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  1. I think im going to wait hear what the official procedure is, why would Flare make the tokem redemption so complicated ?
  2. From a utility perspective I think XRP has a long way to go before the price rises because of adoption, no idea about time frame. But from a speculatitive viewpoint I think XRP will follow BTC on the next bull run, as it did on 2017. I reckon the next ATH will be $10-$30....but thats my opinion on a limited amount of TA. You also have to take into account that greed, fear and manipulation will play a big part in these markets until proper regulation kicks in. So I look forward to the next bull run....as that is included in my retirement plan :-)
  3. i'm amazed that people are still trading on this platform.
  4. I used to be a Gatehub user..... If this is what Gatehub thinks is the end of the matter then I can't see any trust being re-stablished. IF there is no attempt at all to compensate the victims of the hack then why should users bother with gatehub at all. It makes no sense for Gatehub to have been hacked, then not really give an update, then admit some form of liability by apologising for what happended and then say we need to build trust back to their customers!! What customer would ever go back ?! The only time I will go back to gatehub is to withdraw my XRP when the account reservation limit is reduced to 5 XRP :-)
  5. They are indirectly....they are not allowing financial products to be based on crypto....which ultimately will reduce mainstream adoption. If the financial infrastructure is unable to be built around crypto then it will hinder its progress.
  6. The last update on the Gatehub blow was from June 7th, nearly a month ago. I am amazed at how little Gatehub is interacting with its customers. I'm suprised people are still trading on there. So glad I moved my stash onto a ledger! Nice work Gatehub...not :-)
  7. Now that there will be financial value in facebook accounts you will see hacks on the increase on facebook...or attempted hacks. Whilst FB will be able to send money via FB, messenger etc....it will still need a bridging assett to send to other institutions/companies/people not on its network....which is where Ripple/XRP will shine....and hopefully play a part.
  8. My plan currently is having my bank a/c linked to my exchange and then transfer as much out as possible. Also by using wirex as an avenue out. I am also considering a off shore account to put part of my portfolio in. But this will only happen after the funds have been taken out. Its difficult to manage as their is no certain route out for crypto. This is also dependant on exchanges not blocking withdrawals at busy periods as has been done in the past.
  9. i think it would be the latter. the hackers would thnk that people are panicking and hope they would follow the email instructions thinking they would be secure. This could be part of the hackers plan, as thy know people are scared right now.
  10. Regardless of the fundamentals people still have the opportunity to make money....even if crypto eventaully goes to 0! To the OP from my experience key points to make money in trading are: Ditch emotions, they can really screw you up Learn TA, find a TA strategy, paper trade it. Then if it works stick with it. Don't be scared to take profits on the way up. Forget the price of a coin (you may think its too high to buy), if a coin jumps 10% price is irrelevant. Use stoploss, it can be a life saver Don't rush into trading, learn as much as you can!
  11. I think that the people affected should push this as far they can go, although easier said than done. It will be on Gatehub to prove that the users affected were neglegent in dealing with their Gatehub account. If the wallets affected can only be accssed by logging into Gatehub then two scenarios could occur.... 1) that the uers were neglegent in dealing with the security of their account. PC hacked, weak passwords, 2fa not enabled etc(loads of scenarios here) 2) The users did everything in their power to secure there account and the accounts affected were through a fault in Gatehubs security. Gatehub would be seen a custodian of the affected Wallets, they would bear some of the responsibilty if the customer of Gatehub have not been neglegent.
  12. I think Ripple has some responsibility to Gatehub. Back in 2013 I think the Ripple Trade service that hosted the ripple wallets shut down, encouraging users to migrate their Ripple wallets to gatehub, the ripple trade website is still encouraging this action. Although users do have a choice of where to host their coins, by encouraging users to migrate to a hacked exchange would conclude that there is some form of linked responsibility to Gatehub. Ideally Ripple, to cover themselves, should change their Ripple Trade website to not use Gatehub and use a wallet of the users choice.
  13. Of course there will always be speculation....but it wont be the only driving force in its value. IF XRP is used as we hope then the utility will be the main factor regarding value, speculation will be secondary.
  14. Got to agree with this. Until actually utility is seen in the crypto market we will just continue to see speculation. BTC is a store of value and coins like XRP hold the potential to be utility driven. Although XRP is way ahead of the curve....we do have some waiting to do.
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