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  1. We need real use case implementation. Once xRapid is live and really used daily, we will see the price rise again.
  2. Crédit Agricole experimenting with Ripple blockchain money transfer technology https://www.credit-agricole.com/en/news-channels/the-channels/group-news/credit-agricole-experimenting-with-ripple-blockchain-money-transfer-technology Several Crédit Agricole entities* are currently experimenting with blockchain technology to simplify money transfers with a foreign-exchange component and make things easier for their customers who live near the Swiss border. Thanks to the Ripple-developed blockchain, the 90,000 customers of the Regional Banks located near the Swiss border and Crédit Agricole next bank (CANB) in Switzerland will be able to transfer their salary paid in Swiss Francs to their French bank account in just a few minutes, instead of the three days it currently takes. They'll be able to control this transfer directly from a mobile app, and blockchain will provide real-time settlement of the transactions, greater transparency in the exchange rate used for the transaction, and lower embedded costs. This test is to run for six months before the service is rolled out to the entire territory. * Crédit Agricole Payment Services (CAPS) and Crédit Agricole des Savoie (CADS), with the backing of Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank (CACIB), Crédit Agricole Technologies & Services (CA-TS) and Crédit Agricole Private Banking Services (CAPBS)
  3. Kraken sucks! Many won't be able to buy due to Kraken being slow and trades not going through.
  4. Credit goes to Syrian Artist Abdalla Al Omari for his brilliant work. http://edition.cnn.com/2017/06/13/middleeast/syrian-artist-depicts-trump-as-refugee/index.html
  5. I feel the same. I believe in this company and it's future. I struggled to find any good use case for Bitcoin & ETH. So I am only invested in XRP & would wait next 2 years to see my money grow.
  6. I can understand people who are impatient. Some have invested in it when it was 0.43$. And XRP is moving in a very slow pace as compared to other Crypto currencies. However long term Holders will be rewarded. Ripple is a professional company & instead of pumping everyday their currency they are building a whole network around the world, where XRP will be used. I will wait for XRP to be success.
  7. I don't think all the people who bought at 0.01 have sold. Most are waiting for 1-5 $ We have learnt from Bitcoin...just HODL.
  8. Thanks. It's a great news. We are flying to the Moon soon.
  9. Very well said. I am not a bitcoin fan at all. It really does not have any real world use case. XRP & ETH are the future.
  10. Great news. Thanks for sharing. As long as XRP stays in the top 3, there is nothing to worry.
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