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  1. ... and after all this time, still nobody has figured out insurance.
  2. Thank you! I was able to copy/paste all transactions back to 2013. Major help!! I'd like to give DLT technology a "tip of the hat", because this was WAY easier and faster than collecting banking transaction histories.
  3. For legal reasons I have a need to download the full transaction history for several wallets. Is there a tool that I can put in the public key and export the wallet's history to a spreadsheet file type? I thought I remembered somebody building that. Thanks.
  4. While I understand your points, and that they are valid, I think that you may be over emphasizing your points. Many of these type of things exist on a spectrum, and I think the benefit of having an crypto asset with these characteristics (speed, finality, non-domestic) out weighs the legitimate concerns and points that you make.
  5. @Hodor blog was a good job, done well. I think you are right to disclose your true identity, and work on building projects. I have met in person with several folks from this forum and spoken to many more via phone/skype. Let me know if I can be of any assistance in your endeavors.
  6. I have a hard time understanding how people dont see what is happening? This is big sh!t.
  7. lol, I still havent listened to the the whole thing, but I'm excited by the idea of Narrow Banking, and CBDC providing some competition to Commercial Banking.
  8. minute 9 skipped over the Narrow Banking section. Here is a full video. @Wandering_Dog @tar
  9. This is who owns a large chunk of the $10 trillion of trapped float/value. These are the end users who would most benefit from xRapid/XRP liquidity.
  10. No, there are 2 types of "double spend". 1. The "double spend problem" that blockchain tech solves, making sure you dont pay two people with the same coin. 2. The "double ownership" one, that rehypothecation enables. This is when the client borrower who posted the collateral still owns the collateral, but during the term of the loan the exchange also has ownership of the collateral and they can use the collateral's utility (say to earn profits from doing market making activity) When I spoke to Cred about how their loan was structured I was surprised to find out how they are doing it. I figured it was just set up like a margin loan, and just as this post discusses if that is how a loan is structured some traders will be force liquidated in a bear market. I used to trade for a brokerage and managed the margin calls, the pressure gets high to deposit more money before the market opens and we begin the liquidation. The way Cred was doing it (I'm not sure I have this right in my mind) requires owning some of thier LBA digital asset, which stands for Lend Borrow Asset. I dont want to explain how the LBA token works, because I never really got clear why it was involved, and they use a futures contract to hedge some risk. I will reach back out to them and find out.
  11. @Hodor great write up. The Ripple team has indeed surprised me with a few brilliant business moves. Honestly fully suprising, and educational. Not to be picky, but your graffic that is supposed to look like the XRP logo, it would look better if you swapped the words on the right side, put the top word down and vice versa, better balance. It is the vision of the IoV & RippleNet that makes all this so exciting.
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