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  1. When BTC's price was ridiculous, we were talking about it and he couldn't thank me enough for pushing him. When I told him about XRP when it was under $0.1, he didn't buy... That stung way more.
  2. I only have 1 friend invested, and it was because of me. Convinced him to buy BTC in 2014.
  3. Honestly had no clue about this, I just appreciate anyone spreading the word.
  4. Alex takes time out of his day to bring XRP to the world - he's enthusiastic, dedicated, and overall helps strengthen the community. Whether or not you like him, he's doing something positive for the space. I appreciate his contribution.
  5. You clearly don't live there, NYC has hundreds of crypto/blockchain companies.
  6. Senior VP of global sales (John Mitchell) says 200+ in 40+ countries... In terms of interest/studying, 200 is definitely on the low end.
  7. What a clusterfu*k... It's painful reading through the twitter feeds of cz_binance (and the people he tagged) - re-org, more forks, etc? Really shows the centralized / authoritative problems of BTC.
  8. Traditional institutions starting crypto trading desks / buying exchanges
  9. Do you not understand how this all works? Countries like China, Russia, etc., intentionally say they're "banning" cryptocurrencies so the herd gets scared, they sell, price drops, and they buy.
  10. Ever hear of this quote? There's an emotional psychology when it comes to money - the average person feels loss on a greater scale than they would a gain (look up "loss aversion bias"). Many are afraid of the stock market for this reason, and the novice investor tends to buy at the top. Most people also need "social proof" (ie. everyone's doing it, it must be right), before making an investment decision. Those who follow a herd mentality in this regard rarely, if ever, achieve the level of financial success they hope for.
  11. Is this the same cat Brad mentioned being out of the bag? 🤔
  12. I suppose nothing really surprises me anymore, however, I was caught off guard (and surprised) a couple weeks ago by this restaurant a few blocks away from me: I've lived in what's now considered an "up and coming" part of Brooklyn, and had to ask someone at this restaurant about their crypto payments. One of their owners told me they've been accepting XRP for almost 2 years. Kind of shocking for the neighborhood, trust me. And then today, I saw this guy walking in front me wearing this hat: I thought to myself, "This has to be a fluke" (something else "XRP"), so I walked a bit faster in front of him to casually look at the front of his hat, and sure enough it had the new XRP logo. As an aside, I've noticed a huge influx of "low fee money transfer" bus ads within the last 6+ months too... The general public here seems to be aware and are embracing the future of payments, specifically XRP.
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