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  1. Ylod

    Korean bank/exchange limitations

    The good news just keeps piling in http://www.scmp.com/business/banking-finance/article/2132009/china-stamp-out-cryptocurrency-trading-complet
  2. Ylod

    Korean bank/exchange limitations

    Thanks for the information. Based on what you listed here I wonder why would a government, that is heavily invested in crypto do their darnest to complicate or even stop new money from flowing into crypto. Don't they want their investment to appreciate? Don't they want to be able to cash out at some point?
  3. If you actually read it, it says that they will only start informing the early access people when to start sending documents. No commitment to any launch date as of yet. May as well be August...
  4. Ylod

    RobinHood - Early Sign Ups...

    Isn't Robinhood limited by volume though? I think I recall them offering free share trading up to $2,000 or something like that. Does the same or similar apply to crypto?
  5. Ylod

    Explanation from Weiss

    Way to make an obscure nobody of a firm a global rating phenomenon overnight. Kudos on them for the clickbait! They are getting slagged left, right and center and rightfully so, because their ratings are pure crap and their "explanations" are very thin at best. But that does not matter, they made a name for themselves like they'd never dreamed of before. Doesn't matter if you spew out utter trash, as long as you are creating a stir and people click.... I bet their subscription will go through the roof now. What a world we live in.
  6. Ylod

    Nice comparison

    I'm not really a big fan but dude might have a point here:
  7. Ylod

    Good news for Ledger

    definitely not an impostor, the old Max is back...
  8. He didn't sell any of them, he donated them to his own charity. A nice way of avoiding taxes, and looking like a philanthropist at the same time. Very popular move this, Gates, Soros, you name it, many have done the same.
  9. shhh! It's called building liquidity, not dumping!
  10. Journalism is dead, if it ever was alive. Complete crap being spewed out on a daily basis, no spell checking let alone fact checking done anymore. Russia Today is not far behind https://www.rt.com/business/415957-bitcoin-cryptocurrencies-mining-fiat-centralized/ Although an interesting article as such, the execution is poor. I particularly like the phrase: "Once all 21 million bitcoins have been mined, supply cannot grow — regardless of growing demand. Some people will lose access to their electronic wallets, making supply even smaller. By contrast, cryptocurrency ripple allows miners to create a maximum of 100 billion tokens." It only tells me that crypto is just as badly if not worse misunderstood than the Internet was in the 90s. Today, however, it is that much more shocking that journos don't bother with giving a second thought to what they release, especially when verifying almost anything is just a few mouse clicks away. Pathetic.
  11. Integrity of the media is an oxymoron, and it has been for a long time. They love to spew BS, but then are taken aback by the fact that very few believe them. Subscriptions fall, people cut the cable and so on. And does this cause the media to take a good look at themselves and perhaps reevaluate? Nooooooo, they counter by piling on even thicker BS, accuse foreign agents of interference and call for tougher control of content on the internet, also known as censorship.
  12. Ylod

    Modern Journalism 101

    I wish this was concerning only Ripple. We tend to be more sensitive to this area, because we've spent so much time studying and discussing it, hence it is very easy for us to spot the crap. Unfortunately, same 6 step manual can be applied to pretty much to any article out there in any major publication. It is all down to either complete incompetence or a not very subtle way of pushing an agenda. Whatever the case may be, it seems safe to say that journalism as we imagined it should be, just simply does not exist. I often wonder if it ever has. And yet all these great publications seem to be dumbfounded why their subscription rates are falling, why so many people are cutting the cord on cable and so on.
  13. CNBC can do simple math, great!
  14. Ylod

    XRP defamers on Twitter

    Just an interesting fact that the first one in your list is a NYT reporter, really tells a story that, doesn't it? But not really a surprise, NY Times is famous for all sorts of things, integrity is not one of them unfortunately. Just ask James Risen...
  15. Why did you cut the other part of my post then - I also said that they are massive and dynamic markets. So not a real surprise they will one day be rich countries too. By some metrics they already are now.