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    Hey everyone. we in the process of looking to hire a developer to help us with our project build. We got a big nft project that we want built on the xrpl, Any devs interested, give us message and we can discuss more Alternatively is someone able to direct me to the right place to hire devs. We not after the greatest dev, just someone that can be welcomed in and apart of our team we can grow together.
  2. Hey, I'm in the process of designing a nfts marketplace for a specific niche, my issues atm 1. im in early stages (any guidance on where I should be looking or website I should use to create the NFTS marketplace etc wordpress..) 2. no code knowledge (needing someone to code the NFT Marketplace onto the ripple server) 3. I think this personal project could be huge (I'm needing anyone that's would like to jump on board with this project, give me a inbox and lets get creating together ) Whats been completed so far 1. Token has been issued on xumm Wallet 2. Introducing website & whitepaper 3. designing the U.I Visuals. Thank you for anyone that contributes
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