him Baghdad Bob II if he was still around. Back in 2017, I thought his blog would end up either an important part of the historical record of a revolution in money or an eventual page 404 error. I'm betting on page 404 error now. He could get you going with his optimism though. I'll give him that.
  2. Sounds like they've become gamblers. What if XRP gets deemed a security and the Feds take an exception to unregulated offshore crypto flow? I just got finished filing all the FinCEN garbage. It became clear to me the government doesn't like large sums of money flowing in or out of the US they don't know about, period. Coinbase better watch what they are doing, or it may be bye, bye soon.
  3. How did they do this without an SEC decision? Does Coinbase know something we don't?
  4. Best article I've read in a while and an absolute negation of the no-banks trolls over the past couple years. Once this starts seriously improving the bottom line at Exim, how can other banks not jump on board?
  5. Yeah, these smaller fish definitely don't do anything that's expected. I can't think of anybody who's been rewarded for logic in crypto yet. I think this news is going to produce a rise sometime this year, though. It's silly to think it will happen right after a news release in a market without mature players like it would with stocks.
  6. I think puffy pink cat dude got wrecked on ETH though. He never would have predicted his hero, Vitalik, would succumb to a zerpening.
  7. Not me, but that puffy pink cat dude that posted on here looks like he'll be right, at least for this year
  8. All those long-banned $0.30 EOY dudes are probably having a good laugh about now.
  9. I like the contrarian contests. I already know what Hodor and Chewiecoin and that Chicken dude are going to say-- XRP is going to be the standard, going to be huge, blah, blah, blah. I learn more when they are replying to an intelligent contrarian, and it is a lot more entertaining.
  10. Happens with all assets. Price starts going up, detractors (usually selfishly) come out and say it's unjustified. I don't listen to anyone anymore. I just buy my ticket and take the ride.
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