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  1. Not anymore than regular old bank deposits or cash. CBDC I think is the end game, along with digital bank deposits.
  2. Yeah more or less this. The only thing you may be "missing" is the difference between a Central Bank liability aka "cash", and a Commercial Bank liability aka "money in the bank". The difference is in the process of Fractional Reserve banking. You're right, it would make good strategic sense for these Institutions to parlay their brand into the market making ILP Connector business model. I'm unsure of the legality and licensing requirements of that. It is a different business model than Banking's model.
  3. Bingo... aka CBDC Not only are a lot of these stable coins functioning like margin loans, they will be out competed by official Central Bank Digital Cash, CBDC. Honestly the whole thing just smells like a disaster in the making.
  4. Yeah, that sounds like a margin loan. This is the dynamic that I believe is setting up all of the Crypto markets for a 1929 style collapse. Not immanent. I mean that in a very specific way, over leverage via margin loans. The difference between 1929 equity markets and crypto markets is that, - in 1929 people were borrowing to inflow value into the equity market vs - in crypto people are borrowing to outflow value from the market, "seeking liquidity" lol. I will look in more detail, I generally like what Kava is doing. Also, I dont buy the "xrp is volatile" line of fud, it is the Market Makers or ILP Connectors that absorb the volatility.
  5. I will take a look, it depends on how the scheme is financially engineered. So far most look like fiat loans, using crypto collateral (a margin loan). Most also dont make the financial details readily available. The only exception I know of is Cred, and I haven't fully sussed that out yet, need to call the guy back, but been busy with a divorce and moving. If you have a direct link to the details, please share. I will digest it rapidly, this stable coin stuff seems to be near crypto's cutting edge and 'dull & boring' at the same time.
  6. Thanks for sharing. 1. I cant be the only one looking at this value flow data 2. I cant be the only one seeing how Teather has the most flow, and is connected to most cryptos ie "bridge currency" (suprising I thought it was BTC) Conclusion: Does this chart not scream of demand for USD fiat? I cant be the only one seeing this, and I find it hilarious, given all the anti fiat banter in the crypto world 😆
  7. Like a lifetime, there will be multiple phases of growth. The 2009-2012 bitcoiners may have well cashed out at a lost opportunity. I know a guy who sold out several btc around $1 or something like that. So I'm not saying they cashed out and that is the end of the story. I also think that Ripple is still very early on, in it's own story. There is so many network connections to fill in.
  8. There is a rather simple well known solution to this, but nobody asks me. It's called a "Bull Call Spread". Also, for a while. Lloyds has offered Exchanges insurance for "operations", but I haven't seen the policy, so idk.
  9. I dont think I've said something negative about someone on this forum, but McAfee is a complete idiot regarding markets and finance. He comes across as... 50% goofy pitch man 20% did something legit 30% knows enough to get in trouble, but not enough to get the job done That said, I think the market dynamics may well push BTC up to new ATHs (timing is notoriously difficult) but I thought it was over valued at $200, and still do. The innovators have cashed out (they deserve it). The crypto market has evolved and will continue to do so. Meaning there is not a fundamental reason for BTC to exist, that I can see IMHO
  10. Ripple has been engaging with India's Central bank for some time now. If there is at least 1 Commercial bank using xCurrent, then you have established a connection corridor from other fiats on RippleNet, XRP, and the Rupee.
  11. Woah woah woah, please find something more substantial than a media outlet allowing a Corp Marketing person to have TV media. I want to read the policy or prospectus or whatever they end up calling it. 1. This FDIC insurance is only for USD cash balances held at the exchange. That makes sense, I think you need a US banking license to offer FDIC and it would only cover USD because that is all that the FDIC deals in. 2. He says, "we are working with our banking and insurance partners to provide insurance for crypto". Then says they may have that product ready in "a few months". 3. Now that we have some functioning crypto derivatives markets, it is actually possible to financially engineer "crypto insurance" safely. I just have no idea if the market price for crypto coverage, could be achieved with the cost of derivatives. I haven't done the math yet. Did speak to Cred and mentioned it to xSpring, but I never actually connected via phone with either. If you share/see anything "crypto & insurance" related, please tag me, thanks 😁
  12. I'd just like to say, it's best play markets by focusing on the markets... not your personal finances. Mistakes are made in both bull and bear markets.
  13. Whatever the gross cost is, the net cost should be, "profitable". Otherwise the services wouldn't sell.
  14. I'm not getting into a mud slinging contest. I see the "Pent up demand" as being the Corp desire to run more efficient Treasury Operations. Which is like saying, "demand for savings". Regarding demand for XRP, it will be a derivative of the Treasury savings. Given that the cost of float is measured via interest, which has a cost structure measured in units of time... ...And the fact that RippleNet, which includes XRPL as a component part (thus XRP's utility value as a toll), and the fact that RippleNet can increase the Speed of value movement which is also a measurement of units of time; min/hr/yr... ...Means that there is fundamental value creation, and there is always demand for value creation via savings from efficiency gains.
  15. @XRPboi I've expected and continue to expect the "then investors pivoted to other coins such as XRP and ETH" trend for some time. "Utility" will be the "safty net". Social Physics is also of a similar approach. Bitcoin's price seems to rise exponentially, not because of computing power increases, but rather because ideas (like bitcoin) spread exponentially through the human network once they take root. This is the same reasoning behind the fundmental valuations of what I call "network companies" growing exponentially also, uber/fbook/goog/ripple...etc
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