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  1. You know what ? I am passing a year of loss in investment to cryptocurrencies. First, I got 4x with Ripple investment until June when I bet my XRPs in Margin trading and lost 80% of that due to my stupid mistake. I wait for XRP to come back a mega-pump as it got in May 2017. I saw other altcoins rising. I invested to them. But impatience just made me loose. Not regarding ETH and XRP, Stellar Lumens, Dogecoin, Bitshares, CLAMS, and Litecoin on Poloniex all got their time of pumping and dumping. The timeframe to play with them was Daily chart. And I told myself that I had to wait. However, I could not wait anymore. Finally, last week, I converted them all to XRP. - Bitshares: I bought this unlucky coin when it was 2400 satoshi in July. After a few days, suddently it was delisted on Bittrex and the price dropped to 750 satoshi. I followed it until it was 1200s satoshi last week. I sold it all. And this week, it jumped to 1600 satoshi. - Dogecoin: it was 30 satoshi when I bought it with near 0.5 btc in August. Then it did not come back that "bottom" in my expectation. I waited for 4 months until I sold it last week for 18 satoshi per Doge. SMA-50 headed to be crossed by EMA-30 on daily chart but it is a "dead coin'' so I did not spent my time with it. I waited for 4 months, and then it came back this week: gaining 66% increase. - Stellar Lumens: I could get it much when it jumped after IBM adopted XLM to their business. But I sold it when it reached 550 satoshi before it could reach 750 satoshi in October. - CLAMS got a crazy drop, almost a vertical drop in September. And I could not wait until it recovered. All above these, BTC price continuously rised and it strengthen my belief that the altcoins could not recover. I was wrong. When BTC get consolidation in its high, it is always the time altcoins rise up. In conclusion, all cryptocurrencies go together. What I am telling you here is my pain due to my impatience in investment. 99% patience is still nothing when you could not wait for the remaining 1%. I know and I tell myself strongly that my loss in investment finally could be recovered. I waited for months and then I stopped hodling just 1 week before I could finally got the fruit. I do not want to repeat this mistake with XRP. That is my best and my most powerful faith in my mind until now. One day soon or later, XRP will skyrocket and I do not want to miss that train. I wish we would not sell XRP just before we see it fly to the moon Soon or later, surely XRP will do it. So all of us have to wait. Do not get disappointed. Several events have not come: escrow, banks ...
  2. I wish to predict the story as this SWELL is for Ripple persuades the world to use their cross-border currency transfer protocol. SWELL is sure not for XRP. As a global giant company in the future, Ripple Lab is not stupid to run a big conference just as a kind of propaganda for their coin XRP. That is the thought of ordinary people everywhere. That is the mind of ICO-men. However, XRP is now the biggest property of Ripple. And the end of the year is coming soon. Tomorrow, near the end of the conference, Ripple may announce officially about the procedure of locking 55 bil XRPs in escrow. That is when the rally comes finally. So buy now before it is too late. Even if the rally does not come, you are still buying cheap XRP due to the disapointment of ICO-minded men about SWELL. They have not seen anything related with their dream of XRP, therefore, the price dropped lower than the value it should be. I converted all my coins to XRP this time.
  3. I was wrong. My ZRX investment was only positive for a half of day. Since then, it dropped to only 1/3 of what I invested
  4. There is a strange problem happening on my PC. I copied my Poloniex wallet address: 1HDn....H4Jb7 (I have to type it now instead of pasting) But then I pasted, it turned to be : 1HY6v4N6Rd4FggMpYgjKq7dNqgFVUFUge7 (some starting and ending characters look the similar but the middle is totally different). It will not happens for other copy and paste content, but only with wallet address (any coin) Why can this happen ? My PC is running an expensive anti-virus software and this PC is only for my cryptocoin trading. I am really surprised ! Could you give me some hints or ideas ? Thank you very much.
