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  1. This is why the term wallet is misleading but the term key(s) make more sense.
  2. Seems like every day this trump story gets bigger and bigger. Tomorrow we'll have a stories about Trump staff leaking to the meadia that they constantly sees him refreshing coinmarketcap.com to get the latest XRP price. In two days from now well have news saying that @XRPTrump on Twitter is really Donald Trump himself. In three days from now we'll have news saying that Donald Trump is sending XRP over to CHINA to negotiate with them!
  3. I don't recall the video talking about 10 pm. ? not sure how you concluded that. Good video.
  4. The overall takeaway is that transactions are becoming more and more frequent. The need will become more and more clear to them at some point. It may be turning from an accessory to a necessity as transactions continue to grow. Another thing to consider is that online transactions may be increasing faster than the capacity to handle them. This is actually one of the points that ripple addresses a lot.
  5. Just for rhe fun. Don't take it too seriously.
  6. Here's 3 raw ideas. 1. One address that holds many different coins. You can give others one address and they can send you multiple coins to that one address. ---I don't know if this can be done though. Also, the trust lines would have to be set before hand if this is done on the xrp ledger. However, this can be done off the XRP ledger because codius can interact with other ledgers. 2. A charity or fundraising website that only pays out when the goal amount Is reached. This would make each donation more meaningful and would encourage more people to give. The money could be locked in escrow on the XRP ledger until the set goal is reached and everyone would know that the only thing that can release it is them donating. 3. An escrow that people can send to that would lock it until a certain price is reached. This can be done on the xrp ledger, but with codius, it could be teased back automatically.
  7. There is one way we will find out if these bull predicting Bears (BG123, BG...D, et al) hold any truth. When EOY comes and we're at .13 then we'll know they are fake. If it is at least 100. by EOY I'll think maybe they are real. But I hope they are.
  8. First off, I want to apologize for mentioning the hated coinbase. Now, I'll make my point. It may be in Coinbase's best interest to not list XRP, or to at least drag their feet on it. In fact, it may pay for them to drag their feet enlisting any "top" coin. Very time someone wants to buy a coin they need to purchase BTC (1 point of profit) and then they need to transfer it out (2nd point of profit). Then, they need to bring it back to coinbase to cash out (3rd point of profit). If XRP is not listed on CB, then CB takes 3 points of profit. If XRP is listed on coinbase, then there are only 2 points of profit. Could this be a factor in them dragging their feet? What do you think?
  9. A wallet that only sends crypto to a proper receiving wallet. This could prevent money lost from sending BTC to a BCC wallet, lets say.
  10. I not sure if you are commenting on my comment,or just talking about people's reaction in general. I do agree with you that we should take seriously what the CEO would say, but this is not the point here. The quotes from the CEO himself indicate that they were taken out of context.
  11. Some may be freaking out over the Forbs piece which is title "Ripple’s XRP Isn’t Making Western Union’s Payments Cheaper, CEO Says" Here is the link if anyone didn't see it: http://fortune.com/2018/06/13/ripple-xrp-cryptocurrency-western-union/ I think the article takes him totally out of context. First off, consider the following quote from the article and pay attention to the underlined. “We are always criticized that Western Union is not cost-efficient, blah blah blah, but we did not see that part of the efficiency yet during our tests,” Ersek told Fortune in an interview Wednesday at the Economic Club of New York. Why in the world is he talking about western union being criticized for not being cost-efficient? It seems to me that he is responding to a question that was asked of him. The question may have gone as follows: why is the Western Union still not being cost-efficient if they're using xrp? If you consider that this was the question, then his full answer makes total sense. That's why he would be defending the cost that the company charges. If you will not use this explanation, the quote makes no sense. He also says "but we did not see that part of the efficiency yet during our tests. The word "yet" indicates that he may be expecting otherwise. Here is another "scary" quotes: “The practical matter is it’s still too expensive,” Ersek added, noting that Western Union would only be interested in adopting XRP for payments if it proved that it could lower the company’s costs. What does the word "it's" referring to? It doesn't really specify. You can either be referring to xrp, or he can be referring to transactions. And this may be a statement is that he was just trying to state that they will eventually adopt xrp only if it lowers the company's costs: Ersek added, noting that Western Union would only be interested in adopting XRP for payments if it proved that it could lower the company’s costs. Unless I am wrong, this article reflects super badly on the author.
  12. Actually, the counter started again. Another 18 hours and 15 minutes left. Go figure...
  13. I take issue with this "tin foil" talk. No one believes that aliens created the XRP ledger, and the vast majority of people probably take BG with a grain of salt. In the quest to hodl people are looking for some extra good news to keep up moral. I think that there is a good chance BG may be a troll, but hey, its just the fun of it all, and overdone speculation. Not tinfoil stuff.
  14. Do you have the code or any info that leads to this?
  15. I see nothing that ties this countdown to BG. Please let me know if you see otherwise.
  16. I view him the same way. Really see little proof of him being an insider.
  17. I think perhaps not. This is the url that was posed on Reddit before it was deleted. http://itsalmo.st/#timetobattendownthehatches The url has the title of the countdown, so unless BG previously posed the title "It’s almosttimetobattendownthehatches", then this is a totally new countdown, and I don't see how this can be attributed to BG. It's not like you can see who created the countdown.
  18. They offer the ability to transfer money with an ofline transaction, but not to finish an escrow. Please correct me of I am wrong.
  19. Don't understand... Is it the same url that was used before?
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