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  1. Hmm.... If I can take a guess... Are you a Ted Cruz supporter?
  2. Amazon Pay!!! Must be Amazon will be partnering with Ripple!!
  3. Interesting... I suppose the security of the third party is very much important. Hacking a source unrelated to the ledger could fulfill an escrow condition.
  4. So if the original source is no longer available, what will it be contingent on?
  5. Is it possible to make a condition that is contingent on something outside of the ledger?
  6. Bad boy! We will have to deduct 30 XRP from your wallet!
  7. Exactly. You toast wallet does not actually store XRP. It store your keys. I think that it is called a wallet only because bitcoin wanted to be a currency, so it called these keys a wallet. If XRP would have been first, it would be referred to as something else.
  8. You got a serious warning for mentioning Trump? Your kidding me.
  9. I used code. I would not suggest it to someone who has no experience with coding. You can Google "ripple escrow tutorial." If you read the page and you feel at home, great. If not, you may want to consider the app. I would have used the app myself, but the app was not completed then. If it would have been completed, i would have used it. It took me some time until I figured out the code. I had a little experience with coding. You would have to be very careful to do it on your own. One tiny little mistake in the coding can keep your XRP in escrow for an extra 30 years.
  10. I've done my escrow without the app. However, the amount of time that you are relying on 3rd party servers are quite short. If my understanding is correct, the first step in the reservoir app is to transfer it to another wallet. Following this, you would put it in escrow to your own wallet. Once you put it in escrow, there is nothing anyone can do to take it from there. It is only that short time that you are relying on the third party servers. Now that your escrow create is complete, there is no difference in the security of your escrow and my escrow that I did on my own. Maybe @Di3twater can comment on this further?
  11. @calex960, exactly what's been driving me crazy. As I've mentioned before on this forum, just as you need to take off your fiat glasses to see bitcoin, you also need to take off your bitcoin glasses to see XRP. A lot of people are not looking into what actually gives this coin value, so they instead revert to the standard: what is the market cap? total supply? is it being listed in coinbase? does McAfee think its a good coin? Is it pre-mined? With bitcoin, the hype about the hype is the main driver of the coin in the recent past. With XRP, it should be more about the hype about the use. Some do a little research and they discover that XRP and Xcurrent are different, and they walk away with the understanding of how they fully grasped the whole XRP situation, without realising how Xcurrent is a possible step towards XRP for many reasons. It is hard to grasp these things when someone is coming from the bitcoin mindset. For them it is as mundane as bitcoin.
  12. Sorry, this tweet says nothing. It does not deny any plans to. It just says a decision wasn't made. Think of a classical jk response where a lot is said without answering the question.
  13. It is extremely awkward for these two to get together without discussing the massive pink elephant in the room. Ripple and Coinbase knows good and well that the public want XRP listed. If they had nothing to say on the matter they wouldn't come together for such a long segment. They would avoid appearing together in public.
  14. Congrats on adding this feature to a wallet!
  15. You should consider putting in escrow. If you need, you can use the reservoir app. Never used it, but others have. You can use it to lock away your XRP until a certain date. I staggered the release time of the bulk of my XRP over of A number years. You can make it that a certain amount is released monthly as a compromise with your wife. Good luck, and wish your financial situation gets better soon!!!
  16. About a month ago Bloomberg had a story "Seagate, Western Union Surge on Speculation of Stakes in Ripple". The stock market reacts with more reason than the crypto market does.
  17. My venting is about the way a lot of the crypto market sees XRP, not how the banks may see it. Of course a car is better, but in this early stage a big part of the market (investors) do not see that.
  18. Yes, and no. Current does not use XRP. Here is the deal. Ripple is the store. Xcurrent is one product and XRP is another. Each customer that comes into the store to use Xcurrent and is happy with it is one step closer to being sold on XRP. Some users choose Xcurrent with no intention on using xrp. Those may be interested after seeing how Xcurrent has helped them, and after hearing how xrp can save them a ton. Other Xcurrent users plan on using xrp in the future, but it seems to be easier to first integrate Xcurrent before jumping into xrp.
  19. If things continue with Ripple and XRP as projected and hoped, there is little reason why they shouldn't
  20. With good news dropping like raindrops, it's sometimes hard to understand why XRP price is not growing and is in a stupor. The market sometimes seems to react like a two year old. One would think that all the good news would point to a greater possibility of increased use of XRP, which points to a higher demand in the future. But no. Most people are still in a regressive state still treating XRP as if is was a fork of bitcoin with a higher total supply. Too many people don't do their homework to truly understand what ripple is trying to do with XRP, and the important relationship between xcurrent and XRP. Instead they take their limited knowledge and half truths about XRP, and treat it the way many people treated bitcoin: "it will never pass $1. It will never pass $10". The truth is, in order to get the hype in this young market you need to be a slightly more advanced type of bitcoin. You can't be too ahead off the curve. You can't be a car instead of a horse and buggy. You need to be a better type of horse and buggy. A lot of people can't see out of the bitcoin box at this early stage. Ps. Please don't tell me about hodling. Just venting here.
  21. Can you please explain where it indicates quicker transactions and less cost?
  22. If this represents digital currency, ??? Then this now represents our digital assets ????✈??
  23. I still have audio on my phone of people telling me that I'm crazy to invest in XRP, because XRP will NEVER reach $1.
  24. Unless I'm mistaken, there is no way for the ledger to automatically release an escrow, because the ledger does not interact with itself. It therefore needs be released by someone or something* interacting with the ledger. *Someone on this forum gave an idea of bot automatically releasing escrows.
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