  5. Bitcoin price recovered back to 4000 from 3000. But since then, almost altcoin/BTC pair price did not go up together ? They went down when BTC price decrease but they did not come back. In the other words, altcoins this time dip faster than btc and did not recover back to their previous high. What is happening ? I cannot answer it myself.
  6. Ironically, that is bad for you. It seems that BTC just went up for a while 1-2 weeks before it will go downtrend more to a lower support of 1800 USD. I have calculated the Wynckoff chart. It is quite possible.
  7. They are building another to another selling walls. Each time a wall dissappears, price spikes for a while then turns back. Are they testing us or making the community confused and got to their plan ? I suppose that the whales want to keep people sell XRP at prices lower than the price they build the wall. They collect as many cheap XRPs as possible before the price skyrockets. It means there must a rally very soon. If you want to sell because you are afriad that in a near future, XRP price cannot get beyond the wall, that is exactly what they want you to do. They buy, you sell. Believe my suppose as I am doing now ! Buy XRP. This is the right time. XRP also cannot go down anymore. Look at the daily chart, it has finished a long downtrend. This is the time XRP starts a new uptrend. Go to the moon ! $1,0 at least by the end of 2017. Cheers !
  8. Yes, that is safe when you are not sure what to do In my experiences, anything new on an exchange always makes bubble and you can grab quickly some profit beside the whales, as long as you can control your greedy feeling.
  9. For 1 day chart, XRP is still riding a smooth slope downtrend.
  10. Surely I will hold XRP to the day it reaches at least $1. However, it seems I wasted so many chances to make profit. XRP just goes on a downtrend without any promise to recover yet, despite our belief and expectation. I was very patient. And I told myself that patience must make me rewarded. But the fact is that we waited for XRP day too long. BCH, 0x (ZRX), and so many other coins got their days. Only we XRP are still here, conservative and stubborn. About 2 days ago, I decided that I would say good bye to XRP for a while. I exchanged XRP for BTC and then BCH. When BCH reached $900, I sold it out to earn more than 200% profit. Then yesterday, 0x (ZRX) was newly listed on Poloniex. I quickly studied about that token project. I told myself, ok, it seemed good. That time, the price was 0.000095 0BTC but the gamble was worthy. Hours after that, it turned to be 0.0001400 BTC. Amazing ! I did not sell 0x. It made a correction and now it is 0.0001250 BTC. Anyway, if XRP jumped again, it would also take at least some days to recover $0.25. In opposite, we could trade around with stunning new coins to gain profit when the chances are clear. Within 4 days, I increased my investment about 270% not just by fortune. I selected the chances, the firm opportunities. Keeping a long trip with XRP, that is what we should do. But locking our money with XRP in world of "pump and dump" if you see opportunities seems wasteful.
  11. The two guys Kim and Trump spoke too much. It is enough. Please show your action ! Come on and fight !
  12. I have thought that it was safe just to exchange between altcoins and bitcoin instead of USDs. Because by all the ways, you still can keep a cryptocurrency which is potentially increasing price. So I rarely consider the XRP/USD these days. I care more the XRP/BTC. Depressingly, XRP/BTC is sliding eventually the downtren, passing the Fib Level of 23.8% of the price history 2017. BTC price is like a bubble these days. There is no base why the price just keep increasing crazily. People talk about it everywhere. And that is a common situation of a buble. When taking time frame of 4 hours, I see that BTC price already exceed the Bollinger Upper Band but SMA (50) and EMA (30) still keep going up. It means BTC will have a correction very soon. And that is the time XRP/BTC will recover at some degree before it can go down deeper.
  13. Take a read at this article. This is the way whales controlled the price of the market. http://www.altcointoday.com/group-of-traders-are-allegedly-manipulating-bitcoin-price/ XRP price was pumped in May. I am sure about it. It is collapsing in a downtrend that no one can know where the bottom is. The downtrend already passed down over the lowest Fibonacci Retracement level.
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