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  1. hey guys, quick question, i bought an external wallet, due to newton delisting XRP and i have already moved my xrp to my ledger nano x. I have already setup the trustline as well. Do i have to have the wallet connected to the computer on the day they scan how many xrp i have or when they decide to send me the solo tokens? Please let me know, thank you.
  2. thanks guys for the responses. Jargoman, would you not have to report the interest gained in canada as capital gains? Also, is this available for canadians? i am assuming you are talking about this exchange: https://nexo.io/specials so they are also an exchange i am assuming? you can buy/sell, but i am wondering if it is more difficult in Canada as it isn't canadian based. it is so confusing in Canada what we can and can't do, gets frustrating trying to figure this stuff out.
  3. new to crypto investing, and looked and compared different ledgers, and to what i could understand found xrp ledger the best and most interesting with the limited knowledge i have in crypto. Unfortunately for me, the place i used to buy xrp from is now saying they will turn the xrp to CAD by Dec 31st and stop selling XRP or buying due to legislation? this makes no sense to me, they do not specify the legislation broken. I need to know, does anyone use Newton and do they know what the best way to transfer to a wallet? i already have on order a Ledger Nano X, hoping that was a good choice for a crypto wallet but not 100% sure. Any help on how to transfer from Newton to this hardware wallet would be great. I am thinking i will try to transfer very little xrp at first to make sure things are working. Any suggestions would be welcomed by all. Also, they sure did make me feel like having XRP is a bad choice by saying due to legislation they will stop selling it. Yet NDAX still sells it which is also a canadian company. Are they trying to get us to sell off xrp so the big powerful rich can grab it all to themselves or what?
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