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  1. I tend to think of every business "from a spread point of view", and I always look to make sure I use a different basis for my Cost Model vs my Revenue Model... and earn a spread making a market between the two. This view applies to all business models, 100%. So when I am sussing out a model, I first need to identify the spread. You can also think of the Cost : Revenue model orderbook's spread... in the same way (albeit boiled down) as an FX market USD : XRP... at least the same math applies. Will PM you on Twitter.
  2. KarmaCoverage

    Latest Ripple Regionals Videos , Europe 2019

    Havent seen these Ripple videos yet, but that would smells like a Rifkin reference. Wonder what the difference between 3rd and 4th would be? I noticed he didnt seem to have infused an internet of value into his thoughts yet. An ILP PayChan transaction can be sent as fast as two systems can communicate... and at "zero marginal cost".
  3. @Error not that my conclusion for KarmaCoverage is appropriate for your plans, but I hope you have considered acting/functioning as a Market Maker for one of your revenue options. I looked at many revenue options for a long time, and concluded that acting as a market maker gives me the best options for monetizing flows through the system. I could lower spreads to incentivize risk markets with low flow, and do the inverse for the opposite. It doesn't put a fixed fee, therefore it does not have a lower bound of effectiveness. If you charge a penny fee, all business under a penny would be below that fixed boundary. What other 2 revenue models are you considering? The right one probably depends on the market/application you choose to focus on. Happy to help if I can... how can I make a test user account? I saw Login, but not Create Acct?
  4. @Tinyaccount https://www.b1x.app @Error you have my attention. How can I create a test account and play around? At first glance this looks robust, I'm sure you guys have a lot of time invested into this. What is the goal? I saw something about transferring as little value as $0.007 ... is the revenue model idea to charge a transaction fee?
  5. The Regulators are who you think. The Finance guys are the ILP Connectors acting as Market makers, and the Banks as the custodians of value. I thought everyone on the panel had excellent things to share. I tried to listen carefully to the regulatory thoughts.
  6. Yeah, KarmaCoverage is a social network for spreading risk, with a Rippled for making markets and pricing the risk done with machine learning style methods. This looks like the social network component with a full integration to Rippled. Probably many things could be done with this, but to start a whole new network probably makes more business sense, rather than trying to connect into all the other social networks like @xrptipbot (but I saw Weitse say on twitter they will remove the dependence on external social network account IDs this year, adding in a primary XRPtipbot account, that can then be tied to external social media accounts)
  7. @Flintstone I cant speak to this with any real certainty. There are more security/technical process folks lurking around here. But to take a guess, It could be some simi-hosted wallet setup, with a physical NFC dongle that if lost could be replaced because the "hosted wallet" keys could be held by Samsung or a third party like a Microsoft. Maybe the NFC dongle only has half of the key? I'm guessing they have not released an SDK? I would view at the phone as an account at an Exchange/Gateway. You have to plan to lose account passwords, the device in this case, and maybe an NFC dongle. Having the raw keys on the device and nowhere else sounds like a recipe for disaster. Anyone know how the Chinese do their payments off of mobile? I'm guessing the "bank" essentially is providing a "hosted wallet" service? Keeping everything "in app" should enable some end-to-end encryption. Maybe it could use ILP's SPSP https://interledger.org/rfcs/0009-simple-payment-setup-protocol/ to share the wallet's secrete key. If this was a Rippled, you could even do wallet key rotation by changing the Master key every so often.
  8. @Tinyaccount This is what I watched. https://youtu.be/ke_Sk2yQNw8
  9. This is great, thank you for sharing.
  10. KarmaCoverage

    New Interledger Forum

    This is from right before he left Ripple as CTO. Good detail in the presentation, with a demo and Q&A. I think some of the extension architecture has been changed since this.
  11. @Error Nice work! What are your plans for applications of the tech? This looks like it is about 90% there with the tech functionality that KarmaCoverage needs. Would still need to build all the business logic. Care to connect? The comment about no AML/KYC requirement is concerning. That is a recipe for disaster, but a solvable detail. Where are you operating, just digital assets? or have you registered as a business with fiat bank acct?
  12. KarmaCoverage

    Who does this?

    I have noticed some commonality between the Russian disinformation efforts and some of the extremism that leaks out of the bitcoin "community". When the market went wild last year, I privately said "I think Russians are laundering money through bitcoin". A few months later.... https://www.coindesk.com/russian-dnc-hackers-used-cryptocurrency-to-fund-their-operations *I'm absolutely not trying to bring any politics to this forum, I'm only mentioning this because I think it played a role in crypto market dynamics. And for the record, I think the fud has aided XRP in remaining underpriced by the market. So in some way, I'm actually thankful for the crazy bitcoin folks and their tribalism's group think exuding anti XRP/Ripple bs. They have known for a long time that Rippled outclasses Bitcoind as an accounting tool.
  13. KarmaCoverage

    JP Morgan to launch its own cryptocurrency

    I see this whole next 10 years as a competition for providing the international liquidity. Much like the difference between Visa/MC and AMEX (who floats their own liquidity)... Im guessing given the between the two business models that Amex will adapt at a faster pace and pull ahead. There is no way forward that I can see where bank lending cycles (thus business models) dont trend towards a time scale of ^e.... ok maybe ^3 seconds
  14. KarmaCoverage

    JP Morgan to launch its own cryptocurrency

    Has anyone ascertained what JPM's proposed business model for this? Is this an open project, are there any technical specs or documentation links? What is their thesis for funding this,I assume it si more that to learn and get PR? Where/how do they make money doing this? What problem are they solving, and for who?
  15. KarmaCoverage

    XRPL Genesis

    I've had it open in a tab for a few days, played with it a little bit, but haven't gotten fully up to speed on how to use the tool. I need to get to where I can ask/frame up questions/queries before I could do anything. Are you familiar with wolfram language? https://reference.wolfram.com/language/#GraphsAndNetworks you can build computational logic there, then deploy via API to apps.