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  1. New member, ill try to keep it short. Not new to xrp by any means and yes i hold some. Been following lawsuit and what not and something has really been bothering me. Yes i believe most and can confidently say lawsuit is bs and believe ripple will win. However. I believe they screwed up big time. JP morgan were slow and werent ahead of the game, they saw xrp and and were pissed they didnt have the technology. Fast forward to now I strongly believe the lawsuit was just to buy them time for them to implement their own proprietary system. (Bring in the whole Quoron, ConSensys/JPMorgan stablecoin/Onyxx in house blockchain bs.) And as a contingency throughout this whole process they personally held a huge amount of xrp....just in case they failed. Look at the banking partnerships their system has its incredible. And no its not an exclusive in-house, walled garden shit coin. All the same use cases as XRP they've copied and made their own. Pretty disgusting. Anyways what im worried about is they recently have openly shilled XRP saying it could be mass adopted if (when) lawsuit is settled. They're just shilling to help pump and will immediately dump when we moon. (Why on earth would you ever promote a competitor if you didnt have a vested interest) They know long term ripple is now made redundant. I'd hate this obviously but is there something in the bigger picture that I'm missing??? And yes worst case ripple has international use, but to miss out on USA market would be devastating. Thank you for your time.
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