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  1. @Haydentiff what do you think of this? https://bytemaster.github.io/article/2016/01/01/Mutual-Aid-Society-vs-Insurance/
  2. I'm not overly worried about it. I just had not even considered it until I saw the linked comment in my initial post. But I don't want to do anything against Ripple's wishes. Pretty sure the article will reflect positively on Ripple's tech anyway, both RCL & ILP, as well as their Ripple's business methods of bringing banks together on international payments.
  3. Scanning this document, https://ripple.com/files/brand-guidelines.pdf I dont see anything that specifically addresses "mentioning the Ripple distributed ledger system" in a publication. I am not using the logo (unless required). Tried to call the old 415 phone number, "google subscriber not available", can anyone PM me a better phone number?
  4. In this post @JoelKatz mentions Ripple's branding guidelines. I am writing a mini series for Insurance Thought Leadership and just completed the segment on Distributed Ledger technology where I Do mention Ripple, and then go on to describe from a high level how the Ripple ledger can be configured to create a use case for the Risk Markets. Where are these guidelines, and how can I make sure I am not violating them? Thanks for the help!
  5. I thought Microsoft & MIT were running validating nodes on the live network. Is this untrue? (maybe only on test net) If true, did their validating nodes approve the amendment?
  6. https://www.quora.com/How-did-the-VCs-value-Ripple-Labs Software integration consulting services, like a RedHat. SaaS sales (Connect & Stream) or whatever they have been re-branded to. XRP seigniorage The first two are good ol' fashion revenue models. The third is a long shot capital gains kicker.
  7. quote from the doc I think this may be marketing getting ahead of dev. you have to paint the vision of service for users before you can get them try the service, other wise they will hit you with endless why this, why that, what about, why not, etc. For a trial, or small group of banks, the banks could stand up their own private RCL and accomplish the "provide a Central source of truth" goal, while maintaining privacy, ie not on public RCL.
  8. That link is to a comment where I bumped my head and imagined how I may do this as a Central bank. Looking back on 2008, there was functionally absolutely no way for the US Fed to have had vision into the markets, well enough to see the intertwining of OTC SWAP relationships between the banks & insurance firms, and uncover the reality of systemic risk that existed. I think the combo of RCL & ILP could take a big chunk out of this "risk of blindness", and (for those interested in XRP) it could very well serve it's intended purpose as a bridge currency, giving the various orderbooks/markets an opportunity to create some network effect increasing the depth liquidity. @Vinnie nice post , & please pass on a congrats to the whole RL team. It has been a pleasure sitting on the XRPchat bleachers watching you guys do your thing.
  9. Guess I have not been paying attention. When did the branding change? https://ripple.com/solutions/ Now I see, is one of these now what was Connect? Corp Disbursements Retail Remittance Connect was what started as GatewayD then taken private, right? I am blanking on what the other product was called, the market maker one?
  10. Ripple Inc And I think the SEC did them a great favor with that, because it indirectly communicated that Ripple was legally ok on everything but Ripple Trade.
  11. Yeah, could also run a "gateway", and then just run off with all the deposited money... which is a little different than what they did. Seems like (with out much research) they were basically selling claims to an imaginary asset, like in Boiler Room they were selling stocks in imaginary companies. I'd like to see is... if people who stand up new ledgers, then get them popular, then cash out because they "mined" a bunch of "coin" since they were first, then the marketing passes it's peak effectiveness, and the whole community/ledger collapses... but the original folks already cashed out. I'd like to see what happens if/when this gets prosecuted. Not sure if that scenario would directly meet the "ponzi scheme" legal definition, but I think it would sit right next to a ponzi IMHO.
  12. http://www.coindesk.com/gemcoin-investors-seek-100-million-in-class-action-lawsuit/ This is just selling imaginary stuff, and using 'cryptocurrency' in the sales pitch. I was hoping it was a legal case addressing some aspect of seigniorage profits. Anyone know if there has been any legal work or case law on crypto-seigniorage activities?
  13. I probably should. I got called to write an article for Insurance Thought Leadership .com recently, Ripple will be mentioned. Will be speaking with one of the 'big 4' accounting firm's insurance strategy group soon. Real estate is a life long passion. 100% intertwined with 'finance', cant seperate the asset from the financial math. Both the mortgage & home insurance industries are only derivative industries of Real Estate. Tldr, I do to much shit for free.
  14. I posted way to much for a saturday morning on the IRBA skype chat a while back about how Factom was (assuming a focus on real estate) making a big mistake by using the blockchain instead of ripple as the distributed ledger technology piece. I have also introduced one of ripple's investors to the man who has all the patents for the real estate market, and unsuccessfully reached out to the Factom group, because before insurance, real estate was my focus and I still think about it a lot. The mortgage market is an absolute disaster on so many fronts, btw.
  15. You know Warren Buffett once almost got in trouble, and was called by the SEC (or other regulator) for "over paying" and driving up the stock price of some public company. The authorities figured he was trying to pump & dump the stock, or do a hostile takeover. In reality Warren's opinion of the fundamentals of valuatuon added up to the company's shares being worth more than the collective public market's opinion. These things happen, the hivemind can misjudge. So goes XRP's history, IMHO. Glad to see you here @Tim I would thoroughly enjoy reading anything & everything about the various trust line architectures & flag combos you have played with!