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  1. What’s the point of all this, seriously? So many people trusted an exchange, and you’re publicly stating on this board that you played a part in stealing from many people on this board... No one’s empathizing with you.
  2. Don't count yourself out, everyone is creative to some degree. Remember you have a unique point of view, and look at things differently than any other person - that in itself is valuable. I would recommend further immersing yourself here, and making friends with other people who are building things, community is key. Keep us in the loop.
  3. @Hodor You've been one of the biggest contributors to the XRP community, and have helped many of us stay optimistic through the multi-year crypto winter. Thank you for your dedication, and the work you constantly put in - its really admirable. Psyched to see what you do next!
  4. I think simplicity overall is one of the biggest hurdles to mainstream adoption, so I appreciate people like you who make crypto less daunting for new comers 😊
  5. As the Crypto Rating Council is a .com site, and not .gov, I am not taking it seriously... It's been clear since day 1 that the BTC big wigs (and until recently exchanges) have had it out for Ripple. Objectively, Ripple is light years ahead of every project, and common sense would suggest animosity, jealousy, bashing (etc), are the natural emotional responses. The "framework" also states BTC as "decentralized development and usage" which is a joke, and fails to take into account Charlie Lee "magically" dumping all his LTC holdings at the near all time high, while telling people to hodl... 🤔Oh yeah, this is about securities, not price manipulation, or insider trading. Ripple is a threat to every project. Of course people will attempt to publicly shame them.
  6. Great write up as always. What's interesting is that I forsee this metric no longer being an economic indicator (at the very least a major one) in the future. In North America (especially in HCOL areas), many people are either selling their homes, leaving their home (foregoing rent), and buying vans / RV's to live in full-time. The trend of paring down is definitely "hot" right now, but many are having to do it out of necessity, or they're financially pushed to the point of "enough" in regards to paying 50%+ of their take home pay on rent. Many people are definitely opting out of traditional paradigms to reclaim their lives, which is great.
  7. So you're saying if he's short, 2,000 XRP would be considered ballz deep?
  8. In the same boat as you, I'm going to use the Atomic wallet (https://atomicwallet.io/). It's not an exchange, but they offer a lot of DA's.
  9. I'm actually a neutral-boy with his fingers crossed.
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