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  1. "Initially, large banks will continue to source liquidity from their own FX operations and improve their processing efficiency using Ripple. However, as Ripple’s currency market grows, large banks will see benefit to posting and sourcing liquidity to and from it as well." "With clear and validated benefits to bring both supply and demand actors to the table, Ripple’s marketplace is already developing: large banks are joining to improve processing efficiency, and small to mid-sized banks are joining to leverage third-party liquidity providers for cross-border payment services. As these network effects build, Ripple and XRP will play a central role in driving development of the Internet of Value." https://ripple.com/files/ripple_vision.pdf
  2. This is with creditcard PURCHASE LIMITS: Daily: 5000.0 EUR Monthly: 20000.0 EUR
  3. "with the fastest settlement cycle available by region (T+1 / T+2)" , and they call it real-time. They also dont solve the problem with nostro accounts Ripple's 4sek settlement is unbeatable!
  4. Baboly

    eToro adds XRP

  5. @calex960 it's the product that uses XRP. Now the sales team have easier way to promote XRP, much clearer now. Great rebranding!
  6. @BeSeriousXRP "the rest of us" ... corporations, goverments etc
  7. @BeSeriousXRP There is 100 billion coins. The daily value of the transactions today is way over that! "Worldwide, an estimated 582 billion U.S. dollars was sent by migrants to relatives in their home countries in 2015" And this is only the transactions made by migrants! source: http://www.pewglobal.org/interactives/remittance-map/
  8. @BeSeriousXRP well that depends on the value of XRP - XRP/USD pair. if the pair is 1:1 then it will be 100xrp + transaction fee.
  9. @Hodor thanks think i got it now! Ok so if it's an "internal" transaction on the ledger (RCL), theres no double spending risk which it is when doing it between ledgers and thats where ILP comes into use.
  10. Please correct me if i am wrong is this correct about ripple: 1.The ILP must be connected to ledgers, Ripples software uses ILP and it's connected to RCL? 2. Other currencies is recorded/used on RCL? 3. Every transaction that occurs no matter what currency/value being exchanged some xrp is burned ?
  11. @Hodlezerper yes, that's how i understand it. Please correct me if i'am wrong.
  12. ILP is a protocol it's not a blockchain and has nothing to do with xrp. Like TCP/IP enables communication between servers/computers. ILP enables payments between ledgers, exchange of value.
  13. I believe the banks will put up ATM´s or build apps that use xrp in the future. Ripple is after the core and thats the transactions between banks and corporations all other things are peanuts and will adapt later.
  14. It comes in good news all the time! But it doesn't reflect the XRP value. Nothing would be able to hold it back, as it seems to be able now, it will explode!
  15. Doesn't say in this article, but they are using RCL. https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/30804/mizuho-completes-dlt-based-trade-finance-transaction source: https://ripple.com/insights/mizuho-pilot-ripple-cross-border-payments/
  16. From my understanding it's not relient on SWIFT, they have there own network that they are expanding. Swift is even searching for hiring developers that come from Ripple or Etherium. https://www.paymentssource.com/news/ripple-vs-swift-rivalry-heats-up-banking-may-be-ultimate-winner
  17. Yes it's a really smart move. They are slowly turning the table more and more to there advantage. http://www.livebitcoinnews.com/ripple-benefit-banks-cutting-correspondent-relationships/
  18. It was not my intention to be rude/manipulativ, just searching for the truth. I apologies if it turned out that way. I also want Ripple to do well and for all of us to prosper.
  19. Posetranos, I will also be glad to find that information! But i dont know if they aren't using it or not, maybe in small doses. I'am as you see new in this forum and just want to learn more. I understand that when the day come and they start to use it 100% then we have a lift off. It would be positiv if they just now used 0.002 %
  20. I ask you because you put out the information and it seems that you can't confirm it. Have you asked him and that's why you know?
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