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  1. Esoteric def: intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest. So her info is esoteric banking knowledge.
  2. Martin Walker comes across as a befuddled wed fwag waving fing, teetering unavoidably over the edge into a westless wastelend of insignificance. poor sod...
  3. Chile missing out is no shock as they are a relatively old team relying on 5-6 players who are on the brink of retirement.... In Chile they were hoping against hope they would survive for one more World Cup but wasn't to be...
  4. I have compassion for "all in the cryptosphere" who have lost more than they can afford to lose. The point is ; your condemnation helps no one although I admit you might get some thrills from it...
  5. Some people have compassion for all and some don't. You have no idea what circumstances drove people to invest more than they could afford to lose. You only know greed, blind to risk or stupid... That's just the extent of your experience and/or knowledge...
  6. They have chosen to ignore the fact that Ripple has a team of people who are experienced and known in the financial industries. This is very deceptive.
  7. wow.... amazingly insightful responses. Any adults here?
  8. ripnchill

    XRP FUD Box

    XRP will fail because in numerology it resolves to 666 and is the devils coin. God will act through his coin (stellar) to destroy the demonically inspired lambo seekers.
  9. ripnchill

    XRP price

    Congratulations on getting through the exchange bottleneck ! Which 'popular' website is offering xrp for $3.00?
  10. Perhaps ripple have signed NDE's with all these companies and cannot say more than what they have....? that's my confirmation bias....
  11. You'd think Ripple would be using their massive funds to invest in this exact kind of project and provide the tech (xrp) to do it...
  12. https://www.forexbrokerz.com/news/Japans-DMM-Group-launches-DMM-Bitcoin-exchange another source...
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