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  1. rainbowhunter

    Proof of Coinbase adding XRP?

    I'm sure if coinbase were to list XRP they would at least get the name right and not call it Ripple
  2. rainbowhunter

    Vulnerable XRP

    Read OP
  3. rainbowhunter

    Vulnerable XRP

    OK requote "I do not think ripple will or should ever again associate itself with XRP Price in any way"
  4. rainbowhunter

    Vulnerable XRP

    Julian, I do not think ripple will or should ever again associate itself with XRP in any way other than recognising it as a digital assett to power their growing network. XRP will find its own price level in the market. Any talk about the potential future value of XRP by Ripple would surely be folly. Discuss and promote the use cases yes but leave the analyists and the market to speculate price.
  5. https://ethereumworldnews.com/smart-contracts-will-never-be-the-same-as-ripple-xrp-revives-codius/
  6. until it reaches $500
  7. Dont know if it is this, the article is from January, https://www.interactivecrypto.com/e-krona-swedish-national-cryptocurrency-way
  8. rainbowhunter

    Ripple and Amazon

    customers used in a very generic term, next sentance he talks about "one of our customers, seagate"
  9. Surely the question is how do you measure success, sucess for me is XRP $200 because that is my primary cash out point. For some success will be a higher or lower XRP price. What if Ripple and XRP take over the payments and P2P payments markets but XRP only reaxhes $50 has it succeded. So for me am I confident of reaching my success levels for XRP? yes 100%
  10. rainbowhunter

    Ripple Scrutinized Over XRP at U.K. Parliament Hearing

    incorrect removed
  11. rainbowhunter

    UK Crypto Tax

    If you create a trust with a value in excess of the Nil Rate Band (currently £325k) then anything in excess is subject to an immediate 20% tax charge. Lots of ways to manage IHT, not least gifting, outright gifts are unlimited and not subject to IHT if you survive 7 years
  12. rainbowhunter

    UK Crypto Tax

    A couple of points on UK tax. Dont forget that CGT dies with you! Depending upon the size of your stash the biggest threat to your family is UK Inheritance tax
  13. I aggree with all you guys are saying but was the OP not suggesting that Ripple asking for more regulation was good PR for Ripple/XRP?
  14. rainbowhunter

    Just heard an ad for Ripple as part of your 401k

    Trouble is barriers to entry are so low, its easy to produce some carp white paper and fleece hundreds of millions from nieve investers. Roll on regulation