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  1. The definition of a pump n dump. I am selling some of my xrp to prepare for the next Big Short. BTC is in a frickin pump n dump if I ever saw one. Opinions though? Growth at this rate certainly cannot last.
  2. I think this happens to even the most well-reputed exchanges. It's simply unavoidable.
  3. I've so far been resisting the urge to day trade, but if I were to day trade XRP I'd take advantage of the support and resistance levels and sell at $.30, then buy back in on the dip. Obviously there could be a big opportunity cost if XRP somehow pumps again.. which is what I'm hoping for with my long position. I'm also trying not to burn myself on dumb emotional trades haha.
  4. The people who are upset are most likely new to XRP, not longtime hodlers.
  5. Higher is better because it decreases volatility and increases liquidity-- according to Joel Katz, I believe.
  6. Yeah he's saying that higher price equates to better liquidity, not specifically .25 lol. .25 was just a reference for .006.
  7. HODL and be patient. This month is supposed to be a big month for XRP, even though we're off to a slow start. Right now is a period of consolidation and buildup before the next pump, which is very likely to bring us past .35 or even .40 this month.
  8. lol just private message me.
  9. I think that we will see the price hit 0.35 this month, then level out at some point before the next move up. For 2017 I do think it's possible to hit $1
  10. just a Friday sell-off-- price should recover back to the .29 range soon
  11. I think that if peoples' technical analyses are overwhelmingly in favor of a certain direction, be it up or down, you can make a good estimate of what is more likely to happen, or at least gauge the market psychology at the moment. Lately all the TAs I've seen about xrp have predicted large increases to come. Also, a common pattern in crypto is a sharp increase to an all time high, followed by a retracement to a period of inactivity before the next "wave." Basically what I'm saying is HODL!!!!!
  12. I think an upward breakout is more likely, given that the $.28 support has held all week. Most signs point to this.
  13. @Eric123 charts appear to show a bullish pennant pattern for this week.. and it seems that most technical analyses point toward an uptrend very soon
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