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  1. If my computer is backed up, would it also back up my wallet, or would it be unable to backup the keys?
  2. Thank you everyone. I feel like I have a little more clarity now. Two follow up questions: 1. Is there a digital place or box "out there" that keeps all someone's coins, or is it just a list of transactions and then each transaction has a destination (private key) associated with it to show where the coins last ended up? 2. What is the reason that people are so concerned with how they generate their key (in a private and secure way), yet they will be entering their private key whenever they make a transaction? Do they only enter their private key only on very secure devices?
  3. Hi, I'm new to cryptocurrency in general. I want to be certain. Is a wallet nothing more than just two keys? Is a wallet that stored offline just a matter of storing 2 keys, and the "coins" are never stored in the actual wallet? If this is the case then I can technically store the keys in my head if I was able to. Is this all correct? Again, I'm quite new to this so try to make it as simple as possible. Thank you!
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