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  1. Thanks @WrathofKahneman for that info. That makes me feel slightly better that i was not the only one experiencing difficulties. @Triceratops Yes I agree with you. I've used the public apis in the past, but it's not suitable for production and you will get rate limited if you process a significant of transactions. I have been running my own node since February Thanks to everyone who responded.
  2. This morning I encountered an issue where my Rippled node appeared to be in a valid state but seemed to be missing considerable amounts of data. I consider my node to be "healthy" if it has a validated ledgers, and the state is "full". Once the server has reached this state I allow my app to start processing transactions. However this morning, my app stopped receiving withdrawals (txnNotFound) and stopped send withdrawals ( noCurrent). The server was reporting that it was keeping in sync with the network, but when a transaction was queried it was not there. I restarted the node and it then entered the expected "connected" state and did not print that it had validated ledgers. Is this expected? and if so does anyone know of any additional health checks I could perform to determine whether my node is struggling and restart automatically. Any help much appreciated. PS. I don't consider myself a rippled expert by any mean but i have been running and maintaining a node for 2+ years as part of my job. I have certainly had my ups and downs with rippled but I have had periods of months with great reliability but since the upgrade to 1.8 I have definitely noticed decreased stability. Im currently running a medium sized node on what I consider to be fairly high end hardware... I know a lot of the time the answer it to give the node more resources but i am hesitant to throw more money at it since it has been managing fine until the upgrade.
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