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  1. Ripple Labs Inc is the company that provides Ripple protocol and XRP. What other coins out there have a company behind their digital asset?
  2. Havent been watching the live feed at all so I do not know this, but has there been any promotion, explanation, educating... from ANYONE from within Ripple aimed directly to the banks and the reps who are attending, as to the multiple benefits that XRP brings to the table for these companies/corporations/banks ---- how it solves multiple problems the banking industry currently has in reference to cross border payments, settlements, cost....etc...as well as the pitfalls if they do not adopt and use XRP?
  3. Just curious, are local authorities trained and knowledgeable enough to sort this out? Is it standard to have crypto currency expert at the station to work through this?
  4. Ripple Labs uses the UDRP to recover infringing domain names! http://www.udrpsearch.com/search?query=ripple+labs&search=parties
  5. The only thing written inside Ripples personal invitation to everyone attending SIBOS :-)
  6. I am all for XRP exposure but the countdown was a little over the top IMO. Will Bernanke really be supporting/endorsing the use of XRP? Will he be walking around in his XRP t-shirt? ....or is he a now a public speaker who does this for a living and got paid a hefty sum to "talk". --- we shall see SWELL being in the same location and time as SIBOS looks more like a big FU to Swift than anything else. If the conference ends without SBI going live, I assume price will drop again...and THEN might be seen as a let down by most.
  7. Hopefully Ripple have their hand written invitations to SWELL ready to send out to every single person and bank representative going to SIBOS.
  8. If you are going to announce a conference, after a 3 day count down, should have been this one which starts TODAY! : https://www.kansascityfed.org/publications/research/escp
  9. While I agree this could steal some of the thunder away from Swift during that weekend. I also like to point out the level of expectation investors of Ripple have. The bar is set high, and especially after a multi-day countdown....it is somewhat of a let-down...for "just" a conference. I would hope that the higher ups in Ripple see all the hype and predictions and curiosity and level of intrigue with South Korea, Japan and the Fed 3 day symposium that starts today...etc and understand just how high that bar is set. Unless of course they announce something about going live AT the conference.
  10. Maybe the countdown is this... The 2017 Economic Symposium, "Fostering a Dynamic Global Economy," will take place Aug. 24-26, 2017 https://www.kansascityfed.org/publications/research/escp
  11. "1 vision for the future of payments takes center stage"
  12. Came across this short Swift article yesterday. It does mention Ripple. Good or bad, how does this affect Ripple going forward? ...Regarding cross border payments, are Swift and Ripple something that can work together in tandem as a joined force? or will there be one winner and one going home? https://www.coindesk.com/swifts-cross-border-blockchain-trial-moving-next-phase/
  13. Any update on this since the split a few weeks ago. Have any of the LN issues noted above been fixed or addressed?
  14. I think IOTA will be in $xxx range at some point in the future. I mean...zero fees, infinite scalability, quantum proof, gets faster with more volume. wow. On paper at least...its a game changer. I know its designed for m2m but if its ever adopted and used for merchant use...then the sky is the limit! It will revolutionize the crypto space and solve most of blockchain issues. Every paycheck I am torn on how much to put into XRP and how much I should put into IOTA! lol..(my two main investments) --- decisions decisions! lol
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