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  1. Ctrl-Z

    Toast Wallet on USB thumb drive

    This is why the term wallet is misleading but the term key(s) make more sense.
  2. Ctrl-Z

    Any truth to Ripple / Trump rumors?

    Seems like every day this trump story gets bigger and bigger. Tomorrow we'll have a stories about Trump staff leaking to the meadia that they constantly sees him refreshing coinmarketcap.com to get the latest XRP price. In two days from now well have news saying that @XRPTrump on Twitter is really Donald Trump himself. In three days from now we'll have news saying that Donald Trump is sending XRP over to CHINA to negotiate with them!
  3. We should still be positive. Just some humor.
  4. Ctrl-Z

    589.01 gets hammered

    It's time to round 589 to the nearest ten. From now on, it should be 590.
  5. Ctrl-Z

    Get MemberBerry back!

    What is his user name on Twitter?
  6. Ctrl-Z

    Get MemberBerry back!

    Let's hope that soon no one will need such services. moon. I also remember him saying that he was hoping for moon so that he could feed his family.
  7. Ctrl-Z

    Get MemberBerry back!

    I was actually quite concerned about his mental health.
  8. Ctrl-Z

    Why You Shouldn't Sell Your XRP!

    I don't recall the video talking about 10 pm. ? not sure how you concluded that. Good video.
  9. The overall takeaway is that transactions are becoming more and more frequent. The need will become more and more clear to them at some point. It may be turning from an accessory to a necessity as transactions continue to grow. Another thing to consider is that online transactions may be increasing faster than the capacity to handle them. This is actually one of the points that ripple addresses a lot.
  10. Ctrl-Z

    Asheesh Birla as Bearable

    Just for rhe fun. Don't take it too seriously.