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  1. So you're saying if he's short, 2,000 XRP would be considered ballz deep?
  2. In the same boat as you, I'm going to use the Atomic wallet (https://atomicwallet.io/). It's not an exchange, but they offer a lot of DA's.
  3. I'm actually a neutral-boy with his fingers crossed.
  4. You're a fool, GET OUT while its not 0!
  5. Good call, have kept mine on ice since 2017
  6. Yes, but Ripple has also leveraged their XRP holdings to: Launch funds (create partnerships), expand partnerships, start other companies, donate (and get extensive mainstream media coverage), etc.
  7. Also thought that, I think there's more upside buying ETH in that scenario
  8. How do you not understand that we (us), are not Ripple's "true investors"? Ripple the company + Brad are not concerned with "retail speculators", as we play no role in what their core objective(s) are. By us "holding bags", we're not even providing liquidity, which is one of the biggest variables in driving price (something we all want). We're still in the wild west...
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