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  1. The question here would be if LH would be open to retail. That can only be seen with evidence when they roll it out.
  2. Wow the way you are describing more and more shows xpool being the one lol. What i read about xpool fits all of what you are describing.
  3. If that were true. It would be amazing. Thank you for your insights @KarmaCoverage enjoyed every single bit.
  4. yes that i agree and i fully understood your article. I'm just wondering if xpool.app is something that they are involved in and that retail can lend through xpool via the binance bridge. lol
  5. Yeah you may be right and I inferred wrongly. I was trying to make sense of something I guess lol. Listen at the 49min Mark onwards where he begins by saying he cannot talk about xpool. So does this mean the rumours that xpool equals to lh are false?
  6. https://www.xrparcade.com/event/david-schwartz-at-university-of-texas-at-austin-video/ Same link from the other thread
  7. From the 2019 David schwartz video where he was talking about him not talking about xpool
  8. Do you know how this app works and whether it was related to the previous xpool that ripple was working on? Or is the previous xpool the new LH that ripple announced?
  9. I have been searching this place for xpool related topics and came to an article with no reply at the end after someone posted xpool.app Questions i have about this particular project are: -Could this be the old xpool that ripple was working on? -Given that the Liquidity Hub prevents ripple from loaning out XRP to FIs or VCs connected to the LH, does that mean that xpool might be the solution for us retails? - I personally don't think the LH will be opened to retail investors like us so we really do need to find an alternative. - But this xpool.app has not had any traction to it since launching in may 2021. Could it be something that ripple has something in? REaelly really confused about all this research i've done so i've decided to start a topic here to discuss. Be kind.. :)
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