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  1. Idk, but if I was the guy who blew the whistle on Madoff several times, I'd want my $50 million payoff. It wasn't his fault the SEC did nothing. BTW, why are people saying Vias sent something to the SEC? Is there evidence of that from the case?
  2. You know, the more I think about, it's sort of crazy on the 20th anniversary of the SEC being informed of the Madoff Ponzi scheme... We have the BTC Ponzi scheme reaching new highs, except this time the Chinese have taken over it, and the Russians are getting in on the action. Fleecing US investors out of billions. The only thing worth doing with a BTC is, trading it for more Fiat. The whole goal of BTC is to get more Fiat, while talking sh!t about Fiat... this is the definition of a Ponzi scheme, a game of hot potato where you have to sell out to a greater fool before the music
  3. I dont know how you know this, or if it's true but I do know the SEC doesn't listen to snitches or whistleblowers. This guy gave the SEC details proving Madoff was a fraudster multiple times over several years... and the SEC did nothing. Hell Madoff would have to have been trading more Options contracts than even existed in the market. You dont have to be real smart to understand that is a red flag.
  4. This is why Indexing is important, it provides (I'm assuming) a weighted average across several Exchange's orderbooks. Thus averaging out any particular liquidity issues on any specific Exchange, "due to maintenance" or whatever. Ripple has started a multi part series discussing Liquidity and the methods they have developed to assess Liquidity costs for ODL across multi Exchanges. Cant wait to see what they do & don't articulate.
  5. Wish in one hand, sh!t in the other... See which one fills up first.
  6. Jed's actions aren't and never have been sound business decisions. I got a strong smell that he was unable to accept CL's sound vision for how an IoV may be built. The phrase back then was, "Banks like Universities are the custodians of Value, like Universities are the custodians of information". That was a great insight, that has panned out well. As for folks who have tons of money, I know a few (one lost over $100 million with Madoff), I always think about what my real estate finance professor would say to students who made a rounding error, "oh well, what's a zero between a couple
  7. A snowball starts off small and slow. The number of jurisdictions that RippleNet can enable XRPL to connect to is on an exponentially growing path. We are at what 3-4 functionally operating?
  8. The only one capable of maintaining it's existence is XRP. PoW is just funneling value from the US & Euro, to China & Russia. I dont think publicly, but I've been seeing the flows from PoW getting the the geopolitical level for a out a month. I was very happy to hear Peter Thiel has been observing the same market dynamics yesterday. Remember his Palintier connections, because that platform was used to gain understanding of the complex financial fraud from the subprime mortgage crisis.
  9. Just dont, especially with XRP. AMM's Impairment Risk, is a type of risk where, in order to participate in an AMM you have to stake/commit 2 tokens, and you are guaranteed to not lose Total Value. The mechanics work out that if you stake USDT & XRP... and XRP goes up -> you miss out on that gain. I think (may be wrong) that the math maintains the ratio of value between the two tokens, so in effect... You experience the Opportunity cost of missing on the price rise of XRP. https://blog.bancor.network/beginners-guide-to-getting-rekt-by-impermanent-loss-7c9510cb2f22
  10. He does a good job of explaining the type of issues that central bankers & regulators are looking at. At the end around 1:06, he says he is working on "Reimagining Central Banking". Money market = short term Capital market = long term When he defines Shadow Banking as "Money market funding, for Capital Market lending"... You can think of ODL as a counter weight. ODL is "Capital market funding, for Money market lending". Longterm Capital (XRP) funding Short term lending (payments liquidity). I hope I'm seeing CBDCs being designed as a counter weight to Credit expans
  11. @ADingoAteMyXRP Well, I'll be damned. I didn't know they were going that full on end user. Hum
  12. How do we know this? Did I miss something? Biometrics are important, and at the Photo holding your ID level, have been around for years.
  13. @Seoulite he is talking about TX fee anti Spam, ILP payment Channels, offline TX signing (when the power is out,nor no network connectivity), RippleNet & Hosted wallets aka Commercial Bank Gateways for scaling... on and on. He is describing Ripple's vision for the IoV architecture. At least to my ears. Payment Channels enable infinite P2P TPS scalability. It comes down to how fast can the two parties communicate. No ledger transactions, and his term "allowances" is how much Value is put into the PayChan.
  14. Do you know who the "Point Man" is in a military room clearing exercise is? He is often highly respected by his colleagues... because he is the first guy to get shot as the first through the door. If you know the technical details, there is a ton of very legitimate details he shares, almost too much honestly, that only Ripple's network of networks can provide. What is a private CBDC ledger look like, well it's simply a custom version of XRPL. Or some version there of. I'm pretty sure xCurrent is selling Commercial Banks their own private XRPL, Central Banks would only have a slightly
  15. This was one of the best, most detailed speakers I have seen on the subject of CBDC, especially within the US. If you can read between the lines on the technical features, this screams IoV, ILP, RippleNet & XRPL. Too many wonderfully astute points being made, that every minute is worth attention. Too many "at this minute, he is referencing... this part of the IoV" it's like a continuous stream. I'm pretty sure Educational folks, get either no NDA, or an "NDA lite". Edit: I'm listening to it again, good learning here.
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