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  1. Do we know which of these banks actually use XRP? @Hodor Perhaps you can pitch in here.
  2. Sure can, but i spare the mods from having to post here. They can simply go ahead and delete if it has already been posted before... thanks for your input though. What did you think of the article?
  3. Seems we got ourselves some positive marketing. Here. MODS; delete this thread if has already been shared (and do accept my sincere apologies)
  4. So you expect an increase in price of BTC upon the fork? Judging on the transition to a main holding...
  5. Anyone invested in Tether - USDT? Seems there is some growth potential there. Also ranked 4th at current volume rankings @ coinmarketcap
  6. For those interested in Tezos, The ICO has been announced today, scheduled for the 1st of July at 6am UTC. Quote from mailer : If you would like to contribute, only do so through our own website https://tezos.com once the fundraiser opens, or through https://www.bitcoinsuisse.ch/tezos starting today. No other websites are authorized to provide information on Tezos or accept contributions to the Tezos fundraiser. To stay updated with developments, sign up for the mailing list at https://tezos.com.
  7. You are so sour i can almost taste it...
  8. The average person does not have 25k lying around which he/she is willing to lose. Cause after all its still a (calculated) gamble. So forget about Ripple. Do a rick roll and go deep in of the **** coins (0.0000X) if you feel lucky would be my advise.
  9. Rofl...yeah sure lets just poor 250k in a coin.
  10. Coinbase is down, has somewhat of an impact... GDAX also suffering from heavy traffic; "Partially Degraded Service"
  11. @karlos Thanks for the title change, was perhaps a bit misleading. Shame you didn't fix my typo while you were at it...
  12. This should have a postive impact. Find the article here
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