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  1. Yup, as Brad says (but about XRP), "crawl, walk, run"
  2. The way I interpret it, is that a nostro account can still be used, but that option is not required - 1st benefit states "option to eliminate need for physical accounts at partner institutions". I would imagine over time, nostro/vostro accounts will be phased out, vs. the elimination of them immediately.
  3. I underlined it, but realize now its not as bold, sorry!
  4. https://patents.google.com/patent/US20190172059A1/en?oq=US2019%2f0172059+AI
  5. Patent# US2019/0172059AI https://patents.google.com/patent/US20190172059A1/en?oq=US2019%2f0172059+AI "Real-time net settlement by distributed ledger system"
  6. How is Ripple not the opponent? In your analogy, Ripple/exchanges are the ones with the upper hand, not us. Do you not find it odd that David Schwartz some how sold a % of his holdings at the perfect time? I'm not accusing him of anything, but he has an awareness that 99% of us do not (ie. unreleased partnerships, regulation progress we're unaware of, etc). Brad has also mentioned numerous times that "retail speculators" (us) are a group he's not concerned / focused on. Inside info + multiple (if not all) exchanges who engage in wash trading + whale groups largely dictating market activity = an unlevel playing field. Let's be real - we're apart of something that's largely unrealized by the majority of people in the world. Many of us in theory can do well (and have already), just by being apart of something from the beginning. But I'm also a realist and despite what anyone says, we're only making money when someone is buying from us at a higher price.
  7. While I appreciate the analogy, the fact is Team Ripple & The Whales (our opponents in your scenario) are known to have the upper hand. As smart as we want to be doesn't change the fact that they collectively have leverage and a high degree of control over price movements while also being aware of everything happening behind the scenes... This in itself gives them even greater leverage, and like traditional stock investing, main street investors (us) are the last to know. We're still in the wild west.
  8. Brad mentioned letting cats out of the bag... 🤔
  9. Regarding Codius, Stefan last said (via his AMA), that the immediate focus is on web monetization, but that Codius is very important long-term. He said only 1 developer is working on Codius full-time currently. The thought process is that once there are a number of websites earning money through web monetization, they'll be looking to spend that money on hosting, and Codius could be the next step towards keeping those funds circulating in the Interledger ecosystem. https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/buuxws/im_stefan_thomas_and_i_introduced_millions_of/epi3prv/?context=3
  10. It seems like you’re wanting to make quick gains. If so, maybe XRP isn’t for you. Do you know anything about Bitcoin’s price history? In 2011, it lost 93% of its value within 4-5months (IIRC $29 to $2). Everyone claimed BTC was over. XRP seems to be in this territory, but there’s sooo much more behind it. Many of the investment greats who play the long game don’t look at current prices, but find companies/assets which they believe are currently undervalued. Do you think XRP is undervalued? Personally, I think there are many undervalued altcoins with semi-utility in their respective niche, and if there’s ever a 2017 repeat, there’s a lot of money to be made. But let’s be real, that’s speculation... Like many have said, there will be a point where utility will truly mean something, and many projects will die off (I personally believe this). At that point, you may be in a position where you’re in one of those projects. It’s a tough call. My only suggestion (opinion) is to determine what your goal(s) are and consider the pros/cons of what you want to do (maybe you’ve done this already). Like most have said, it’s completely up to you. Good luck.
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