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  1. Thanks. This doesn't seem to be a posted amendment as of yet. Am I correct?
  2. Is there an amendment up for voting to sore NFT ownership on the XRPL? If there will be at some point, when? What is a basic explanation of how it would work? Storing the actual pictures and video can take up a lot of space, I suppose.
  3. I am not keeping my spark tokens on an exchange. I plan to keep in in its own address. I got an ETH address, and it is associated with my XRP wallet. Now, how to I get a wallet that pulls my account information from the Flair network? Standard ETH wallets should be pulling information from the ETH bloackchain, so even though we get ETH like addresses, they are not on the ETH blockchain. What do you think?
  4. @SimpleXRPTools thanks. I will review the information.
  5. Can you explain to the least technical among us how I can submit the code offline, and if there is a difference in the coding when doing this?
  6. Got it. Just wondering what the character string length is for the memo?
  7. When listening to people in Ripple talking about xrp as pre-mined, I wonder if they should perhaps drop the whole "pre-mined" term. Using the terms continues to give value to mining and king of indicates that xrp is second best. It continues the idea that xrp has to fit into the paradigm of BTC, which it doesn't, so it makes it seem second best. I think they should figure out some different terminology. Perhaps the reference should have to do with the "allocation method" and how it differs from others. In fact, instead of indicating it is second best (pre-mined), the case can be made that it has a superior allocation method that allows the xrp ecosystem to grow more effectively than the way BTC grows. *ps I'm trying to remember who in Ripple I've heard use the term pre-mined. I heard Stephon Thomas (while he was at Ripple) use that term. I cant remember who else, so I'd be open to anyone stating that no one else does, or that it was a rare occurrence.
  8. This is similar but different from my previous question. Using the XRPL explorers, they only show transactions that did not produce an error. However, some transactions that are errors also take a fee. How can I see those types? Thanks!
  9. That's interesting. Bithomp produces a hash for the transaction. Why is that?
  10. If a transaction had the wrong sequence number, can I still find it on the ledger? The standard explorers do not show it, is there some other way to see the transaction even though the transaction had the wrong sequence number? If yes, is there a link I can plug in an address to see such transactions? Thanks
  11. You are not seeing this from his point of view. Do you want to be publicly known how much XRP you have in your wallet when XRP goes up? That is a bit of a safety concern. Don't know that this is the case but looking at that data does not mean dumped. We have no idea where it went from coinbase. He may have transferred it from coinbase to a private wallet. This way there isn't a public link from his first wallet to his new wallet. There is no way to know either way, or some other reason...
  12. Ctrl-Z

    Hi! I'm Bob

    With all due respect, if I were you, I'd see a psychiatrist and a good therapist. Dont know if your account is just messing around or is serious but if serious please take up the suggestion. No offense meant on my part. Good luck.
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