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    Currently interested in finding a new project to work on. PM if I can help.
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    Currently interested in finding a new project to work on. PM if I can help.
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    Currently interested in finding a new project to work on. PM if I can help.

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  1. F-assets will not be allowed for the first few weeks, not sure how many. So the only way to earn with Spark is delegating to the FTSO Oracles. I think you do have time to purchase FLR after the network goes live, and before the FF snapshot if you want to accumulate.
  2. In my tax classes the rule of thumb was "if you have an economic gain, you owe taxes". The tax code is an Economic system. I think recieving FLR, is an economic gain, so I expect to be paying some taxes. I dont understand why so many people are so afraid of paying taxes. I had one professor ask the class, "who wants to pay less taxes?" 90% of hands went up (I raised my had for more taxes). Then he said, "ok, then 90% of you just need to not make more money, then you wont have to pay more taxes".
  3. Why was that design decision made? Is there an advantage?
  4. How does the cryptography work when we put the claim address in the message field as ALL CAP, but the actual address recieving the FLR has lower case letters? How does the Flare network know which letters are lower case?
  5. @Danny thanks for sharing. That started off great, with the CBDC federated side chained and I was hoping to learn more about the routing methods between chains... Then the bald guy went berserk with nonsense, yikes. I didnt know folks still thought bitcoin was such a perfectly decentralized accounting tool, then "if it goes to $1 million, I won't sell, I'll hold for 100 years". Holy crap, what a load of crap, my god It's like trying to explain science to a preacher with some of these BTC folks, they just arnt rooted in reality. It's not going to end well for so many, and I already fe
  6. Its because most other distributed ledgers are lacking the necessary functionality, so they have to make up for it with half ass methods. Honestly, I looked into these AMM methods for the FF guys, and that's my conclusion, for whatever it's worth. The cost to benefit ratio is very desirable. But yes, XRPL'S DEX + Pathfinding does have computational costs... however the XRPL seems to out preform most all of the alternatives. It's like the lone, ignored, genius solution. I've been scratching my head for years. Any ernest effort would have ditched networks/ledgers with comparatively
  7. AMM's are an elementary method to make up for not having the DEX. With orderbooks, DEX is far superior. It can accommodate many price points and doesn't create impermanent loss issues.
  8. Is there an article on this? Or would you mind elaborating? I thought they were good for gaming, or VR. At least I know gamers who used to be mad about the chop prices going up
  9. so are we supposed to drop the first "0x"? Ironically Im trying to help my "ex" claim her spark. Maybe I need to double check my wallets also. Never mind alright maybe I'm doing something wrong, I'm getting... telBAD_PUBLIC_KEY: Public key is not valid. but how could I sign the TX and get the TX blob and the public key not be right? Nevermind, I got a Tec_Success
  10. Once the PoW networks are wound down, I'm figuring a lot of that computational power will be repurposed towards virtual reality environments. What else could it be used for? The hardware must be used for something useful. Utility Value
  11. I'm not sure if they ever caught the seller. He literally went on the run. To add color to his story, his business was selling Russian brides , welcome to Florida. The original buyer was my mother, a lawyer. That's why I ended up doing all the rehab work.
  12. For the record, I'm nobody. I'm not high up, or connected. For now, I'm a clerk at a local hardware store. I live in a cheap studio garage across from the beach (love the beach). My girlfriend calls it "a dump", but I keep it clean. I also look young, so people do better listening via phone, or written communication with me. Even my patent atty thought I was in my 50s because over 2 year's worth of work we never met in person (phone & email). When we did, I was 24-25 and he almost had a hard time talking to me face to face, he was so taken a back. He was probably in his mid 40s,
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