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  1. Despite my best attempts at quality contributions, and sincere best intentions for XRPChat, I've been censored by myopic moderators for the last time. Whatever systemic criteria there is for filtering content that allows rampant nonsensical trolling yet precludes language most adults are comfortable with, I refuse to comply with it; something about 'freedom of speech' resonates with me. Plus, I already have a mother. Peace out.
  2. Right about what?? He hasn't said anything that can be considered a prediction! We have no news about an Indian bank, and he merely repeats the fact that something big is going to happen end of December, which we already know about!
  3. Then you'd be a sleazy scammer like he is. That should make your momma proud, right?
  4. "Believe in yourself even if you fail, success is guaranteed"... C'mon, @iLeeT was referring to this gibberish, which is gibberish in any language. Accusations of racism is a bit too harsh and easy
  5. His first prediction was the escrow date. Given that the time for escrow to happen was running out, it was fairly simple to guesstimate an appropriate date. In fact, in one of my posts, I predicted the escrow before the middle of December. No brainer, and not impressive. His second prediction about the Indian bank purchase will forever be impossible to verify, and more likely the recent runup was SBI-driven given that they publicly stated they are 'all-in'. His third prediction is so vague and builds upon the existing knowledge of two household names. Yes, we will have a Christ
  6. Sorry, that was meant for the general audience, not specific to your statement Stop telling me to stop whatever I feel like doing
  7. @JoelKatz said, "we discovered a defect in the implementation that could cause XRP to be released from escrow prior to the intended release dates. While no funds were at risk, we wanted to correct the defect to ensure the implementation is airtight. ". This doesn't preclude the possibility that the specs don't line up with the logic. I'd wait until further clarification before deciding the nature of this issue. I also find it funny that this completely irrelevant distinction is worth making a point about, yet Ripple's possible reputation fallout is a non-issue, lol. Anyways, I'm really cur
  8. Completely agree, in my mind, this was not a big deal. I deal with bugs in my software all the time and the fix was luckily easy. My managers however, lose sleep when these bugs crop up (I write trading software), and the wrong bug in the wrong place can cost millions of dollars. To us down here on Earth, the escrow bug was just a misshapen cloud in the sky. To FIs, the escrow bug indicates a fly in the ointment and portends to other potential flies. As inconsequential as one fly may be, the FIs might say, wellllll, maybe we'll just wait a bit to see what happens...
  9. That really doesn't make sense. Their latest 'gift' if you will, to the market, is the notion of the lockup. The execution failed, and therefore they didn't deliver, but billions of dollars were already infused because of the belief the gift was real. Trust me, it doesn't matter what Ripple did to fix it, it's the failure that FIs may focus on. Before anyone else places me in the alarmist camp, the scope of my rants are limited to just this thread, as such, I'm not a force that could bring down the house of cards if you will. Don't be afraid to consider and discuss the potential fallo
  10. Being always under Ripple control is precisely the issue, they're 'not' supposed to be under their control. If you go back to your mechanic a week after you get your wheels replaced because you now have some noise, and your mechanic tells you, "whoops, I only put one lug nut on. I fixed it good now"... Would that be a big deal? Would you ever go back to that mechanic again? That's how FI's view Ripple, people, their mechanic. I doesn't matter that the fix was as simple as putting the other lug nuts back on.
  11. I'm not proposing to not show gratitude, but in the context of this thread, the 'vehement' gratitude amounts to rug sweeping I would be quite happy if they placed a very candid article on their website explaining what happened, how they rectified the issue, with at least some acknowledgement that they understand the implications of not actually having effectively escrowed the funds. Those implications are that they don't know their own software, and that institutional money was absolutely dependent upon the lockup being successful. Don't like how that sounds? Well, ask yourself if you'
  12. The move from the defunct escrow to the new escrow in the publicly-visible ledger would've been exposed eventually, meaning that Ripple's 'disclosure' of this event is not necessarily an act of 'integrity' since they really have no choice but to come clean (though I am certain they have integrity), but more a choice between being the first to point out what happened, or waiting till someone else points it out, which would be very very bad. I know the religious zealots here are going to punish me for what they see as 'attacking' their precious Ripple gods, but the simple fact remains that your
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