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  1. While I agree that things take time, technology presently progresses at a much faster rate than when the internet was introduced to the masses. Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989/90 (depending on who you ask), availability to the public happened in 1991 (first web browser), with the release of mosaic (browser that popularized the web) in 1993. To be conservative, let's say the average person didn't start using the web until around 1995 (going off my personal experience). 1995 to the release of Apple's app store (2008), was only 13 years. I use the app store as an example, because many consider that the start of "web 2.0" Bitcoin has been around for nearly 9 years, and its obvious that the birth of the first digital asset has opened up the possibilities for a different type of payment system. I truly believe progression in this space will be achieved at a much faster rate than that of the past.
  2. SWIFT Managing Director on XRP: Correct, 6% (published) error rate 😂
  3. Ok, but even if it wasn't "in a short time", that doesn't mean that it won't ever happen... As we've seen, this market is bizarre and unpredictable.
  4. Why? BTC went from $0.008 to $19,783.21 in only 7 years. Not to be biased (and let's be real), objectively look at everything Ripple/XRP and its subsidiaries are doing.
  5. As others have stated, spend a good amount of time reading/learning from past posts. We're extremely fortunate to have past and current Ripple employees interacting and answering our questions. Unsure of your overall awareness of the crypto space, but as @XRPLearner mentioned, ETH almost hit $1400 (it went from $8 - $1,386 in under 1 year) and this happened in a fairly immature (early developing) market - people were just beginning to develop DAPPs on their platform. With Ripple, take a step back and truly look at what they're doing - evolving an industry which hasn't really progressed in decades. There are gatekeepers, and in general, there's a huge stigma to break to the average person that cryptocurrencies are not a fraud/scam/tulip craze. Most people still associate anything related to digital assets as "Bitcoin". People simply don't understand, and that's ok - this is all very complex to most. This market overall is still very new. Ripple is doing tremendous work and I believe they have the best of everything going for them. I think if you spend a good amount of time educating yourself here, you might think so too. As a side note, I first learned of BTC when it was $0.14. Highly doubt anyone back in 2010 thought 1 BTC would hit $20k. Anything is truly possible.
  6. All will be buying over $10k worth of XRP specifically?
  7. XRP will never hit $1000, because that's considered good news #inverseRelationship
  8. Yeah they can, they'd just use Bittrex, where XRP has been available for awhile...
  9. Correct, which is why there's no logic 👍
  10. I don't pay attention to TA (at least with crypto), but historically BTC's low for the entire year has always been in January for the last 5+ years.
  11. The term "oriental" is an outdated, racist term fyi
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