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  1. KarmaCoverage

    DCEX (XRP Base Exchange) Opens Next Week!

    As far as I'm concerned, Bitcoin's only utility value is derived from it being the defacto base crypto.
  2. Thinking about, who would be dumb enough to be selling so aggressively now, to the point of reducing the value of their own holdings? I remember just before Ripple got Jed's XRP locked up and under a legal contract, he gave a bunch of XRP to his cousin as a way to try and get around or avoid that. This was at about the same time as that infamous $1 million USD transaction selling XRP and buying Stellars. Anyone else remember this, and happen to remember how much Jed sent to his cousin? So, maybe someone is so strapped for cash that they need a few $100,000 per week or whatever the selling pace is. This extreme just selling behavior just smells so stupid that it must be someone in a highly emotional state, like an angry ex-wife selling the house for 1/2 price, or selling the motorcycle for "$100 come get it by 5pm". Either way, RippleNet is nowhere near mature yet, so I think selling now would be a bummer. Once these systems mature, the utility value of XRP will evident and mature also.
  3. I must have missed this, just read it, and Wietse did a fantastic job! https://xrpcommunity.blog/raspberry-pi-interledger-xp-powerswitch-howto/
  4. KarmaCoverage

    XRP Chat Millionaires (Paper & Real!)

    All I can say is, 2020. That, and just forget about your "investment"! This is a humanity changing thing happening here. The world economy will "mysteriously" perform better once these systems are fully matured. The value made by speculators will pale in comparison to the additional economic activity which will occur when the IoV is fully functioning.
  5. As I remember it, Earthport was a first mover (out of London, with GS guys) to take seriously the business model of what was at the time called, "a gateway". That gateway role in the grand scheme of things has matured into being an "ILP Connector". I'm honestly impressed by how low the Earthport stock value is, maybe people dont realize what they are actually doing. At a first glance without checking the balance sheet, it looks way under valued.
  6. If you are referring to my comment, I am speaking of their business model, not their technology because Earthport existed before ILP did. If you are just practicing saying "No", then I support your effort.
  7. Earthport is the original first mover ILP Connector.
  8. KarmaCoverage

    Subtle Observations of Leadership

    He's explaining "packetized" payments where larger payments are broken up into smaller sizes. https://medium.com/xpring/interledger-how-to-interconnect-all-blockchains-and-value-networks-74f432e64543 Yes, the idea that various Connectors route the payments in ILPv4 (aka finding a path) is where the idea of "distributed pathfinding" is rooted. I think this applies to the open Internet of Value... but I'm not sure if it applies to RippleNet as a sub-net of the IoV. My thinking... ILP Atomic vs Universal mode.. Atomic mode, I believe requires the Escrow feature and exposes the Connector to no risk of lost value... as opposed to Universal mode which uses Payment Channels, and the Connector is exposed to the risk of losing the value they Floated aka the Liquidity they are providing in this case. I have recently seen Ripple put out a few words about RippleNet having Atomic Settlement, and a while ago post ILPv4 I saw something where they said, "yes ILPv4 uses Universal mode, but with RippleNet we have been providing Atomic settlement." Atomic settlement requires a "Notary", which introduces an additional "party" in the transaction, which I'm guessing Ripple is somehow providing for RippleNet to be "Atomic". Up front, I think it is a good that Connectors earn a spread for both provisioning their liquidity to the network, and making cross ledger markets. They should be exposed to some risk, because of the laws of Risk & Reward. No Risk = No Reward... or Arbitrage profits. In my "How xPool" write up, I articulated how Ripple Inc could deploy their XRP via loans to subsidize liquidity. To be clear, they have said they will "use XRP to subsidize liquidity" but they have not said How, and certainly have not said they will loan XRP. If they were going to conduct their subsidizing as a loans, I laid out how that could be done using the same financial methods as P2P lenders, which was the innovation Chris Larsen did at Prosper, although Prosper was not the first. Should Ripple be doing what I wrote about, and they are as brilliant as I believe them to be... they would build some incentive into the system where Ripple Inc made some money as value flowing through XRPLedger occurs. In the scheme that I wrote up, they would earn interest on their subsidizing liquidity providers... aka Connectors. This would give RippleNet revenue from not-RippleNet value flows which Connectors may participate in for the benefit of the wider Internet of Value. This would be a BIG BIG WIN for Ripple Inc, probably propelling the company well past the value of Google & Fbook, as the IoV matures. The point of all that is my lack of understanding How & Where Pathfinding is preformed. It must be preformed on a someone's machine somewhere in the architecture of both the IoV and RippleNet. With IoV using ILPv4 in Universal mode, it is the Connectors as you pointed out @Hodor , that the specs say are preforming the process of finding a cross ledger route. This is great for an Open Network architecture. However RippleNet runs in Atomic mode, which introduces the concept of a Notary back into the transaction processing, and with xRapid having the potential to find off XRPLedger liquidity, from either a local Exchange, or source liquidity from an "in network RippleNet Connector" to preform a multi-hop transaction.. Then, for xRapid to do a good job at finding the best route/path, it would want to know all possible paths through the network so they could be evaluated to find the cheapest liquidity source. So, in the end my lack of understanding and curiosity leave me highly irritated. I like to understand the big picture on things, and ever since ILP, how this Pathfinding Process is preformed is a big glaring blackhole right in the center of that big picture.
  9. That was sarcasm right? Yeah man, I'm just excited because we have had good surf, the mullet run is in full effect, the red fish & flounder just started running, and I'v been catching all kinds of fresh eating. I'm broiling a filet from this morning's catch for lunch. Fall is my favorite season, lots of things start moving, gets me in a funny mood.
  10. KarmaCoverage

