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  1. They are effectively "Narrow Banks" that hold both fiat CBDCs and either make a market between then directly or make a market through a bridge currency. They are a retail service provider.
  2. Thank you for consolidating that, twitter dosent read as well. The fudsters started when devs mining BTC realized XRPL is better faster & cheaper than BTC... but they cant mine "free" money. That's the truth of it. It will continue till either BTC market crashes, or these folks sell out (the only thing you can do with BTC). We are watching one of the biggest bubbles form that I have ever seen with BTC. Meanwhile XRP is still under valued all these years later... "but that's none of my business" cat meme
  3. Yes, you use the FLR token to run smart contracts which need to do things that XRPL cant do. Then if the contract is for XRP or an XRPL IOU, the contract will be connected to XRPL with an XRPL wallet. Whatever functionality the contract performs is done on the Flare network.
  4. I cant. I think the author is confusing Market Dynamics (fomo) with Fundamental valuation.
  5. Sure thing, I have/am in the FF beta. I was in the private beta, but didn't participate because I couldn't get my wallet, and MetaMask setup straight (time constraints). I have finally gotten to do a few SWAPs TXs in the current Beta, and while I'm not earnestly competing to win, I am mostly interested in testing out the technology. Keep in mind I have never actively traded XRP or any crypto. I like my fundamentals, things that dont change, and I try to follow the less stressful path of just buying an investment, crypto or otherwise, that I dont have to worry about too much and can just let it
  6. @jetbrzzz yeah it's a funded address, pre Deletable accounts, I've just never done a TX from it. Maybe @nikb is thinking it dosent have to do with Sequence or Deletable accounts? I was trying to make the TX blob offline and submit that to a live server.
  7. I was using http://ripplerm.github.io/ripple-wallet/. It's been a while since I tried, and I was wanting to make sure I wasn't screwing something simple up.
  8. I said I should look at "tickets" because I haven't heard of that and I want to know. Like I said, I have an cold wallet and I want to claim FLR. This will be the first TX this wallet has done. I'm assuming the Sequence number changing post Deleteable Accts amendment is the reason I couldn't sign the TX?
  9. But I'm reading the documentation to say, The first transaction's Sequence is the Ledger Index when the wallet was created. This wallet has never done a TX. Guess I need to look up what "Tickets" are.
  10. You have to post your Ethereum-format address as the Message Key before June something. https://docs.xrptoolkit.com/claim-spark-tokens Basically, they will look up all XRPL wallets with a Message Key that matches the format. Then double check those addresse's XRP balance from whatever Ledger Index is the official snap shot Ledger Index. From there they will airdrop your FLR into the Ethereum-format address you posted to your XRPL's Message Key. Then the Flare Finance drop comes about a month later, but you have to actually swap your airdropped tokens for real ones, after Flare Finan
  11. https://xrpl.org/accountdelete.html - https://xrpl.org/known-amendments.html#deletableaccounts I have an old XRPL paper cold wallet, I want to use to claim FLR. The first time I tried, I couldn't sign the TX, and I think that was because the Sequence number was wrong. It appears that the Deletable Accounts amendment changed how a wallet's Sequence number works. So my question is how do I find "the Sequence number equal to the Sequence number matching the index of the ledger in which the account was created"? @Sukrim @nikb
  12. So what is the set up? What methods does the AMM use to match buy/sell orders? I have looked at these AMMs and while they sort of do work, they leave a lot to be desired... like your list above, which is great.
  13. My assessment is that FF is legit. I'm participating in the beta, but I haven't started doing transactions yet. That's tomorrow morning, maybe tonight. I need some Gas for TX fees and I think the testnet faucet was backed up or something. Pretty sure the guys told me their names (I'm wanting to do some financial engineering for them) but I honestly didnt care enough to remember them, or take note. I can always look at the convo history. They are in touch with the Flare Finance guys directly. Here is a quote regarding current Anon status... The team has a way of helping guarante
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