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  1. I guess it helps with employees being a lot less bitchy with the weather and all than say Seattle. Take that Microsoft!
  2. some liquidation if it gets into the teens, but never completely
  3. Citi's Worldlink

    That's what I was getting at in the first place. So Citi-Ripple partnership is not on the cards it would seem.
  4. Citi's Worldlink

    Not the Finextra article, that one is 16 hours old
  5. Citi's Worldlink

    I'm not the one to state the obvious but hold onto your knickers, things are going to get serious from now on!
  6. Citi's Worldlink

    It's a combination of articles actually the first bit https://www.finextra.com/pressarticle/71915/citi-expands-cross-currency-ach-to-60-countries the second bit https://worldlink-us.com/ripple.html
  7. Any of you zerpheads out there can confirm this is true? Citi’s Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) has expanded its WorldLink Payment Services (WorldLink) cross-border ACH capabilities to 60 countries. WorldLink offers a simple, global and digital cross-currency payments solution with service offered across a range of payment options in 135 currencies and 195 countries. ----------- FRISCO,TEXAS - Today we are excited to announce that WorldLink is working with Ripple, the global leader in financial settlement solutions, to operate a validator on the open-source XRP Ledger. Ripple describes the XRP Ledger as "an enterprise, shared public ledger blockchain supporting the institutional use case of cross-border payments, particularly for banks and payments providers around the world who need more efficient liquidity and greater access to emerging markets." [..] Mathew Pulickel, SVP of Emerging Technology at WorldLink, said: "We believe Ripple's network will revolutionize commerce in the future and the way our customers do business. I am particularly interested in the validity of the Citi-Ripple partnership claim.
  8. Mysterious pictures

    What do you make of this?
  9. Maybe this is what someone at Ripple needs to do, seems to be working OK for bitconnect. Planet Moronia...
  10. I'm all for nipping it in the butt
  11. hmmm Ripple, XRP, whats going on?

    You seriously need to lay off the enter key. Why so many spaces in a text that could be written down in two or three lines?
  12. I think a Ledger Nano S is a much more elegant solution, not to mention practical
  13. We have the new members section for that here - https://www.xrpchat.com/forum/8-new-members/
  14. This is a bit of news from August last year...