    Get Paid Interest For Holding XRP on Uphold

    You make a good point, you would be betting on the Exchange/Uphold's enforcement policies. There are sound ways for this enforcement to be accomplished, but it is a risk to be addressed. Not only that, but the traditional bank's business model is to borrow on the short end of the yield curve, and lend on the long end of the yield curve. I haven't seen their terms yet, I did signup to get the info, but it sounds like they are borrowing and lending for the same term, or time of loan. There is a big difference in terms of risk exposures. See Lehman Brothers and a Liquidity Crisis, and see the state of our global economy for a Liquidity Trap. I'm keenly interested in how this shakes out, as I see Uphold as a potential first mover "Narrow Banking" business model, which would not engage in the fractional reserve business model. Also, because 10 years ago we had a giant liquidity crisis, and we are now set up nicely for a big long term liquidity trap... but never before have we had a "liquidity network" (Ripple Net) which can move liquidity so fast. The next time people get hot and bothered, most people's historical references for understanding the situation will be unfit for conceptualizing what is happening in the moment.
  11. KarmaCoverage

    Subtle Observations of Leadership

    @Hodor good article. This Liquidity and Pathfinding issue is driving me nuts, and the two are directly related, because the pathfinding is finding a path for the liquidity. I'm going to have to do a write up and video on this soon, it has been irritating me for a long while, that we/I dont know where/how the pathfinding process is being preformed. My "How xPool" write up was inspired by this irritation because I had to figure out some feasible way that the pathfinding job could be getting done. My big question is... "Are the Ripple products (xRapid specifically) doing the pathfinding as a centralized service for all nodes on RippleNet (possibly tied to the atomic settlement service?)... or is RippleNet using the method I proposed as "distributed pathfinding" where each bank's xCurrent node is using it's internal pathfinding; with the sum of all xCurrent nodes' best path becoming the end-to-end path"? @JoelKatz @mDuo13 @nikb ?? please
  12. No. The banks will never use XRP, they will use Bitcoin for regulatory compliance, because it's best to not know who validates your transactions. That or they will each make their own bankercoin.. and still have the same problem.
  13. KarmaCoverage

    The way back machine - XRPtalk.org

    I dont know, but this looking at old stuff I found this old 'official forum' post of mine about shorting and borrowing XRP from about 4 years ago. I was FinSin (pun intended) on that forum, I cant remember my password anymore, and I think the email address on that is from my old business and is no longer a valid email address. oh well.. https://forum.ripple.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=7709
  14. Another XRPchat member in a private message said something that made me go check on the old XRPtalk forum. Thought I'd share and others may enjoy skimming the old posts. These links are from the most recent September 12 2015 version. https://web.archive.org/web/20150912185530/https://xrptalk.org/ https://web.archive.org/web/20150912185757/https://xrptalk.org/forum/7-general-discussion/ https://web.archive.org/web/20150912185904/https://xrptalk.org/forum/8-technical-discussion/