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  1. nothing to speculate, this is how marketmaking works.
  2. The community will decide if its valueless or not.
  3. Announcement: We are looking for a graphic designer who wants to create the official GLCGlobalcoin Logo for our media presences. GLC Rewards will be dropped to your XRP address if your artwork is accepted. Dms are open!
  4. exactly! we will use xrp as a bridge currency. in 9 years banks didnt ever touch xrp. Of course nobody is forced to use GLC, but lets see where it goes.
  5. its not going to be decentralized and trustless at the beginning, but trust will be built by the community and over time
  6. We are now on Telegram! Feel free to join our group. https://t.me/GLCGlobalcoin
  7. Our new Twitter Account created today. Leave us a follow folks!
  8. its not a get rich-quick scheme, you will always be able to exchange your GLC to XRP because we will provide the liquidity. This is not going to be a rug, but i understand your skepticism.
  9. Hello everyone, I am a long time XRP holder and strong believer in the XRP Ledger and the technology. During the past years i got disappointed by the way things developed for XRP. - the lack of adaption, missing out on the bull run as well as the defi/nft hype, and finally the SEC case screwing every XRP holder! All this made me realize that if XRP succeeds, it's probably going to take way longer than we are expecting. After 9 years it's time to stop waiting for another ATH and become active. My vision of a globally used digital world currency is alive, but ripple took the other way for XRP and decided to focus on banks. Some days ago i had the idea of creating (GLC)Globalcoin. A token for everyday people to use all over the world via the XRPL. (GLC)Globalcoin will take a different path though, focusing on mass adoption of the general public. Not only crossborder payments, but usable as a worldwide accepted currency! A short summary of the tokenomics: Supply 100B (same as XRP) 100% of sales will be reused to provide guaranteed DEX liquidity for the start Fair token launch (no presale) Trustline : rUZdBzGARLer2XTTWhKPnCKJyTqfb9bzTk Currency code: GLC The project will be driven by the community or everyone who wants to participate and is interested to do what he knows best. This is just the beginning, meaning there is lots of work to get this rolling. As an alternative approach to all the recent airdrops we will start to give rewards in GLC to people who want to contribute and make this project grow. We wont be able to pay a lot in the beginning so its rather an incentive for those who have time and motivation to become productive. If you have been sitting in front of your computer for the past 4 years staring at the XRP chart and waiting for moon, start accepting GLC and we get this going together! There will soon be lots of different upcoming tasks to do. Feel free to DM if you are interested. Good ideas or constructive feedback are welcome and will also be rewarded if they are implemented. Stay tuned! Announcements and reward challenges will be posted soon here.
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